November Rain Post : 待つわ List Update ….!!! (Another me, yasu The Sour Me)


so when did the last time i update my 待つわ List ?


noi       :    5 months ago? ah no, wrong answer honey …. xD
yasu    :    you call me what ….?
noi       :    eeeh ya_san, what happen …
yasu    :    what …
noi       :    that play button, it didn’t work ..
yasu    :    ah what have you done  … ?

it feels like forever ago ne.

I think the last time updated it even not officially, it was on 「2012」 album released ne because after that i don’t see any reason to update it or any Acid Black Cherry related stuffs to buy ….


【Team Acid Black Cherry】 give me very nice reasons for me to update it with this lovely but a bit hard to read スリーブって?? post.

Like a story, the opening they talked about 35℃ heat (i suppose it is already summer inTokyo), how hot is 35℃ heat btw? i never be in Japan on summer, but i heard summer in Japan is very hot.

ah ya talking about summer now i remember the brilliant idea from my online Japanese course to teach me how to remember seasons in Japanese

春haru(spring) ← her rule, 夏natsu (summer) ← nuts,  秋aki (autumn) ← Ah! Key!, 冬fuyu(winter) ← Who? You?

see how catchy it is ne, even for me, i prefer to remember Akihide for 秋aki (autumn) rather than that Ah! and Key! …

why? because i dunno why every time i read Ah! anywhere i remember how yasu say

AH~ 中に出して! …

and it also remind me how the governess Maria Von Trapp (Julie Andrews) on Sounds of Music teach all the Von Trapp kids how to remember notes ( do re mi fa sol la ti do) with a song, …

Do  ←   doe  :   a deer, a female deer
Re  ←   ray   :   a drop of golden sun
Mi   ←   me   :   a name i call myself
Fa  ←   far    :   a long long way to run
So  ←   sew  :   a needle pulling thread
La  ←   la      :   a note to follow so
Ti   ←   tea    :   a drink with jam and bread

That will bring us back to do oh oh oh ….


remember that song …?

Indeed, Julie Andrews looks very beautiful ne, of course my fave part is her wedding with Capt. Von Trapp and until now, i never get when did he ( read : Capt. Von Trapp, not yasu or Mr. Friday) start to fall in love with her governess Maria



just like how i never understand why the bride on Guns and Roses ~  November Rain PV has to die on her wedding reception . But i believe if she chose to marry Slash not AXL Rose, she will not die like that ….

Nothin’ lasts forever
And we both know hearts can change
And it’s hard to hold a candle
In the cold November rain

what a heart breakin song ne ….? and listen carefully to the long and very sad Slash epic guitar solo, sounds so sad and mellow ne …

back to スリーブって?? post, then …

~     「Acid Black Cherry 5th Anniversary Live “Erect”」 Sleeve Specification


i think it looks like a double cover, the sleeve box and the DVD box cover it self. Then what the sleeve box will do is, it will join yasu‘s silhouette together or something like that … xD .

But it’s a Limited Edition while the regular cover is still the same like this


so now minna_san, ask your self to make sure because today it’s already July 13th ne, so yes time is running fast and there you are suddenly only 4 days more to July 17th

~   have i did my 「Acid Black Cherry 5th Anniversary Live “Erect”」 DVD and Blu-ray order? then ask again …
~   did i order the Limited version ….?

simple question ne, but ….


yasu    :    what about you ….?
noi       :    i am not sure …
yasu    :    what …
noi       :    but i think so  ..
yasu    :    not sure, what kind of fangirl are you … ?

noi       :    i am 52 now ya_san, i am getting old ne ..

i think i did my order ne, because i do remember about me posted an entry about how save i am now since i already ordered 「Acid Black Cherry 5th Anniversary Live “Erect”」 DVD and Blu-ray but i’ll ask my proxy again about it …

~     Super Dupper Kawaii Picture of yasu …

even yes, it’s not with a jumbo size, but still it’s already enough to make me say another sexcited  #waaaa ….. !!! …


omo, he love sweets , and sweets is a perfect nutrition? …

see he is already sweet and my goodness, can you imagine that? a sweet person who loves sweets …?

waw, no wonder i never like/love sweets because it’s never fit with the sour/bitter me . Recently i’ve been thinking a lot and i know i am not a sweet person at all, not inside or outside.

Here i am now as an in and out sour person, sour as the raw green cherry .  Maybe yes, i talk not in the nice way because now i am not in the mood to be nice. So rather than talk not nicely i’d rather say nothing …

and now this sour/bitter me decided to follow what Her Majesty say to

Eat Less and Pray More


yasu       :     looks who is talking now …
noi          :     i mean it ne, so stop cooking …
yasu       :     but i believe you are feeling hungry now ..
noi          :     what ..

~     Schedules  …

they ( read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 ) said if yasu is already interviewed by radio and magazines, and then we shall do follow the schedule ne …

1.  Telly Info

we can listen to 「Greed Greed Greed」 as OST for 「Akuryo byoto hoso chokuzen ” saikyōo” SP ~ obakeyashi to yoba reta byoin e」

TBS・MBS  7月11日 midnight 59 minutes to 00:00
CBC      7月15日 midnight  58 minutes to 00:00
UTY      7月12日  midnight 59 minutes to 01:00

since this is a very late post, so now we can listen to it ….



2.  Radio  Info

7/12 JFN38局ネット「Yamada Hisashi no Radian Limited F」

「Greed Greed Greed」 aired for the 1st time. It was yesterday ne. But too bad, i haven’t see the mp3 recording floating on net or social networks. But that YouTube video above is already enough for me. I am not in a very rush to listen the HQ 「Greed Greed Greed」 anyway.

next is my fave ….

3.  Magazine Info

7/14  「CD&DLでーた」 …..  done
7/28  「B-PASS」
8/1    「7Pia」
8/7    「Wink up」
8/7    「Steady.」
8/7    「EDGE STYLE」
8/10  「Arena 37℃」
8/14  「What’s In?」
8/15  「Songs」

and then last but not least is …

~     Project 「Shangri-la」 Tour GOODS …


Pre-Order Schedule :  7月19日(Friday)14:00~7月26日(Friday)18:00 JST
Product Shipment Scheduled on  :   8月2日(Friday)

【Items For Sale】

Pamphlet ¥ 3,000
Poster (both sides) ¥ 1,000
Stickers ¥ 1,000
Post Card (Set of 5) ¥ 500
T-shirt (Women’s Men’s M · L) ¥ 3,500 each
Bath towel ¥ 3,500
Muffler Towel A ¥ 2,000
Muffler Towel B ¥ 2,000
Mirror ¥ 1,500
Lanyard keychain ¥ 1,000
Pet bottle holder ¥ 1,500
Tote Bag ¥ 2,000

please see the Uprise Official Online Shop for details soon

maybe they will update the Online Store tomorow? with images for each GOODS, i hope so . Now before i see the details further, i think i am gonna skip all the towels, mirror (i use Google than mirror to ask btw …xD), Keychain maybe (it depends on the details later) and of course that Pet Bottle Holder (what the hell is that? … xD)

Ooooh i love this season ne, a season when yasu release something and then automatically followed by Magazine, Radio, telly schedule and then a Live GOODS to buy.

Now my 待つわ List Updated, and  i say :

that’s totally perfect ne ….!!!!


noi        :   and let me sing for you this a very special song … *start to sing*

¥ … ¥ …. ¥ … ¥

yasu     :   stop it, are you just moan to me  …?
noi        :   i am singing while calling yens to come smoothly to my wally   …




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