11th Post : Finally 2,000 Members of 「team_yasu」♪ … (Another me, yasu and 『 Greed 』 Victim no. 1 )


June 30th, 2013 ….

and it’s the finale for this #30HariMenulis (#30DaysofWriting) challenge. Here i am now try to post something on this finale night. Hope i will be able to post it before midnight ne, so they (whoever they are) will count this post and i will ended with 11 ne, not only 10 post .

So what am i suppose to write? I think i am gonna write about :  team_yasu, some 『Greed Greed Greed』 related thing, and 1st victim of my own 『Greed』

OK minna_san,  行きましょう …..  !!!!!


I told you ne about that, Acid Black Cherry group on facebook that i use to call it as team_yasu here. You may say that is kinda like my silly code for that facebook group, so don’t worry i only mentioned like that way only here and one maybe several times there and there.  …

so yes, it’s perfectly save and nobody will find us/me  … ?


yasu       :    who is gonna find you ..?
noi          :    the aliens, i told you ne my blood type is A
yasu       :    and that several times there and there ….?
noi          :    what about that …?
yasu       :    that’s not only 1 ne, you mentioned it everywhere ..
noi          :    ah maybe my other me, aannnd look who is so sexcited today ne  …

who else but me, because  nee minna_san, finally today ..


yay, we reached 2,000 members …. !!!!

of course i am happy about this ne, that’s why i wrote this here. I had so much fun there ne, share anythings (info, sexcitement, fan projects  … etc etc you name it, we shared/did it together)  related to with Acid Black Cherry fans all over the world there. And now there’s a plan to do another fan-act …. xD

so allow me to say …

~  Thank you everyone, for every great moments together there.
~  Don’t worry because I promise you all,  one day we will beat team_Edward OK ….?
~  so …. Go, Go team_yasu …..!!!!  …. *throw a confetti*

actually i meet a lot of Acid Black Cherry fans there. I even meet all my Cherry Sista and Julian there.  I have a lot of things to feel happy btw, not only the 2,000 members but also because finally today Monika start again our Cherry Chat. It’s been a while since we did our last Cherry Chat (the last one was the longest). We’ve been busy recently ne. Eh God,  i wanna cry now  …. #uuuhuhuuu

so, can i cry now …..?


yasu     :    no, you can’t …
noi        :    why, is it too dramatic …?
yasu     :    just finish this post first, then cry later ..
noi        :    OK

~   some 『Greed Greed Greed』 related things

this BARKS article :

Acid Black Cherry1年半振りのシングル「Greed Greed Greed」は、白yasuと黒yasuがキス寸前

go there and you can get a bigger size of the jacket cover for all 3 editions of next 『Greed Greed Greed』 single, and also there will be an opportunity (for Japanese fans) to listen 90 seconds of 『Greed Greed Greed』 song before the dorama started on July 18th.


credit to  :   @ABC_janneyasu

before Hoso chokuzen “saikyo”  SP 〜 Obakeyashi to yoba reta byoin e yokoso 〜 (i suppose that’s another horror dorama title …xD)  July 11th, 2013 midnight on MBS and TBS.

Only 90 seconds, but that’s so tempting be, so Let’s hope and pray  there will be somebody in Japan who will stay tune on their telly and do whatever amazing thing with it and share it with us …… *start to pray*

OK, praying is over and lets’ move to the last part …

~   『 Greed 』 Victim no. 1


thanks to the sleepy and sloppy of me finally here i am now as the 1st victim of my own 『Greed』 .  It started when i wanted to pay a shipping cost to my proxy. It only 900 yen, but because i still have more than 50 USD on my PayPall account my right hand and fingers start to act Greed.

they open CD Japan site, then clicked 『Greed Greed Greed 』 part, then click next, next, then +1 .. etc etc then paid. At that time i went home with a great feelings because hey, i did my order ne. I am save. But when i got home, i checked my emails and read this order notification from CD Japan ..

then i realized i made another wrong order ne, this is the 3rd time ne. What an idiot of me. I ordered 2 of 1,000 yen Regular Edition, not the 375 yen Limited Pressing while my plan is to buy 1 of 1,000 yen Regular Edition and  2 of 275 yen Limited Pressing from CD Japan then w/DVD and 2 of 375 yen Limited Pressing again from Fan Club.

What a total mess ne, somebody’s gotta do something. I never deal something like this,

so … ha ha ha, yeaaaa *dial 911*

noi      :     Moshi Moshi,  Officer Hayashi, help mee …
yasu   :     sorry, i am busy ..
noi      :     but ..
yasu   :     911, really? and i am in Japan ne …
noi      :     ups sorry … *dial 119*

what the hell is happen to me now, see i feel sleepy almost every day ne, all those cups of coffee i drink, didn’t affect me. My eyes only open wide after dinner (it depens when Her Majesty will call me …) until after midnight. See that’s very bad for a Cinderella ne, and sure i will never get that glass shoes  …

#   06:00 ~ 07:00 AM in the morning i sleep in the bus
#   about 09:00 AM after finished all my morning desk job,  i sleep again on my desk
#   13:30 PM after my noon pray i sleep again on the mosque …
#   17:00 PM on my way home i sleep in the bus, again

see how screwed i am now, it seems like i don’t even need any sleeping pills to make me sleep, i can sleep anywhere and anytime. OK, let’s close this post and there you are …

It’s a wrap everyone, and finally i posted 11 posts … #yay …

yasu     :     you’re late ne, so that would be only 10 ….
noi        :     no way …
yasu     :     yes way. Go home Cinderella,  it’s after midnight
noi        :     OMG, 10 posts, only 10? no no no nooooooo  …



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