Boring Post : Love, Man and Woman Talks with yasu … (Another me, yasu and Mr Friday)


Look who is comin to Japan now ….






Benny ….

So yesterday i spent my time look at my Tumblr dash, watch any videos about Benny‘s comin to Narita … etc etc. I never imagine if Benny is so BIG in Japan ne, he was there last December and now he is there again? …


Photos credit to : Masatoshi Okauchi @ sherlock_series

OMG look at him, he looks very BIG and his hair ….? xD  anyway, i love how he handle his fans, he is kinda make them calm and more in order? …

Then i am thinking exactly like what was on Tekki‘s mind this whole afternoon ne. Thinking about how to go to Narita Airport from Haneda because if we both go to Japan, sure we will go with Air Asia, and landed on Haneda, nah Benny‘s landing is in Narita

so from now on, i think i better start to think about rute to take from Haneda to Narita ne, because who knows if one day there will be a chance for us (read : me and my British wannabe sista Tekki) to welcome Benny in Narita while we are in Japan to watch Acid Black Cherry/VAMPS/Larc live.

see my point?

i can see yasu maybe HYDE also and Tekki will able to welcome Benny ..


yasu     :    that’s is too much to ask ne …
noi        :    i know that’s too good to be true  …
yasu     :    sure, it is …
noi        :   but, it is still possible ne ….

btw yesterday something is change on Facebook, it just different from the previous one. It’s surprise me because it wasn’t like that when i am still at office, but when i get home and open my Facebook, it became like this ..


see that notification, messages and friend request place …? they moved it to the right (eeh, is it left or right ..?)

and then there’s a number next to Home sign  show you how many updates on your Facebook Home Page (remind me to Tumblr) and they also make the name of the Facebook owner shorter. It used to be complete Noi Himura, now look it’s only Noi

well of course it’s not a problem, maybe it only me who is not use with the new Facebook yet, but how they make my name shorter it’s a bit bother me. I mean what if one day there’s someone ask me this question …

Noi who …?
who you were with ….?
I don’t know who you were with …




then what should i say …?


yasu    :   nobody is gonna ask you that
noi       :   maybe …
yasu    :   because that’s from the movie, The Godfather isn’t it?
noi       :  oh, no you ruin this game …

yasu    :  then stop the silly game …

now i am confused with my own blog, i mean this blog is a very messy blog. look at those tags ne, that tags are mean less because i just put that like that with no real specifications. I know i should do something ne but too bad i am too lazy to do that.

So i myself sometimes kinda lost in my own blog whenever i want to find something, scans or some photo of yasu

OK, i should finish the TSUYATA interview ne, but because i read something and then it made other thing happened to me, i didn’t manage to finish it untill the last part.


yasu     :    what happened …?
noi        :    i was hungry ne ..
yasu     :    but what happen to Eat less and Pray more …?
noi        :    don’t ask me, i dunno ….

So now this is only the translation for page 4 and 5, and i’ll do the rest later and i am gonna call this as  …


~  yasu’s Love Talks ~

Q    :   That was it …  (laugh). So the conclusion,  what makes you attracted to the song “Kanashimi ga Tomaranai / I Can’t Stop The Sadness“?

A    :  I love that song sincerely. I love the melody, and recently I often listen to that song’s lyrics a lot, and I feel strange how that song turn into a sad song by meanings.

The melody, it’s not a minor because it has a happy image at the opening, while in the beginning there was the impression of feeling like “Towards Twilight in a Veranda Café”.

The lyrics of this song, I feel  like it’s a delight song, but when I listen to the song completely, it turn out there’s some part of the lyrics mentioned about how her/his love was taken by her/his own friend.  It feels to make us shed tears.

Q   :  Hmmm …. Teresa Teng’s song called “Toki no nagare ni mi wo makase/Leaving Myself to The Flow of Time is also a great song, but this song tells about an affair. If this were really happen, surely makes us shed some tears.

However, Teresa Teng’s voice that sings the song with her not smooth Japanese language , that’s so great.

So if there’s someone, with that kind of voice tellin us “dakara onegai sobani oite ne /please let me stay next to you“, sure we can melt. Do you also think like that?

A   :   I didn’t understand. This song was HIT on 1986 and I was still a little that time. So I didn’t understand if that song has such a deep meaning like that. And id it horrible if there’s a little kid who listen to that song and understand the meaning well …? (laugh).

So I just listened to the melody of that song and I think it’s a good song. Songs that  became HIT among the society mostly, they were like that right? Because musical show when we were little were much more than now.

So I think songs became something that very close with our lives. Unlike today’s songs that often change, right …?

