8th Post : My 「Greed 」 is Gonna be Triple on 2013年8月7日 .. !! (Another me, yasu and Jacky Chan)

What a Long Monday ne , and then …  a long post from 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 to let us know about …


A Long-Awaited New Single : 「Greed Greed Greed」 .. !!

Release Date : August 7th, 2013

【CD+DVD】1st Press Limited Edition
Item no.  :  AVCD-32227/B
Price      :  ¥1,680(tax in)

Contents :
1. Greed Greed Greed
2. 輝きながら 「kagayaki nagara」…【Recreation Track】

1. Greed Greed Greed 【music clip】
2. OFF SHOT (approximately 15 minutes video)

【CD ONLY】 Regular Edition
Item no.  :    AVCD-32228
Price      :   ¥1,050(tax in)

Contents :
1. Greed Greed Greed
2. 2. 輝きながら 「kagayaki nagara」…【Recreation Track】

【1st Press bonus *for AVCD-32228 only*】
single booklet 12P

【Special price ¥394 yen edition (1 song)】 1st Press Limited Edition
Item no.  :  AVCD-32229
Price  :   ¥394  (tax in)

1. Greed Greed Greed

1 Random Acid Black Cherry Original Trading card (from all 4)

Pre Order

~   CD Japan :

   【CD+DVD】1st Press Limited Edition
【CD ONLY】 Regular Edition
【Special price ¥394 yen edition (1 song)】 1st Press Limited Edition

~   HMV :

   【CD+DVD】1st Press Limited Edition
【CD ONLY】 Regular Edition
【Special price ¥394 yen edition (1 song)】 1st Press Limited Edition

~   YesAsia :

  【CD+DVD】1st Press Limited Edition
【CD ONLY】 Regular Edition
【Special price ¥394 yen edition (1 song)】 1st Press Limited Edition

as what they (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 ) said on their 五感刺激したろか♡ post today, this 「Greed Greed Greed」 single is a single that we all waiting for after the last 「イエス」 single after 1,5 year.

for the Coupling/「Recreation Track」, yasu chose to cover Tokunaga Hideaki’s song from 1987 called 輝きながら… 「kagayaki nagara…」. Since i dunno how the song is, let’s listen to the original version first



see yasu just give me another classic song to listen and enjoy ne, He always do that with his coupling single and that’s brilliant way to make nowadays fans to look back and listen to some good old songs ne ..

Owww, Isn’t he Lovely ….?

From the single title 「Greed Greed Greed」 itself, they (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 ) said it will be a new sounds of grooves and drives feeling that will stimulate all of our 5 senses,

and they think it make  yasu‘s comment on the Janne Da Arc FC Member Limited ~MUSIC VIDEO Live Scene Filming recruiting extras!!~


「People who are good at rock, gather now !」

which today is the last chance you have to send your application to be one of the 1,000 fans who will be on the 「Greed Greed Greed」 PV become the words of the musical pieces  … ?



yasu      :    you didn’t get it right
noi         :   well, i thought it was only a call
yasu      :    just a call. really that was you thinking  …?
noi         :    eeehhh maybe i read it wrong  …

yasu      :    again ..

this song also will be the theme of an upcoming MBS and TBS dorama : 悪霊病棟 「 akurei byoutou, starring Kaho. It is a horror dorama with a hospital setting? OMG this is gonna be a scary midnight dorama ne.

This dorama will be airing start on

MBS 7/18 (Thursday) start Midnight, every week 0:59 ~ 1:29
TBS  7/18 (Thursday) start Midnight, every week 0:58 ~ 1:28

OK, let’s hope i am gonna be able to watch this dorama ne, a horror dorama is one of my fave list beside a dramatic and sad love story ne. Now i only have 2 doramas on my PC (Last Cinderella and GALILEO 2), but i haven’t watch all of it. I think i am gonna do a marathon for both of it later when i finally get all the episodes from start to the finale.

I am not good at any sports at all, you name it then sure i will fail it. See i when i did my last volleyball serve a long time ago when i was on high school, i can’t even make the ball touched or even a little bit closer to the net. But for a marathon, especially a movie or dorama marathon …

Hell yeah I am good ne, very GOOD …. !!!

yasu       :   that’s diferent …
noi          :   not that different ne ..
yasu       :   what kind of marathon is that, you don’t even walk …
noi          :   but i, my brain ..
yasu       :    do talk about something else …!!!

