7th Post : Acid Black Cherry new Single and PV This August ….!!! (Another me, yasu and The Rock)


from this お待たせ!/ Waiting ! on the Official Blog yesterday ….


新曲 ,
できたかも …

「I might’ve made a new song .. 」

you can read the full translation of that post by Jin, here in this Acid Black Cherry Group on Facebook.

Just go there because since there’s not much post there, i think that post is still on the top ne, or just scroll down a little bit if you didn’t find it on top.


then everyone,  a new song has arisen …..!!!

a wicked song, and it will reach all of us this Summer 2013.  Not only that, during the preparation of the nation-wide 『Shangri-la』 Tour , 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 and yasu himself are calling all the members of Janne Da Arc FanClub to join the PV shooting for the new song with this


Janne Da Arc FC Member Limited ~MUSIC VIDEO Live Scene Filming recruiting extras!!~

because In this upcoming new song’s PV there will be a scene where do a performance in front of many people, so they (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 and yasu ) they made that call to have something like fans involved on the PV, especially for FC members.

click here —– >  PC  or  Mobile

Shooting Date          : July 2nd, 2013 (Tuesday)
Shooting Location    : somewhere in Tokyo
Participants              : 1,000
Application Period    : June 20th, 2013 (Thursday) 12:00 ~ June 24th, 2013 (Monday) 18:00 JST, and
Winner Information   : June 28th (they will contact the winner via e-mail address that you put in the registration form)

See Shooting Date   : July, 2nd ….




yes, the new single will be on August 2013 …. !!!! God, i love when i read that Shooting Location   : somewhere in Tokyo. Waw, that sounds so mysterious ne.

So all of you Acid Black Cherry fans, if you are

~  an active member of Janne Da Arc Fan Club,
~  you are good at rock, as yasu said  : 


「People who are good at rock, gather now !」


~  you are in Japan, or …

for overseas FC members.,

~  you would go to Japan

if they eventually make your name arise by choosing you as one of the 1,000 participants, then i say my dears …

go there, put the username, password, and apply for yourself ….!!!!

yasu     :   don’t say you did it …
noi        :   apply? me, no i haven’t
yasu     :   then …
noi        :   aha ha ha ha …

actually i asked to my office mates about this, they both made a BIG and long choir of NOOOOO WAAAYY …!!! plus how they 100% sure i would not get elected. And when i asked them again why, they said look at you you are too mellow  and of course they said …

i am not that good at rock enough to be on the PV ….

noi       :     i am not rock enough, really?
yasu    :     hmmm i think so ..
noi       :     i am very rock ne, see i even drawn easily on every pool …
yasu    :     hello, this is a different rock OK …

then i know they just don’t want me go abroad again this year, last yeas was more than enough for them to replace me at office and deal with all things that i must deal everyday. So when i back to office after one week off, it took me almost the whole next week to make everything in order.

But, i say but ne ….

ah never mind, aha ha ha ha  (灬ºωº灬)

OK, next is Keep The Cherry for The Last? well i have to do that because 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 posted this ありやぁす post about two hours ago on the on the Official Blog , look everyone ….

Erect Digest Video …!!!


and they  (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】) also wrote ..

皆さんの心が少しでも落ち着いていただければと、 …

They asked us to calm down a little, and then they show us that video …..?  OMG OMG how can i calm down, because instead of calming down here i am now calming up …



up to the Top of Fujiyama …..!!!


yasu   :     get down here now …
noi      :     no, i can’t i am already too high …
yasu   :     aah, she’s crazy again …





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