Sunday Post : Hmm, I am just a passionate guy …. ? (Another me, yasu and The Magnolia)


As always, my tomorrow is



…  (fill it with numbers yourself) days after The Day after Tomorrow …..

noi        :       confusing eeh ya_san …
yasu     :        lazy …
noi        :       no, that’s something called a delay ne, like a flight ..
yasu     :       aah, whatever …

OK, bear with me please ……

but something is really confusing me now, and maybe until the end of this month. My brain with it amazing hobby to make calculation of everything now is the one who confused me.

well it started when my mom tellin me how many days are my father has to stay at the hospital. She told me that information complete with all numbers of prices of all services and medicines.

So while i was listening to her last night, my brain made an awesome duet with my hand on a papers ….

~      …..  days on ICU @  …. IDR  =  ….. IDR
~      …..  times of CT Scan  @ …. IDR   =  ….. IDR
~      …..  times of Neuro Specialist Doctor Check  @  …..  IDR  =   ….. IDR
~      …..  package of various medicines,  @  ….  IDR  =  …..  IDR
~      …..  times dinner and my snack at hospital  @ ….. IDR  =  …..   IDR

…… etc etc ……  =   ……  IDR

i shocked with the result,

OMG that’s a very long with lots of zeros behind numbers ne …. I am doing my living by making a various calculations of financial plans including costs. But it is confusing me now. Not because i am not prepare but i dunno why it just make me feel …. i dunno, it’s a fubar feeling i think.

And somehow …..

that bright future about me as a book shoop owner that used to be a little more close to reach, now it became more far, away from me.

So that day,

i went to hospital while thinking about that, but then arrived there i saw a boy (18 years old boy) sit next to his father (he is in the same ICU room with my dad) reading Qur’an next to his father.

Finished reading he said something to his father, i didn’t hear what he was sayin because it was too slow to hear, i think it was a pray …

Then he start to read something again, i think he was tryin to memorize some letters from Qur’an. As a muslim, there’s 2 direction to go/continue to the next level when you finished learning how to read Qur’an.

Continue to the next level by memorizing it and be a walking/living Qur’an, or study it deeper about the meaning. I choose the 2nd btw, because my brain is so terrible to remember …

Then my mom, as always start her story of the day. And today is about that boy and his family. So apparently, they are a farmer family. They are not lucky enough as a farmer, not having their own land to work so they work for another landlord.

My mom told me how they had to sell almost their belongings to bring their father/husband to hospital and pay all their father needs.

And now the wive, his mother still not sure about what are they have to do after they able to bring her husband back to home. They loose one man who do the family living, only left 2 of their sons who work as a manual workers with a minimum daily payment.

Somehow listening to my mother story while watching that boy memorizing Qur’an, i feel so lucky ne. Finally i am able to find something bright light among all this dark time of my life. At least i am prepared well ne, i don’t have to sell any of my stuffs to take my father to hospital.

Even yes, maybe i still have to work about how many years again, but i think that dream about me as a book shop owner like Kathleen Kelly is still not impossible ne.

After all i do still believe if God never give anything harder than human’s capability to deal. So yes, i think i can do this and i am gonna be fine ….  #Ganbatte

OK, now let’s continue the TSUYATA BOOKLET. The last one is this part ne ….


so erotic is his version of kawaii ne.

then just like what was on of my friend’s mind on twitter i wonder how is his version of erotic ne ….? i suppose it is like a double of my version of erotic ….? because the calculation is  ….

my erotic version   =   yasu’s kawaii version
my erotic version times 2  =  yasu’s erotic version …?

noi        :        how is it, is it true my calculation ya_san …
yasu     :        hmmm …
noi        :       no double , so it must be triple …
yasu     :       go make calculation as you want, i am not gonna tell you   …

noi        :       tell me kudasaii  …
yasu     :       what the

i think am done with this calculation and i better continue the TSUYATA BOOKLET ne, Nah this one is page 2 and 3.

So enjoii and get amazed by yasu’s extraordinary research … !!!


Q     :    maybe that’s similar with Acid Black Cherry .
Because in every song lyrics must contain a story that makes the body temperature change then the heart can feel moved.

A     :    no, but if it’s like that then thank God ….  thank you  (laugh)

Q     :    but right now, peoples are not really look at the lyrics.  They just like the song because of the band sound/melody, isn’t it?

A     :    yes, now it seems like that . Certainly a song, any kind of songs i thought it was heard because liked the melody. So i don’t get very well the mind of a person who said like/love a song because of the lyrics

Q    :   really ? but beside people who love a song because of the band sound/melody, they also will love the song because of the lyrics right?
For Acid Black Cherry, love because of the band sound/melody  that’s for sure.  But there’s many people/fans who love because of the lyrics right? , especially girls …

A    :   yeah, many  fans were saying  I love the lyrics.

But I personally do not quite understand about that but it doesn’t mean i wrote my lyrics randomly, just writing. So if there’s someone sayin I love the lyrics i am happy.  but I want to be heard because of the sound for sure.  I am thinking like that.

Q    :    yes, that’s right …

But there’s something similar on the background of Sharan Q’s Joukyou Monogatari song, like a fellow Osakan who came to Tokyo to after their dreams.  You did this song because there are similar parts right?

