10th Post : so, for the PV is it Gonna Be Black or White ..? (Another me, yasu and The Jacket Cover)


Today is a very bad day, plus how i’ve been bad again to someone …. etc etc


but on my way home, at bus i saw that ne, …



they announced the cover jacket for Acid Black Cherry new single 『Greed Greed Greed』 today on their Official Website, OHP, then posted it on this 今日もビンビンな情報を。 on The Official Blog today and then look around your social networks ne, because

they just everywhere now  ….

~  【CD+DVD】1st Press Limited Edition

~  【CD ONLY】 Regular Edition

~  【Special price ¥394 yen edition (1 song)】 1st Press Limited

Eh God,

what the hell they did to yasu ne? it was like somebody just dumped him into a swamp or something and make him look like that ne, I wonder how they made him darker like that, tanning machine? ah that must be only a Photoshop ne ….

and what was they point to make that 2 version of yasu that i’d like to say as

~   The White and Black yasu ….?

ah no it’s so 80’s and so Michael Jackson ne, remember one of MJ‘s song Black or White ? ♪ ~  If You’re Thinkin’ Of Being My Baby It Don’t Matter If You’re Black Or White ~♪

~   The Angel and Demon yasu ….?

ah no, it’s too Da Vinci Code ne, i believe there will be no conspiracy, only Greed mentioned on the song’s lyrics .. and of course it also not

~   The Creme and Coffee yasu ….?

it sounds too dorama ne, creme and coffee, coffee creme? really? Sorry i think i already let my coffee addict side of me took over myself this afternoon.

so i think the perfect sexplanation for my sleepless fangirl brain tonight is like what this Acid Black Cherry 1年半ぶりのシングルJKで黒yasuと白yasuが X X X? article on Excite News say …


「自分の強欲」と「ピュアな部分」の yasu

「My Own Greed」 and 「The Pure Part」of yasu

then they add some brilliant touch by put how the Greed side kinda seduce the Pure side like that, make the images so close, close, close, closer enough to do XXX ….

Bloody Hell, this is confusing ….


yasu     :    confused you, for what …
noi        :    that Greed side of you it’s soo …
yasu     :    so what …
noi        :    so tempting ne …

it was like he (the Greed side) asked me and some one of you there ne Acid Black Cherry fans to take his hand and the follow him into The Land of Greed #waww

OK, it may sounds dramatics but according to that  Excite News some fans are concerned about how the PV is gonna be, is there gonna be only the Black (the Greed side), Only White (the Pure Part )or maybe both of it Greed and Pure Part of yasu ? …

or i say minna_san, is there will be any transformation/henshin of yasu from Pure (white) to Greed (black) like what Odil (The Black Swan) did to fool the stupid Prince Charming on the Swan Lake Ballet?

The 今日もビンビンな情報を。 on The Official Blog, also mentioned about

~  the 【Special price ¥394 yen edition (1 song)】 1st Press Limited Edition,

they said if for the previous 5 month consecutive release on 2011 started from Pistol ~ yes single, it was only TSUYATA Limited Edition. And now they kinda expand it so fans can buy it via other shops than TSUYATA like Tower Records, CD Japan, HMV, … etc etc

that post make me imagine if i were in japan i will only go to record stores, pull 400 yen out of my pocket and buy a CD, open it and get a TRADING CARD

waw, that’s beyond my imagination ne, …

so all of you in Japan now, you can be happy ne. You can go buy that CD like you buy a snack. But for all of you overseas Japan, again you can join the sexcitement of less than 400 yen CD edition of Acid Black Cherry, don’t forget about the tax and Shipping Cost of course …

so maybe if i can be in Japan during the release day, the 1st thing i do is go to a records store with all my coins, buy the CD, open it in front of the cashier, check what the TRADING CARD i get and sure i wont leave that place before i got all the 4 series.

OMG, that’s something Greed to do ne …..

and next they mentioned is

~   They already changed 「Acid Black Cherry Official Online Shop」became「uprise Official Online Shop」,


click here :  http://upriseshop.jp/

re-opened on June 25th. Not Only Acid Black Cherry stuffs, you will also find the other Janne members stuffs there and DEAD END. They also said about to register again as the member there so we can buy stuffs from there, including to all Janne FC members ..

I will tell this to my proxy anyway … *noted*

hmmm, what should i write again ne.  Ah ya minna, look who will steal my boyfriend next September …!!


see, Tony‘s girlfriend Miss Pepper will have an open affair with My Banner ne, see my awkward but cool doctor. OK the after think and think since yesterday i decide i am not gonna tell Tony about this because …

I Hardly Can’t Wait to See that Open Affair ….!!!

that movie is gonna be funny with a bit of sex addict details, because Banner is a sex addict there. Oh can you imagine a man like that can be a sex addict? that’s unbelieveable ne. And OMG his phone is a FLIP phone …. *throw away my non flip phone*

OK, before September i am gonna get a new FLIP phone ne,

and back to cover 『Greed Greed Greed』 jacket and how fans are concerned about how the PV is gonna be, i think i am totally agree with Michael Jackson

♪ ~  If You’re Thinkin’ Of Being My Baby It Don’t Matter If You’re Black Or White ~♪

noi       :    so as you wished, i accept both 「自分の強欲」と「ピュアな部分」の yasu
yasu    :    being my baby? i don’t think that way …
noi       :    heee , is there any other way …
yasu    :    so many other ways noi_chan



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