きもち Post : Lost and then Lust …? (Another me, yasu and Julia)

nah when yasu looks so brightly on my desk like this , then …




❤  say hello to July, Julie, Julio and Julia …. !!!!   ❤

Monday 01/07/2013 was endless ne, as you know every new beginning of a month seems everything’s turned to be double to do. It squeezed my brain and sucked my energy, my blood double.

so here i am now, tryin to make my self as comfortable as i can be, put a an orange (eeh or lemon ….?) flavored mask on my face. They say lemon can reduce pretty much negative effects of stress and overwork on your face, make you more real-ex, then …

i can be The Orange Ninjaaaa ……. #hiaaaaa … !!!

yasu     :   ninja, you ….?
noi        :   yes, why not
yasu     :   what happened to that wonder woman, did you lost your wonder?
noi        :   i retired ne …

so there’s no wonder woman again ne, at least until i watch Man Of Steel. Imagine ne, what kind of Wonder Woman who is not watching the latest Superman untill now? No way. Damn, i really want to watch that movie ne, especially when all of them already watched it and start to post anythings related to Superman.

see i even hide my self on twitter about 3 days, to avoid any any question tweets about who haven’t watch Man Of Steel. Eventually 3 days hiding from twitter was not enough, i got that question ne. And i dunno why it was hurt for me.

I know that was a joke, because i myself love to do that when i already watch one movie and then i see there’s one or two my moviegoers fella haven’t watch, sure i will do/say the same thing, maybe i will do it worst.

Now i know how they feel ne. maybe to all of you who is not that moviegoers or super heroes lover enough like me will think while sayin : ah come on, it just a movie ne …

But it’s different for me. I even mad to my friend who post a comment (i think it was a very stupid comment) on my facebook.

As you all know there is a movie box on your facebook where you can put all movies that you already watch along with books you already read or games you played. One day after i watch IRON MAN 3, i add it on my movies box. Then she add a comment/question :

How’s the movie? Is it good?

at that time i was like, eeeh really, what kind of question is that? Of course it’s good. I travel 3 hours by bus from my hometown just to see it, why why why …. etc etc . then i realized if not everyone is like me, a bit movie and superheroes freak.

Maybe for her IRON MAN 3 is the same movie like other movies in cinema.

sometimes yes, i do hope everyone next to me they are like Tony Dinozzo, the greatest moviegoers even. Tony with his nonstop talking about movies, his movie’s quotes, find a movie that similar with the case the are dealing with … etc etc many more.

he is a very movie freak i think,  because he keep his pistol inside his toilet at home (like how Santino a.k.a Sonny hide the pistol inside the toilet’s restaurant so Michael can get it easily and killed Sollozzo). See what i mean, i would never do that even if i were a police officer or a mafioso. But Tony do that.

so …


yasu      :    that’s very …
noi         :    i know, i know a bit selfish ne …
yasu      :    not a bit, but very selfish …
noi         :    oops sorry about that, but i don’t hate Julia anymore ne ….

today i managed to finish this 1st part of yasu‘s interview on TSUYATA Booklet. Remember about it ne, and the interview is very funny. I mean he laughed a lot ne, lot of (笑)/laugh printed there.

But before i start you all better look at this amazing video  …

so 白yasu?黒yasu?, that’s the 「Greed 」 question

that girl is amazing, she made a lot of great Acid Black Cherry fanvideo and i follow her on twitter btw and she do reply tweets. That’s nice … xD

OK, back to the TSUYATA Booklet here’s the 1st part …


Acid Black Cherry released 3rd cover album on March 6th, 2013 with title Recreation 3. Famous hits songs among the young generations of 80’s and 90’s sung by yasu are how his view about the world from the lyrics Acid Black Cherry can be reflected / feel.

Now yasu sing that selection songs, re- create again. What exactly was the meaning of his view about the world, what was he thinking? Then what was he mean about Recreation ? His memories there? Start from Recreation we will hear yasu’s philosophy .

-Cover –

Q    :   yasu-kun, from the beginning you started Acid Black Cherry, you always sing an old songs as coupling single ….

