2nd Post : Acid Black Cherry Special DAY RELOAD …!! (Another me, yasu on Loli-Pop Station )

Today, Acid Spanish ST invited me on this event on Facebook ….


773898 Acid Black Cherry Special Day Reload 773898

as what written there on that Facebook event page, this Acid Black Cherry Special Day Reload is a re-play show. They already held it, aaaannnd i missed it for

how busy (or dummy ..?) i am …. xD


yasu    :    very dummy ..
noi       :    but, you know i was bit busy recently
yasu    :    i dunno, and i don’t wanna know
noi       :    what the

this event is kinda like a radio streaming full of Acid Black Cherry songs, tune in here :  http://loli-pop-station.playtheradio.com/ hit the “play”


so don’t forget becuse we will get the excitement of a whole day with Acid Black Cherry on that web – radio next Sunday June, 09th 2013 at 5:00am until June, 10th 2013 at 4:30am in UTC+02 so you may check the time in your country.

and maybe you want to bookmark this radio station’s link or like their Facebook Page to get in touch with their future events.

OMG, i am listening to that radio now. This is my 1st time for me to listen to Nightmare. I only know Nightmare from all the magazines that i scanned with them inside and know finally here i am listening to one of their song ‘s song called To For

Whoaala whalaaaa …  

I can’t believe it ne, i myself can tuned-in just with my lame net connection that always failed to stream a Youtube video .

This is very fun. I feel like i am in Japan now … #eww

I mean this is a huge different for me who always listen to J-Music on Japanese radio, especially Tokyo FM (hell yeah, i always love Hisashi Yamada-san show) via Key Hole TV with not clear voice thanks to my net connection.

meanwhile everyone, let’s take a look at this brilliant work form one of Acid Black Cherry fans.


I think it’s some kind of “Erect” Live DVD un_Official trailer , well what can i say than …

brilliant, brilliant, brilliant,

now i know if not only SHERLOCK fandom has brilliant fans and brilliant fanvideo, but hey we (read : ABC fandom) also have it ne … #yay

Oh, God, i get more sexcited now, for thanks to that video above and the radio station. yes, i still use Key Hole TV to listen Hisashi Yamada-san show, but now i think i can say a little …

bai bai to Key Hole, Black Hole or any other Hole on my net …


yasu    :    Black Hole for what?
noi       :    to jump in …
yasu    :    what about the other Hole ..
noi       :    aha, that’s secret ne …  *wink



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