9th Post : Waaaaa #Chefyasu …. !!! (Another me, yasu and Mr. Gordon Ramsey)


i think i typed this #Chefyasu pretty much yesterday when i saw this ….



then add it with this Waaaaaaaaa …… as the additional hyperbolic online sexcitement of me, it turned out to be …

Waaaaaa ….. #Chefyasu ….!!!!!

ah i don’t have to tell you ne, because it was already everywhere, but maybe there’s some of you still have no clue yet where is that super kawaii image of #Chefyasu is from, then i’d say :

that’s from the latest Janne FanClub Magazine vol. 55

so, i’ve been wondering what they (The Janne FanClub Magazine writer/editor) will put on yasu‘s page on this FanClub Magazine vol. 55. What they will give us ne …?

i thought they will give yasu did preparation for the next 『Shangri-la』 Project /Tour ne, or it was too early? like for the new single 「Greed Greed Greed」 related activity like :  photo shoot, recording or PV making with fans (which i think they haven’t even start it yet).

But, OK i’ll say again ….. but minna_san, look

They gave us #Chefyasu !! …….. #waaaaaa …..

so, not only on the recording studio, he was also been busy on the kitchen ne, Did that Thai Food dishes. Waw, that’s awesome ne. so Look look Chef Ramsey …. !!!

I’ve got my own #Chefyasu, and sure he will take me out of Hell’s Kitchen …

that is only an image taken by a camera phone btw and as you all know i don’t have any Photoshop skill at all so, sorry ooo it turned like that when i want to make it bigger. But even blurry and …

the Dishes look less delicious but yasu, still he looks kawaii, ne?

I’ve seen and read about his loving for Thai Food. Remember him on one of MUJACK telly show with the silly horny girl cooking Thai Food?.

I think that’s one and only episode of MUJACK with yasu that i less like among the others …


See i always love any telly show with yasu, but that one episode with a horny girl acted like that? From the play ground, then did a blowjob to a cone ice cream, then the wacky cooking show itself .  i really wanted to say   :

Ah, Come on, get a room …. !!!

i remember how all my male office_mates said when i played that video at office. They all said the same thing : play it again and skip the yasu’s part …!!! … eeeh what the hell? i download this show to see yasu ne, not that horny girl. …

see, wherever the place is and no matter how old they are , Boys will be Boys. They always love football and girls being horny while do silly things on telly/video

Talking about  Thai Food, i do love (read : to eat, not to cook btw) Thai Food. At the first time i only love to eat Tom Yam, but then i also like the other dishes than Tom Yam.

I think it started after my trip to Thailand last year, they hotel where i stayed in was next to a restaurant and open 24 hours ne. So i went there after midnight to enjoy all the dishes there. Because we only stayed there 2 night so i did my best to have more than 3 dishes a night … xD.

and one plus point from Thai Food is the rice. The rice tasted more delicious … (eeeh should i say more tasty?) than the rice i eat everyday at home. I can say nothing but  ..

All the dishes were very delicious ne,

Big TIme TV

yasu     :     only that …?
noi        :     yes, i only have 2 words for food :
delicious and very delicious ...
yasu     :     and ..
noi        :     i eat all of it ..
yasu     :     i didn’t ask about that …

here i am now still in this euphoria of #Chefyasu, and talking about chef now i remember how my mom asked me one day after she watched Master Chef Indonesia on telly.

Normally she always say : Hey Boo, i can do that, i can cook that. Do you want me to cook it for you? … etc etc in many various way like the recipes on every episodes.

then one day her question changed into : Boo, what is Chef? and i can cook like them but still nobody call me Chef …  and because i never in the good mood to explain her, i didn’t explain what is the different between a Chef and a regular Cook to her,  and it’s impossible for me to told her to ask Google so i just answer her with

then i am the one who will call you Chef, OK Chef Dora ….

and she never ask again ne. Now i think her question would be fit on this #Chefyasu euphoria ne.

Now this euphoria close to the end, then i will wait for the next post from 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 . What else than next details for next single, such as

~   the cover album,
~   then as you know they will change the profile image of yasu on the Official Website or Home Page with a new photo,
~   the benefits (bonus) for FC both mobile and non mobile editions or from other shops,
~   eeerr …. maybe they will add it with a magazine schedule …?

they (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 , not me) have a long post to do ne. OK next is ….

ah ya, yesterday one of my office_mate Mrs. ZB delivered her baby and it’s avery cute and quite BIG size baby girl. It supposed to be a happy moment ne, for a family to get a new baby born. But what i’ve seen yesterday at her house when i see her, there was no happy on her face

All of her not happy face is because it’s a baby girl, not a baby boy. Hey, what’s wrong with a baby girl ne? after all no matter what the baby’ sex is they should be happy right? happy and greatfull because it’s a healthy baby, with a healthy mother … etc etc and other many things that they should be happy and say Alhamdulillah

so what happened yesterday was make me bit sad, not for my friend who said this : ah, it’s another baby girl via phone when we called us in the morning, but i am very sad and sorry for the baby herself. How she was born in the condition where both of her parents wanted a baby boy instead of baby girl.

Hey i don’t even live in India ne, i read a lot about this kinda hate/not happy/greatful feelings about having a baby girl in India, but i had no idea i will see it in here, in this small city and my friend who will say that  ….

who was really sure if she is gonna get a baby boy. She even refused to get an USG check. That’s why it surprised me how sure she and her husband was about getting a baby boy. They also did many research how to get a baby boy via internet, people’s sexperiment, or some silly traditions people usually do to get a baby boy.

But then again and again we are just human after all ne, As a player on stage and God is the director who give less spoiler for both the audience or the actors/actresses their self. so this sentence is so damn true

Humans can only make plans, but God is the one who determines

and me, maybe because my sister have 2 rascals baby boys who always nonstop askin me to watch them killin all zombies via their Play Station, i think  i’d like a baby girl for myself. A baby girl so i can dress her in a cute way, put a lot of things on her hair, full of pink, orange or soft blue ..?

waw that would be my cute baby girl ne.  …

OK let’s wrap this post up. But before i wrap it, look what trending on twitter yesterday ….


kiss, kissu ne …

優しいKiss 明日もKiss  ….. #nyuuuu

noi       :      waaaa ….  もう一度, もう一度 !!!
yasu    :      go away ….
noi       :     then  ….   
もう一回, もう一回 !!!
yasu    :     that’s a copy paste  ….
noi       :     Waaaaa   …. にひひ



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