6th Post : Rule Number 11 …? (Another me, yasu and Gibbs )


What’s rule number 11 ?


if you watch NCIS almost everyday like me, you must be familiar with that Gibbs Rules term. Rules from Leroy Jethro Gibbs that he use and teach to people who work with him as a guidance.

I think this are very good ne, even you are not member of NCIS but you still always can use some of those rules on your life then add something from my silly and boring brain, …

there you are I’ve got  my own rules ….!!!!

yasu      :     rules, for what …?
noi         :     i need it ne, i need to put some line between me and …
yasu      :     me …?
noi         :     no, we already have a deep blue and wide ocean between you and me  …

i need to put some line between me and all things that i am sure/might wanted. I suppose by put rules as a line i can make this My Wanted List shorter. As time goes by it’s getting long and longer ne, and all my knife/scissors are unable to cut it or you may say i didn’t allow them to make a cut. I think …

The Greed side of me just back from nowhere and now I want too much things …

and this time Gibbs  and his Rules are inspired me to do the same thing that i hope will help me in this whatever situation i deal with.

i don’t remember exactly all the rules from number 1 to 50 …? ah i think there are more than 50 rules ne but my brain only catch not more than 10 rules that Gibbs and his teams most mentioned on every episode like :

Rule #3: Don’t believe what you’re told. Double check

double check, yes i should put this words and make it stuck in my mind next to yasu. Double check everything, so nobody say if my Ipad …


yasu     :    so, finally a new Ipad ne ..
noi        :    me …? no, i haven’t finish,
yasu     :    you didn’t buy it?
noi        :    no, i didn’t. what i mean is my
my Ipad look a like calculator

i don’t like when there’s someone sayin about how broken/weird/not working is my stuffs/part of me (PC, telly, phones, head,  … etc etc). I hate it especially when that person added some Special Tone of Irony on their way of talking.

For example when a stylish of one quite famous salon in my country said

OMG, what happened to you … ?

when she found scars on my head while she did my hair. I wish i could reply to her : who the hell are you talking to me like that … ? But somehow i didn’t say anything but keep the anger inside me . That was hurt and i think very rude for a stylish to say to her client.

Why didn’t she just shut her mouth up, or say wehatever she wanted to say about me after she did her job, make a gossip among her stylish friends about a client who have a lot of scars under her hair?  …

Until now i still remember her face ne and how her way talked to me, damn that living Head and Shoulders Police Wannabe stylish. Nobody talk to me like that, not even my mother. And from now on, i will allow only IRON MAN to add some bitter irony when he talk to me, why? …

because there’s no way IRON MAN will talk to me  …… !!!


ah ya talking about IRON MAN, that picture above is something hot recently. About a mother who went to watch Robert Downey, Jr. filming for The Jugde with her son, Jaxon. Then RDJ, spotted the little boy and went over to say hello. she told her son :

Hey, it’s  IRON MAN….!!!

but seeing only RDJ , not with the complete IRON MAN suit make the little boy, Jaxon confused because he didn’t wear the suit, and then Jaxon start to cover his face, got upset … xD

and then RDJ like a superhero, put his hand on Jaxon‘s head, calmed him down . But from his face (read : RDJ) i think he’s also confused himself wondering  : Jaxon, what did i do wrong ….?  waw, that’s so funny sweet  ne.

well, let’s move to the next rule is ….

Rule #6: Never say you’re sorry. It’s a sign of weakness

not only Gibbs  , but my boss also said that so whenever i make a mistake wich i did a lot, i never say i am sorry. Instead of sayin sorry, i do what i can do to fix that mistake i made. but, this rule number 6 is for bussines/work only.

For friendship or may be love relation stuffs it’s always OK to say sorry . Say sorry as much as you can whenever you made mistake to your friend/love and it hurt her/his heart …

Rule #7: Always be specific when you lie.

now you all know why do i consider myself as a good liar, because as Gibbs say i’m always spesific when i lie. Even when i lied to my mom, i never think i have to make it specific because she will never know it anyway …. xD

Rule #11: When the job is done, walk away.

Rule #12: Never date a co-worker.

I hope in the next season, no matter how long i have to wait i can watch how they will break that rule number 12.


There something going on between them, but somehow it just keep up and down. When Tony start to feel that feeling to Ziva , she is in love with other man, and then when Ziva is the one who feel it, Tony is also in love, maybe Ziva is the one who will say that word first, but not Tony .

as Tony himself, he is a wildcard. So he never say anything true even someone give him a truth serum. He will never say it anyway. Instead sayin it he will cover his care, the maybe love feeling for  Ziva with his jokes or movie quotes.

See that’s confused me and my telly ne, and i kinda following him by didn’t say a lot of

I love you, my dear …


yasu      :    but you said that a lot ne …
noi         :    really …?
yasu      :    everywhere ..
noi         :    did I ?

date a co-worker?

i didn’t do that ne. Because i always think how it will be a weird situation if i work together with someone that i have a relationship with. Sure with this temperament i have at work, it will lead our relationship into darkness. Very dark and it will end with him hate me instead of love me.

Yes, i dated one man whom i joined a project together, but he is not from the same company and we didn’t see each other everyday ne.

And not only that, my main reason maybe because i always have this Mr. Friday on my mind so i never get the idea to date co-worker like what i always hope to be happen between Tony and Ziva.

