5th Post : When Kissing is Out of Fashion ….. (Another me, yasu and ONE OK ROCK)

Friday, June 14th …

so there’s still 32 days again to July 17th and less than 2 months to the beginning of 『Shangri-la』 Project Season 1 Tour , and 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 updated the Official Blog with this 刻一刻/Moment by Moment post

They said if  Acid Black Cherry now is still in the production activities, a new song for all of us and other things to do before . They also announced the support members for this tour.


then the rest of it is about the last chance to get tickets for 『Shangri-la』 1st Season ~ Hokkaido and Tohoku~ Tour via general sales is Saturday, June 15th which is tomorrow.

yasu, the support members and also staffs is very busy now ne, no wonder there’s no fun/tricky post to read what yasu wrote, etc etc recently on the Official Blog. They didn’t even put a single photo of yasu ne because as they said on that post they don’t want to disturb yasu.


The upcoming 『Shangri-la』 Tour is the longest tour in the history of Acid Black Cherry lives, so there’s so many things to prepare, see the image above? they still use that photo ne, it’s the same photos from the last Erect Live ne.

So i think they haven’t do the photo shoot for goodies ne (pamphlet, poster, etc etc) or they already did and now they are still in their way of editing? ah who knows. But hey i saw this   ….

『Shangri-la』 ウェーブ

that video is everywhere ne, twitter or Facebook. I suppose it is a plan to do a 『Shangri-la』 wave together on the venue, and since this 『Shangri-la』 project is a nation wide tour no wonder they (whoever got this brilliant idea is) already spread this message ne.

So the idea/message will delivered before 『Shangri-la』 tour it self started. This is a brilliant idea ne, i mean the idea to do a fan-act all nation-wide together.

It kinda remind me to last year’s L’arc~en~Ciel World Tour. Where every country/Street Teams posted message about doing a fan-act together such as

~     Sing the reff. of Anata song together during the break.

and somehow when it came to Jakarta‘s turn, rain was falling when we all sang  胸にいつの氷見も輝く , あなたがいるから. 涙彼果てても大切な , あなたがいるから over and over …

What a very romantic coincidence, isn’t it …?

in my country whenever there’s an event, ceremonies or wedding party outdoor, the organizer of the event must rent/hire someone as The Pawang Hujan (The Rain Handler). His/her main job is to prevent rain to fall on the D day

yasu     :    really  ….?
noi        :    yes, it is
yasu     :    then how they do that, stop the rain
noi        :    i dunno, maybe they know Thor very well
yasu     :    eeh …

and somehow that day, May 2nd 2012 at Lapangan D Senayan, when we all sing together somehow The Rain Handler failed to do his/her job because rain was falling along with us singing.

i’d say maybe at that day Thor refused their request to not use his hammer. He is still on the nonstop confusing about his brother Loki anyway, and i am sure he is more confusing now about Loki‘s new hairstyle

we’ll see that on the next Thor2 ne, let’s back to the topic ne, and ….

~     Make an X with the lighstick on XXX song

since i ran out of cash, i couldn’t do this mass fan-act. i already spent most of my cash to buy another flight ticket to Jakarta because we missed the morning flight. Can you imagine that,

an airplane, leaved me  …. !!!

yasu      :     can you be less dramatic? you’re late, that’s all …
noi         :     but bus never leave me, and i can always run after it
yasu      :     then go, try run after an airplane …
noi         :     see, this is why flight and airplane is not my division …
yasu      :     whatever …

~     Sing BLESS at the end of The Concert

You have come a long way
Everything is for today

君へと夢は今 目の前で煌めいてる
The dream for you is now sparkling before your eyes

It’s blessed by snow falling like petals

for me that’s perfect ne, because i think the main theme about L’arc finally came to Jakarta is on that song, Everything is for Today. The day when we all Indonesian Cielers finally able to watch The Rainbow


yasu     :     and you didn’t do it
noi        :     omo ya_san, how did you know that?

because soon HYDE, Banana, Ken_chan and Yuki leave the stage, i just want to go back home, a.s.a.p. i always like this ne, want to go back home after finished something. So there’s no such things like after party activities that i would like to do.

but i read on some othe fans report said that some fans managed to do that, and they also said if Jakarta knew and heard it, the voice if all of them sang Everything is for Today

then last but not least what else than the mayor mass fan-act than ..