A      :   yes, from the beginning, because when I started to sing a cover song I didn’t recorded it and make it as an album. I think that’s very unfortunate because even when I had a live performance on stage there wasn’t so much chance to sing songs from coupling singles.

Then it doesn’t mean i make 3 cover album just because of that , but by me singing cover songs in this album, I want to tell to the young generations now about old songs were very famous in earlier times. , because I think a song will continue to live if it continuously sung by someone.

A children’s song was also like that right, children’s song even more recognized for a long time rather than popular songs. Then by me continuously sing it, the song will continue to remembered until now. I thought that is a very an extraordinary thing to do and I fee it would be great if I do that way.

Q     :     Jacket album image this time,  it also came from there?

A        :     yes, like I said previously, about what I wanted. I thought,  if it can be delivered through the image/photo cover jacket, that also would be nice. I use pictures that reflected the wish to connect un_known song by today’s generations to the next generations.

If I do it seriously, not only with a modest way with something has a meaning like that, I think it’s very good. This kind a feeling/wish feels stronger than on the previous Recreation and Recreation 2 albums.

Q     :    for peoples who listen to it for their 1st time it seems to feel fresh?

A      :   yes, at least they will think ah, this song apparently has meaning like this …!!!

Honestly,  when I was a kid I did not really see and understand the lyrics.  Like on Koi ni Ochite song, part ‘doyoubi no yoru to nichiyou no anata ga itsumo hoshii kara’ (I always want the part of you that’s with me on Saturday and Sunday nights).  I did not understand the meaning, but now I understand it very well (laugh)

Because this song became hit around 1985 right, I was a little boy that time. And it would be terrible if I sing this song and understand the meaning (laugh).

And also try to always feel the era when you sing it. There’s also this lyrics ‘daiyaru mawashite te wo tometa’ (Turning the dial on the phone, my hand stopped), it’s definitely not in the lyrics of these days song. because now nobody rotate to dial again Jiikoroko..jiikoroko (dialing sounds) (laugh).

Q   :   that’s right. Kids thesedays, they don’t know about the black telephone. This song was the theme song for ‘kinyoubi no tsuma tachi he’ dorama ( Wives on a Friday Night). yasu, did you see this dorama?
A   :  no, no I was still a little. Litle kid didn’t see it  (laugh).
If kids talk ‘kintsuma tte omoshiroi ne..’ (drama kinyoubi no tsuma it’s very interesting ne..) like they understand it, that’s terrible (laugh).

Q    :   haha right (laugh). , so when did you finally understand the meaning of doyoubi no yoru to nichiyou no anata ga itsumo hoshii kara’ (I always want the part of you that’s with me on Saturday and Sunday nights)?
A      :    seems faster than expected (laugh). ‘So it’s like that, I wanna see …!!!’.

Not only in ‘koi ni ochite’ song, but isn’t most famous song’s lyrics are quite erotic? because for my song’s lyrics I think is more to kawaii (laugh).

Not fit for an old song. J-Pop, J-Rock song lyrics now not like/use a normal phrase. A normal phrase, or maybe has more soft expression.  sometimes it more difficult to understand. It’s more easy to understand the lyrics of old songs.


PS   :   i will continue it tomorrow maybe, and OMG i dunno if i can write with other font here …  #waw

OK, this is the weird part ne,

maybe i read too much translations of yasu related to. From magazines, pamphlets … etc. And somehow instead of makin me more sexcited about him (read : yasu not Mr. Friday) , plus how ONE OK ROCK’s Deeper Deeper song’s keep plain on my MP3 Player … it kinda make me worry.

It make me feels like i am a gold digger who dig deep and deeper and then the gold digger jump in the deep and black hole he/she already dig then get lost in the gold lust.

Nah in this case i think i am started to lost, deep lost (eeh, i suppose to say drawn ne)

in the lust of this man ….. #nyaaaaa


noi     :    nee Officer Hayashi, do something ..
yasu  :    do what …
noi     :    anything, i don’t wanna get lust of you …
yasu  :    you already 「Greed 」 anyway, plus one lust you’re gonna be fine ..
noi     :    eeeh  …


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