A    :    there is no such thing like that. I wanted to to say yes, there is … but  really, there is not (laugh). Ah not good isn’t it ? then i am gonna lie.  Or is it better for me to lie for an interview ..?  (laugh)

Q   :     no, thank you …. (laugh)

A    :    ahahahaha ….. but the lyrics are really beautiful right ..?

itsu no hika Tokyo de yume kanae boku ha kimi no koto wo mukae ni iku ’ (one day when my dreams in Tokyo achieved, i will pick you up). But in the reality, i am a mean person. I leaved my girl when i went to Tokyo (laugh).

Yes, i choose that song because of the similar condition, but the reality is not that beautiful (as the song). And knowing the truth with certainty it is also necessary (laugh).

Q    :    ahahahaha ….. yes, indeed sometimes a person obsessed with things like that.  Reflects theirself into the lyrics of the song. On Koi ni Ochite song , if i may say that’s a song about affairs/cheating.

A    :      that’s so true …

Q    :     And for song ‘Kanashimiga Tomaranai ‘ too,  even though the melody is beautiful, but if I may say it’s a song about love deprivation …

A    :     what a real mean conversation … (laugh).

Q    :   very mean ….

A    :   indeed  ….

with veiled lyrics,  something become more beautiful.  ‘Hiru no cafe terasu Sagari‘ (terrace cafe in the afternoon).  Terrace Cafe, we rarely say it in daily life. But because this song was on 80’s when Terrace Cafe might still popular.

Q     :    that kind of interesting also exist …

A      :    right,  such an emphasize on the particularities of time.  There’s no that kind of lyrics on today’s song definitely.

Hmmm …  it’s something like …. song  with a memories of bubble (maybe he referred to Bubble Economic, a phenomena that occurred Japan in 80 – 90’s) and many other else.

Like stealing/taking your friend’s girlfriend/boyfriendseeing you dancing in the disco is so cool ….  there’s so many song lyrics that contained such as joy, happiness describing 80’s. It was a beautiful era.  70’s, because it was only 30 years after war, so it was not that joy full/happy.

Q      :   waw, what an extraordinary research you did,  Like showa kare susuki for example, right. Deeply felt the era was. (this song released on 1974 and sold more than 1,5 millions copies)

A      :    Right, it really reflects the atmosphere of that era. From the 1970s to the 1980s era that even though only 10 years difference, but feels like a completely different atmosphere of peace. The lyrics of the song also reflects the peace, not in a negative sense, but really reflects a very good era

Q     :       yes, but instead of all the happy and beautiful songs of 80’s, yasu-kun chose a sad song about love, and again,  with a girl  point of view song. I think that is the personality of yasu ?

A      :       I personally have no intention like that actually. But the part of it is  very interesting isn’t it …?

Q      :      because Acid Black Cherry lyrics are also like that, like Pistol single (11th single, released on 21.09.2011), it looks like an erotism description, but behind it actually contains a hurt, injury transferred to the pain.  Every girl is in the lyrics written by yasu always covered by sorrows.

A      :     yeah, that’s right. Actually recently I often saw again the lyrics that I wrote. I also feel that way and always thought … why?  How could I write a lyric like that? Maybe because I never make a girl happy … ? or I always make them cry?

Based on statistics I never see a happy-faced girl anyway, Maybe I am the one who make them unhappy. If I can make them happy, I would see their happy faces right? …

That’s why my lyrics always full of things like that. Which mean , I am a cruel man.

Q        :   yasu_san ….

A        :    yes, sorry – sorry …

but I think i should not make a lie (laugh). So a girl with her bitterness of love, it looks more beautiful right? a very good girl.  In other words, a guy like me is worthy in here.

Q       :    ……………….

A       :     eeeh, it’s not like that? Sorry …..

Q      :     …..   but surely, with the motive to live like that, many people like yasu.  But the truth is a man full consideration and prioritize wabi-sabi (Japanese philosophy of peace and harmony), and only the men who are less familiar with the feelings of women. Not a cruel man I think.

A      :   No, no, …. thanks for your support (laugh). I am just a passionate guy. That’s it.

Q     :    a passionate guy, what an interesting words ….

That’s all, i’ll continue it later and i am not gonna say tomorrow again ne … xD

see what i mean with yasu’s extraordinary research ? i say waaaw … ne.  Even yes, i did say waw whenever he said something, but this time my waaaw contains more than one a between that 2 w ….

and talking about research,

i supposed someone did her research very well. Remember about this change to hear 90 seconds version of 『Greed Greed Greed 』 on July 11th …?

nah 2 days ago, my dear friend kemhide did her own research and told me about this streaming channel to watch TBS in here  :


I hope that day my net will not let Capt. Slow tellin her/him to be slow as slow as Capt. Slow . Last but not least is :  minna_san, do whatever you can and have to do then yoroshiku onegaishimasu ….. *bounce*

aaandddd ….

I am just a passionate guy, eeeh ya_san …

yasu     :    then what ….
noi        :    then i am gonna be a passionate woman ne …
yasu     :    what about the simple magnolia …?
noi        :    the
magnolia is takin days off, after all …

I am just a woman, fall in love …. *singing*

yasu     :    hee …


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