~     Sing along together,

all the songs, from the start till the beginning, waw that felt like a mass karaoke ne, sing along together with HYDE on outdoor, with some hillarous MCs from them  <—- that’s a real GLORIOUS moment

so i hope this 『Shangri-la』 ウェーブ  plan will work smooth and every fans who will be there watch 『Shangri-la』 Tour will get the moment and reach their own 『Shangri-la』

now, since i am not busy but yasu is still very busy, i think i am gonna fill this spare time by make another plan to do. Hope this one is gonna work ne minna_san … #crossed fingers


what’s ON recently than MAN OF STEEL ne. What everyone is talking about now. Henry Cavill as the new Superman with Amy Adams as Louis Lane. I sould go and watch it this weekend, but again and again i have to skip this because this weekend i still have tons of works left at office to do.


So yes, this weekend is still the same as last weekend where i will spent my whole Sunday at office instead of watching Superman with his new suit on a big screen on 3D cinema. Superman‘s new suit, i think it’s more darker (for the blue and red) than before and hell yeah  it’s more tight and sexy … !!!

i still can watch it on DVD anyway, even i will not get the same scene_gasm as much as if i watch it on cinema because there’s always 1 D different beween 2D and 3 D ne.

So fine, i will skip this movie because sure i am not gonna skip this


ONE OK ROCK live in Jakarta, November 24th ….!!!

after L’arc, SCANDAL, Miyavi and other Japanese musicians who came to Indonesia, finally now is time for ONE OK ROCK. They will come to Indonesia ne as the part of their Europe and Asia tour this year, and …

i swear to this my bucket of Acid Black Cherry ~ 2012 and my lost Capt. America pillow, i will not skip this no matter what …. *crossed finger again*


I read about France and UK tickets are sold out, i hope i can be lucky enough about getting ticket for this ne.

Ah i’ll think about that later.  I feel pretty much sure not because next November 24th is Sunday but it also because i know how to go to the venue from the bus station by taxi. Ah ya, i haven’t tell you all ne if we will go there by bus so yes …

Another bus travelling again next November …. #yay

BElcyFlCEAIedF2.jpg large

noi       :    do you how sexcited i am now about this?
yasu    :    about what, the bus or the live …
noi       :    both ….

now the most important thing to do now is to make my British wannabe companion Dottie to listen at least one album of ONE OK ROCK ne because i will go with her along with my other friends, yeah the same people who went together with us on last year’s L’arc Live. sure this gonna be fun ne,

and i hope they will put my fave song Pierce on the list …

what a sweet and sour song ne, the lyrics and the piano made the sweet and sour became much deeper exactly like what a soy sauce did to a bowl of chicken noodle ….

i am hungry now, gotta go and there is The Avengers on my telly waiting for me to watch. Eh, how many time did i watch this movie? i may lost count btw … xD.

Last, it would be this what i am gonna say/sing to my busy Mind Blowing Man

♪ ….  Cause we can see how it’s going to end,
but I got my love for you
もしもこのまま君を忘れる事ができたら ……….


noi       :    see i got my love for you even maybe yes, i will forget you  …
yasu    :     when ?
noi       :    “When gorse is out of blossom, then kissing is out of fashion.” i might forget about you
yasu    :    calm down fangirl. it’s me, not that
Mr. What Day …?
noi       :    it’s
Friday ne, Mr. Friday .. (*´∇`*)
yasu    :    kissing is out of fashion …? what the



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