I Say Waaa … !!! Post : Erect Live DVD Bonuses …. (Another me yasu and Mr. Ardiyanto)


when i see this image below …

I think this time is the perfect time for us to back to  “Erect”, eeeh minna_san …



and of course i know how all of you already read 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 ‘s 下半期に突入って!! (Rush Into The Second Half of the Year) post, nah when i read that post today,

yes i just read it today ne because yesterday i only able to get in touch with my computer at office. At home Her Majesty now act like my personal sleeping police, she never allow me to use my PC and nonstop tellin me to sleep now, sleep now  … etc etc.

Tonight she let me awake but she didn’t let me get my midnight supper ne, so for me who always wake up at midnight then eat something, last night and tonight are disaster.

She said i eat too much, so now it’s time for me to less eat and pray much.

I should join Tekki and my father sleeping at hospital ne. There’s so many foods and cookies there …. #ewww i am still hungry now. OMG …

Eat and Pray ….


noi      :    sounds very movies nee ya_san ….
yasu   :    and you skip the pray …?
noi      :    omo … how did you know …
yasu   :    no, no please not movie talk again …

no, no this is not a movie talk, but i think i have to write this here ne, since nobody …. not one of my over 300 friends on Facebook assigned me Tom Hanks for this whatsoever actor/actress assignment on Facebook

So here i am now giving my self an assignment of Tom Hanks

Movie I loved :   You’ve Got Mail, Forrest Gump
Movie I liked :    Saving Private Ryan
Movie I hated :   Road to Perdition
Movie I hate that I loved :  Philadelphia

well my dears, do comment on this post then i will give you Johnny Depp ….. !!!

OK, now back to 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 ‘s 下半期に突入って!! (Rush Into The Second Half of the Year) post ne,

~   they wrote about yasu sayin about 「Greed Greed Greed」 PV Shoot …


「I will teach you the secret about the PV Shoot !
Because it is more shameful for saying like this to be shy!!」

OMG what kind of PV he already did ne,

i didn’t follow any blog posts of fans who were able to go there and join the sexcitement of being 「Greed」 with the master of 「Greed Greed Greed」, yasu.

i only read how they said about their sexcitement to watch the full PV and then able to find themself on the PV, maybe they will make a screen caps with a note :

hey everyone, that’s me …!!!!


yasu     :     what make you think that way …?
noi        :     because sure, i will do that if i were there …
yasu     :     but you were not …
noi        :     that’s why i am not gonna do that ne …
yasu     :     poor noi_chan …

they all of them who were there, are very lucky ne, and yes i feel this little envy feeling  slipped under the 3 layers of 「Greed」 inside me now. I am only a simple woman ne so it’s normal for me to be envy.

~   Different bonuses for “Erect” Live DVD and Blu-Ray  …

this is something that i’ve been waiting for ne, the curious and wonder in me today just vanished after a saw all these image. Now it just turned into me lost my patient, well i naver have it much anyway …. xD

  1.     B2 Poster Bonus for National CD Shop and Rechoku Shopping …

nah to all of you who did order from CD Japan will get this, but there will be 5 Autographed B2 Poster lottery if you buy from Rechoku Shopping … ( i suppose that’s Japan Only ne … xD)

2.     An Earphone Cor Reel for FC members …


my goodness, so finally that’s an Erect Earphone Cord Reel look like ne. I’ve been wondering about how it gonna look like, and now that image is far far beyond my imagination.

And thank God, it is more amazing than i thought. So i can’t say nothing but :

Waaaa …………!!!!!!!!!!

  2.     B2 Poster from mu-m0

as always ne, mu-mo give another awesome poster ne. I think if i were a poster minded fan, sure i will buy from mu-mo for that awesome and how they brilliantly choose that image of yasu and his beautiful shoulders ne.

So sorry, i am really sorry  i have to say this again …

Waaaa …………!!!!!!!!!!

     2.     Mini Cleaf File for FC Mobile members ..

see this is something i will never get proudly (read by buy it from the mobile FC directly) even i can get it un_proudly (via auctions) but still being able to but the FC stuffs directly from the Official Store is always different ne.

Like how there will always 1D different between you watching  3D and 2D movies ….

In this case the difference is the feeling …

~  when you receive your package,
~  a feeling of new stuffs that no one touch it,
~  open it then you and your hands went crazy together to rip papers all over the box
~  and then you will say a lot of Bloody Hell …!!! about how much and tight they put tape on it.

well, that’s something that i will say Waaa  …!!!

nah because i will never get this stuffs proudly, then i say ….


yasu      :     eeh chotto, how many time did you have to say that waaa …
noi         :     today, i dunno …
yasu      :     that’s enough then …
noi         :     but  …

Ok, then i will say it again on the next post.

Ah ya yesterday when i bought a dinner (now we have our dinner at hospital, btw …. and hospital is not that bad for me now) i meet a guy. I didn’t know who is he ne.

But he asked me :  where did you come from miss ….? while smiling. Nah i didn’t reply him because well what should i say to him, and who is he anyway …

then when i just smilin back to him, he said to me : why just a smile, and why didn’t you answer my question?  while leaving .

Then i asked Tekki : Who is he …? Tekki said :  You don’t know him Boo, he is Mr. Ardiyanto from Post Office. He is the one who always send you a text message ….



what did i do ne, why didn’t i annswer his question. I still have so many upcoming package from Japan. And what if he is offended by me not answering his question? and then he will stop send me a text message about my package …?

Oh no, that can’t be happen ne. Noooo ……!!!


noi        :      nee Officer Hayashi, what should i do …
yasu     :      silence noi_chan, and stop callin me with Officer Hayashi ..
noi        :      then do something …
yasu     :      go ask your boyfriend, i am busy now
noi        :      busy what  ….?



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