Q    :   yes, if we’re able to understand the meaning of that song, then it means we already understand the meaning of love … (laugh).

So, what do you think about girl who is crazy about song lyrics ..?

A  :   Hmm … I think the song lyrics are great, but if there is really a girl like that, that must be really  tough  (laugh).

That’s so scary how “I devoted all to your heart, as long as it can be wonderful, I don’t need this life” lyrics make me shivering, imagine … she doesn’t need her life … that’s horrible. Isn’t it?

Q  :  It also mean she really love him. Then what about you yasu_kun ?

A  :   me …? I am always powerful. Love is always powerful ..

Q   : What do you think about people who say “I don’t cheat, because I am too serious“…..?

A   :  Hmm I don’t like to say something nonsense like that .. (laugh). No way I am gonna say that. For man, cheating is like buying snacks outside.

Q    :   ………………………..

A    :   I know you will respon me by sayin “Haaaaaah … ? “…(laugh). And sure you will also say : “what the hell you are sayin“…..? (laugh). Sorry sorry … (laugh).

But I think that’s a man. Because he feels there’s a place for him to go home, he feels cozy. Men are a brash creature.

Q   :   yes, yes, …. Now I remember to the lyrics of Kubo Ruriko’s song called Otoko/Man. This part of lyrics sayin “most mens are actually spoiled, they always want to win, that’s make me madreally described a man right … ?

That also means woman in this world make the man down with their bare hands and not love with a bigger feeling/love?

A   :   yes, yes most man are like that … sorry (laugh). But even we are like that, please do understand us …. (laugh)

Q   :    ha ha ha … you are being so honest …

A   :   mens are a weak creature, they are falling in love.

Even there’s also among them who think “ devoted all to your heart, as long as it can be wonderful, I don’t need this life or maybe I get used by you, I am ready to throw away this onetime life of mine just for you
” ..
listening to something like that, It makes me …. Aaahhh how is it …. (laugh)

Q   :    ah, come on do tell us ..

A   :    ahahaha … can I tell a story like that, OK then.

Just imagine how we can love somebody like that, everyday … If there’s someone who love somebody like that, then not loving anyone but the one he/she love untill forever, actually it’s alright.

usually people will think like that, but when after 1 month breakin up, and then he/she is already with somebody else and then tellin the same thing to the new person he/she in love with next.

Don’t you think you will say “Haaaaaah … ?

So I think that kind of words, it’s better if we say it to someone that really meant to be with us. If a person haven’t find that someone really meant to be, he/she should keep that words inside his/herself.

If I really love somebody, I must think and feel very happy be able to be with her, but I will never say that I don’t need this life or I will throw away my onetime life.

But maybe all of that is because I haven’t meet love that make me say that words. Maybe when we are already married to person that we are really love, we may able to say that.

Because like/crush on to someone, it can turned into love. I agree when we love someone, then separated, everything just turned to be more beautiful. But I don’t think we should throw away our one time life.

For me the song lyrics from Nakanishi Yasushi called Saigo no Ame/The Last Rain that said “If you really want to forget him/her, do not love her/him with a feeling that makes you want to cry.. that’s a song that really fit with me.

Q    :    Hmm it’s like that, now I get it

A    :    but the feeling of “I’d rather crush/shatter you with my tight embrace/arms that let someone take you away” … it is not in me. Because we should not crush/shatter others right?

Yes, I get it if that kind of feeling is also on a man, but if the woman that we love choose the other man and leave us, we cannot stop her by crush/shatter her.
Even yes, it says “taken by someone else” but it would be better if there’s nobody took her away ..?

Q    :    hmm what do you mean by that …

A    :    What I mean is how we should think about replacing the words of “taken by someone else with “she is bored with us

If we able to use that words, it can make us feel about what happen now it is not because of somebody else or our beloved. But it’s because of The Boring Ourself

Q   :    yasu_kun, if you are breakin up, can you giving up and loose with that kind  way of thinking? Can you get over it fast …?

A    :   of course it is very hard to get over it soon, but crush/shatter you …. is that too much?

Yes, I understand the pain, but I never think about crush/shatter an ex. I will think that’s because of The Boring Me

But it is a very hard matter, because there’s a very thin different between love and revenge.  And love can turned into hate/revenge so easily ..

My Goodness, so Mr. Friday did leave me because I am Boring …..?

yasu    :    i didn’t say that, but maybe yes  …
noi       :    no ya_san, nooooo ….. *fall from my bed*
yasu    :    hey, stop it and do wake up ne. He wasn’t your boyfriend and he never leave you …
noi       :    but still …



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