OK, that something else is TRADING CARDS from the 【Special price ¥394 yen edition (1 song)】 1st Press Limited Edition, see i think yasu, the manager, the managemnet, record company, … etc etc or whoever elese conected to this single is/are literally lead us o be Triple 「Greed 」 , not just by use that 「Greed 」 word, repy it 3 times —–> 「Greed Greed Greed」 , then put it as the song title,

but also by release 3 different editions with different bonus for each edition and then they make the  「Greed 」 inside of me (you all know how 「Greed 」 i am right …?) much bigger by put that very tempting 1 RANDOM selected TRADING CARDS from all 4 on the 【Special price ¥394 yen edition (1 song)】 1st Press Limited Edition

and with only 394 yen (tax include), when i posted my silly tax exclude calculation  :

4 different trading cards means 4 x 375 yen = 1,500 yen  +  1,600 yen + 1,000 yen + … yen for tax, shipping  … etc etc

they make it looks like i am gonna buy my midnight snack, see i am gonna buy a CD ne, CD even yeah it only 1 song, no photobooklet, DVD or even a poster as bonus but hey, it is still a CD ne …

I think there should be a pre-order for Japanesse snacks ne ? #nyaaa … *dumped to Limbo forever*

that’s really a stupid calculation ne, because even i saw that RANDOM word on the CD Japan site, i didn’t thenk about if i might ended with the same series for all 4 series of  ¥394 yen edition .

But thank God, then my friend Karen reminded me about this via twitter. Well she is one of the less people who is still talk to me on twitter between all my flattery tweets to that Private Ryan …. xD

And now here i am now with 2 solutions to get all that 4 series of Acid Black Chery TRADING CARDS

~    Buy all 4 series of ¥394 yen edition .

then when i ended with 1,2, maybe 3 same series, then i will trade them among the other Acid Black Chery fans ne. That’s what TRADING CARDS are for ne, we use it to trade ….

And i think i am not the only one who will do this midnight snack buying look a like ne …

yasu     :      what if you ended with 4 same series …?
noi        :      oh come on, don’t say that. It breaks my heart ..
yasu     :      but it is possible ne noi_chan
noi        :      OK, OK everyone can say that, break my heart. Even
Jacky Chan did break my heart, but not you ne ya_san …
yasu     :      eeeh …
Jacky Chan, are we supposed to talk about Jacky Chan now …?

yes, Jacky Chan

he broke my heart a long time ago, when he did his 1st un_accidental killing on his movie The Shinjuku Incident. I can’t believe how he just walked and called that man like Hey ….!!! in the middle of Shinjuku‘s crowd, then shoot him …

Bang, Bang, Bang …. !!!

i hated him like that, even me someone who always love/adore Jacky Chan since i know how to watch Kungfu movies on telly. For me he is un_beatable and also perfect.

He never kill his enemies in puprose. There always be an accidental things happen. Anythings that would make all the man who had a fight with him knocked out with some pretty hard injuries and funny scene as well.

now i don’t hate him again after i watch Shinjuku Incident more than 10 times. Believe me, it fixed my broken heart from Jacky Chan ne. After all on that movie Shinjuku Incident, Jacky was only a total movie star. He didn’t do anything behind the scene, so him killed somebody like that and then made my heart broken was not his fault ne. After all he was just following the script and director order ..

So yes, from the bottom of my heart now i understand Jacky, why you had to do that awfull shoot/killing …

he was just tryin to do some living ne.

Eeeehhh what the hell … , i better back to the topic ne. Ok then the other solution is ….

~    Buy only 1 serie of ¥394 yen edition, then go to Auctions to find the rest of the Trading Card  .

this is very make sense ne, all i have to do just stay awake and keep refresh the Acid Black Chery part on the auction site.

And not only that this way is also will save my from another broken hearted of me if i ended with 2,3, or worst 4 same TRADING CARDS. Yeah, Karen was right that would be hurt ne, very hurt both for me and my wally .

And last but not least, i’d say …

I dunno why Acutions just sounds great in my ears today ….

yasu      :    hey fangirl, don’t say you are high again …
noi         :    nope, because here i am now
「Greed Greed Greed」 …. and Great, very Great …!!!
yasu      :    that’s weird
noi         :    oyasumi, then it’s still OK to be
「Greed 」 …. #yay



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