I’d say i have my own standard for somebody that i will/may be in love with. My standard, of course at least 65% next to Mr. Friday, my Friday who is …

–     a bit religious but not extreme and close, really close to his God,
–     complete with that smile …

eee i think i start to forget how his smile is ne, because i watch this man smiling too much …


–     always know the difference between me and Dottie, my British wannabe twin sista.

so many people make mistakes about me and my twin sista, even my mom sometime call me with her name, but not Mr. Friday he knows and always know exactly which one is me and which one is my sista. then sure i am happy about how

he knows me, he knows me better than anybody else …. !!!

–     and have a good, beautiful move, back and shoulders to look from behind when he is prayin

what a weird standard ne, and where i suppose to find a man like that. In Japan? … heee again?

Rule #15: Always work as a team.

then, the unwritten rules by Tony break my heart into and make the sea between us (read : me and yasu, not Mr. Friday) more deep and wide than before. this

“Never date a woman that eats more than you do.”

noi        :      OMG ya_san, i think i eat more than you …
yasu     :      see …
noi        :      then what should i do, the ocean is deeper now
yasu     :      you should join a swimming class …
noi        :      ee God, there should be other way than swimming ..

Gibbs with his rules help me in some way, and now is the time for me to add some rules of mine so i can have my own rules now.

You know just like Jude Law and Rachel Weisz’s movie Enemy at The Gates. OMG i love this movie ne, ah ya can you imagine how they both having sex just few meters away from the enemy’s line?

i say Whoaaaa …!!!!  for this scene .

Rules that will be the line between me and this whatever bad things may come to me, my after broken heart and my wally.

~   Arrogant, is always more dangerous than greed and jelously

never wanna listen to other people’s opinion is one sign of arrogant. I don’t like it, so i don’t wanna be one of the arrogant people. Yes, i get mad easily as easy as how i eat a very hot and spicy chicken noodles. But i always try not to be arrogant by listen to other’s opinion. Who knows i am the one who is wrong, and one of them can get a solution better than me

this is what happened recently at my work ne, where people start to be arrogant by not listening to other and took a very far foward step by report directly to the boss without concidering to tell his/her team_work what we should do.

then ruined all the ideas of working as a team just for something called a plus point from the boss.

~   Nothing after Midnight

Now decided not to stay awake after midnight ne, because as a good Cinderella i have to stop wadering around the internet/social networks after midnight or my dear prince charming will not come to find me.

He will never able to find me at my place if i am still wandering and then get lost on the auction site and went crazy there, buy things that i should never ever click.

ah ya, talking about auction, look what’s arrived yesterday ….!!!!

see it finally arrived ne the TSUYATA booklet. Now suddenly here i am busy with this 9 pages of yasu‘s interview about 「Recreation 3」 album . Actually i was afraid if it only has the same contain on the recreation3.com you know the yasu‘s personal notes like this


but thank God, it’s not. They put personal notes of yasu on the last page. Can you imagine how long is the Hwueeeeee …. !!!! i will say with Willy if that really happen? sure that would be the longest Hwueeeeee …. !!!!  that i ever say.

Now i am still on my jolly time do my own translation of this telly show OTOBOKE BAR



this is my fave telly show with yasu ne, my fave is of course when he started to sing the first part of  ♪ 蝶  —–> 目を閉じたまま …. ♪, too bad they didn’t let him continue it ne.

I wish they let him continue sing it at least for the full 1st part ne, because if they did, it would be the short version acapela of 蝶 …, am i right? but too bad again, it never happened … (*´∇`*)


and the hillarious Jun Komori as the host there. She is very pretty and funny ne. Pretty and funny is a combination that will make woman (OK, you can count me in … ) jealous.

I think it’s not fair when there’s someone who is beautiful and funny as one package. Usually what happen is she is pretty but not that funny or the other way she is funny but not that pretty.

remember how she make that pose when they talk about Pistol? that’s what i mean when i say Jun Komori has both beautiful and funny as her in one package ne, just like Cameron Diaz.

i am still on my half way to finish getting that telly show with a very nice blog post about this show as my guidance. It is very nice post ne, because there he/she who wrote that post didn’t put many kanji letters, so me with my only hiragana reading ability still able to follow his/her post even in a very slow motion move.

I wish someday there will be …

one post from 【Team Acid Black Cherry】  with no kanji letter , only hiragana on the Official Blog ….

yasu      :    what the …
noi         :    but possible ne …
yasu      :    weird wish
noi         :    no, this is a
Probie wish ne, i am The Probie

but because that 「Recreation 3」 album TSUYATA booklet came, i think i am gonna do this and finish that OTOBOKE BAR later. and my last rule is …

~   Waiting Surely is Boring, but it ended Worthy sometime

why did i put this as one of my rules, while you all know i will have to wait longer than other no matter what. And i think that waiting longer will also happen to my next month “Erect” Live DVD arriving . It’s because my proxy is having a lot of trip recently so yes, she will not able to send my stuffs a.s.a.p while she is away.

well, i still put this Boring Waiting because last night on my fever sleep, i had this lovely dream. There’s somebody say this to me …

If I’m still not a man to you…

And I’m the sky,
that you can’t get close to or touch…

Then watch, take a close look,
That sky will fall on you ….. #nyaaaa

noi        :      OMG, OMG ya_san ..
yasu     :      who say that  …?
noi        :      i dunno, i didn’t see any face just sounds. I better go out now  …
yasu     :      where  …?
noi        :      out ne, waiting for my sky to fall, who knows it will fall tonight . bai bai  ..
yasu     :      ah come on, that’s only a dream …




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