4th Post : 良かった, I’m Save Everyone ….. !!!! (Another me, yasu and ha ha yeah, Mr. Friday ♪ )

One of my ABC fella posted this on her Facebook status :

Finally i ordered Erect DVD, I feel save now …


What a nice and catchy status ne, especially for Acid Black Cherry fans, whom i  really sure are in the very hurry want to see the Erect DVD/Blu-ray.

Am i right?

Well then, let just say i am in very the hurry and sexcited about it. So when i read that Facebook status on my Facebook Home, it catch_ed my eyes,  but then suddenly  …

eeeh, what about me? i haven’t do anything yet … .


so i must be not save yet ne, and at that time it kinda pushed and down_graded my in very the hurry became only  in the hurry. But now, today i’d be delighted to say …

I did my order, and  i am save everyone ….. !!!!


noi         :      良かった …
yasu      :      you are save, from what?
noi         :      or from who?
yasu      :      ee, don’t ask me back …

ah ya do you remember about this Acid Black Cherry Special Day – RELOAD event? i believe some of you tuned – in to the web radio and got something from that event ne.



Like me, what i got was nothing but turned back to years ago when yasu and his voice make me feel a lot better about …. ha ha

Mr. Friday …. !!!!

who else but Mr. Friday ne, so last Sunday somehow the euphoria about Mr. Friday (not yasu) was on automatically when that Acid Black Cherry Special Day – RELOAD started. They played almost all of his songs from Black List, Recreation, QED, Recreation 2, 2012 and the last Recreation 3 album.



That Sunday, while listening i was smiling, a sweet and bitter one, then laughed a lot, then smiling again remember all things that i’ve been through. My heart breaking, devastated, want to kill myself and many more. I passed it along with Acid Black Cherry songs ne.

And all peoples that i meet with both in my real or my social networks/fandom world of Acid Black Cherry, and of course my beloved Cherry Sista. so this post below is about

the Acid Black Cherry songs in me 


noi       :     eh, in me or for me …? tell me ya_san
yasu    :     don’t ask me ne,
noi       :     the who …?
yasu    :     i don’t know …

That Sunday, i was at office. So i didn’t listen the show till the end. I only listen to it until 15:00 PM then i went home and sleep till the next Monday Morning. How many time did i say how i want to be

~    Nemuri Hime

i wanted to be the never awake Nemuri Hime not a long time ago, when i was still a probie dealing with this miserable life.  Yes, the never awake Nemuri Hime who will never wake up again and continue her sleep until she died.

Who is gonna come and kiss me btw ….. xD


yasu     :     not me …
noi        :     and of course not
Mr. Friday , see nobody
yasu     :     hey fangirl, i didn’t write that song to make you …
noi        :    i know, i know, it just me ne, me …

me who is always too scare to kill myself using knife and cut my hand. I choose the easy and painless way to kill myself by being Nemuri Hime. But too bad i can’t find a pharmacy who would give me thoose pills with no doctor’s perscription, i failed to be Nemuri Hime and kill myself ….. #whatThe

i’ll find another pharmacy who will give that kind of pills …

~    Tenshi no Wink




OMG it feel’s like forever since the last time i put this song on my MP3 Player list ne, I don’t update the playlist on my MP3 Player a lot, that’s why now i think i have to do that, ne .

In this song, i love how yasu say

I love you I love you
Kuchibiru ga tereteru
I don’t know I don’t know
Namida ga tomaranai no wa naze?

yasu, he should say/sing a lot of I love You ne, don’t you think so? That’s why this song is my fave track on Recreation 2 album, of course other than




I remember how i played HYDE‘s version of GLAMOROUS SKY , then yasu‘s version, then HYDE again over and over until i finally get things from both of their version and able to ignored people’s argument about which one is better and why …

and then

~    Songs that i don’t play often

there are ABC songs that i don’t listen much ne. For example like Murder License, Kuroi Taiyou, SPELL MAGIC, Cord Name Justice … and others where i only listen to it when i watch it on Live DVD.


It’s not that i don’t like them, but let’s just say i less love some of them. Maybe that’s because i don’t do my research about that songs (read : find the lyrics translation, read and understand it),

so when people say “there are things in this world that you can’t love/like it before you get/understand it”, that’s true

i better do that research ne …

~    Songs that i Really Love

so many songs that i really love but only 8 songs that able to sing fluently (with no reading the lyrics book) while the others i only able to sing on some parts. For example for this song …


no matter how many time i say or write i love this song, the PV … etc etc, but still all i can sing loud and clear is only the

愛じゃないけど 愛じゃないけど …

part over and over. Well okay then Love is not My Division. What a shame me ne, That’s why i am really glad when i went to Japan last year Steffie and Cristine didn’t ask me to go to karaoke together. I can’t even sing 10 ABC songs well ne, then karaoke?

aha ha ha BIG no way ..!!!

but, i went to karaoke but just with a couple who was stay at the same hotel with me. They asked me to go together, so i was like, hey why not? after all we were not just singing Japanese songs ne but mostly western songs

and i was only able to do 2 Japanese songs : Hitomi no Jyuunin and Bless from L’arc, the rest i choose to sing Backstreet Boys songs …

ha ha ha  .. yeah i am very 90’s ne

next is Mr. Friday related to songs …

~    愛してない


a nice combination of rain, and a dramatic song with a bit confusing lyrics full of uncertain thoughts and questions of a man about somebody. If you can find To be or Not to be, That’s the Question in HAMLET, nah in this song i’d say i will always get …

To love or not to Love, That’s the question

even that question answered by me, still stuck in this whatever situation you might call. It’s a bit pathetic but hey, what can i do?

~    Ai no Baka

by singing that song plus the guitar accoustic song, yasu sounds like tellin me how it’s always OK to get fooled because of love, and he understand that.
And somehow i feel like he is my older brother who will say daijobu, daijobu

about this what i feel about Mr. Friday.


noi      :    daijobu …..?
yasu   :    hmmm …
noi      :    then, it’s daijobu da yo ….. #yay
yasu   :    what …?

and then with this song

~    Bit Stupid 


i eventually i feel that i am not that stupid ne. yes, a little Bit Stupid it doesn’t mean i am stupid ne.

See i told you ne yasu make me feel better, for anything especially for this Mr. Friday related feelings inside me. So what else i can say than this

1,000,000 Sangkyuuu ne …..


yasu     :    but who are you …
noi        :    well then, let me introduce myself  …

私の名前は noi El です
私の papa は Jor El です
私の お兄さん は Kal El a.k.a Superman です
それから, 私は …. Wonder Woman … !!!

yasu     :     ah go away …. !!!



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