6th Post : 『Shangri-la』 Meeting ….!!! (Another me, yasu and The Sexth Anniversary)

『Shangri-la』 Meeting ….?

A meeting with yasu in 『Shangri-la』 …?

of course it’s not literally like that, even me (one who will not able join all the in 『Shangri-la』 Meeting) love to think literally like that, but this in 『Shangri-la』 Meeting is one of this …

3 pieces of plan for  『Shangri-la』 Project

~    A new song release,
~    All prefectures live tour
~    An event where you can come and interact with yasu in each area

and now they already decided the 3rd plan and they named it as

『Shangri-la』 Meeting …. !!!


here is 1st Season’s 『Shangri-la』 Meeting

August 10       :   Fukushima
August 15       :   Akita
August 18       :   Miyagi
August 22       :   Yamagata
August 24       :   Aomori
August 31       :   Sapporo
September 16 :  Morioka

There will be a Public Recording in each Radio Station in this meeting, then it will be a chance for for fans who will join that 『Shangri-la』 Meeting to feel a sexperient of Meet and Greed with yasu himself


yasu   :   hei fangirl, are you sure you don’t make any mistake typing …?
noi      :   really? i’ll check later  hmm ..

Meet and Greed with yasu, 

yasu   :   look who is finally say that …
noi      :   that’s so tempting ne …. But, i think being Greed with you is quite enough for me now …
yasu   :   that’s what i mean, fix that …
noi      :   i told you ne, later ..

look, he is already preparing himself  …


while he is preparing for the next 『Shangri-la』 Tour, and then suddenly there will be  『Shangri-la』 Meeting ne. Waw, what’s more awesome than that?

yeah of course yes, 100% yes yasu looks adorable like that, I think everyone will agree except the haters ..

ah, haters ….

what can i say about haters but how  ..

~   i don’t deal with haters, because
~   i dunno how i am suppose to deal them, because all i know
~   is nothing but ignore them and 100% …
~   is not my division ….

just like how dealing with maid is not my division at all, indeed i hate maid any kind of maids in this universe. A maids (my neighbor’s maid) who ruined my life when i was 12 years old. She is the one who told me if i am not my parent’s daughter.

can you imagine how me as 12 years old child who was walking home from my afternoon Islamic School, then stopped by a maid who say that terrible thing of being adopted like i was nothing. Even a child have an ability for feeling sad ne. And i didn’t even dare to tell my mom or dad about what she said to me.

Then i keep that between me and my sister until i was on college then another man (he is my mom’s older sister’s husband) told me how i have no right for being in the family just because i am not my parent’s biologic child. Still i didn’t tell my parents about this …

but as i grew up, and learning about a ot of things in school. One day my teacher teach me about blood type, how a woman with an A blood type married  to a man with an O blood type then they will have an O or A blood type children

but in my case is weird. My mother is B and my father O while me and my sister are A. That’s impossible ne. My sister asked about that to my father, but he said : that’s not true, because there’s another possibility …. etc etc .

I knew he was lyin that time, but maybe because i myself can’t stand for the possibility of a very hurt reality if he told me the truth just accepted his answer, and then things went normally . But then when i was on college and start to study Genetics Science, i knew everything …

then yesterday, 7 days after my father died, my mother told me the truth, the truth that was out there, and i’d rather it stay out there. While cryin she told me who i really am

She said because they (she and my father) had married for 8 years with no children and my father refused to divorce my mother, they decided to do an adoption. They went to an orphanage, and there was twin babies that they just love and then decided to adopt them

That twin baby girls are me and my sister …

My mother also tell me who my real name is (but somehow i can’t remember it well, or i refused to …?) because they changed my name.

How my biological mother was dead when delivered us to the world and the husband gave us to the orphanage. I think he  couldn’t stand the sadness of loosing his wife and then suddenly there is twin baby. It was too hard for him to deal?

Then what next was i get adopted by my parent, it’s legally because my father still keep the adoption papers.

If someone ask me how i feel? i dunno what exactly i feel now. It’s not that miserable because i already know a long time ago. but i just feel empty. I feel like there’s some part of me taken away suddenly.

Here i am now, me as nobody .

My father and Theodora, the woman who always nonstop praying for me is not my real mother. But i never doubt how they love me. What make me sad is how my mother is scare about there’s possibility of me and my sister leaving her to find our real family .

What the hell is that, i know she is too much watching dramas, but this is reality ne. And why  should i do that? why should i go find someone who already choose to gave me away rather than keep and raised me? …

Dakara, i’ve been thinking about this matter, cried a lot because of this. I have enough cryin, now for me what matter is my mother, Her Majesty is My Priority

now and i don’t care if there will be 1,000 maids who will tell me about me as an adopted. I think i am gonna say Go To Hell to them, because there is still enough space for them there .

About that my neighbor’s maid, i am still tryin to forgive her, but it’s not easy for me. See she was  just a maid ne, until now she is still a maid, so how dare she talk to me like that?

then my biggest question is

What’s wrong being adopted …?  He is my father, she is my father, with my sister we are a family. And we are legal as legal as The Adams Family …

maybe this is what happen to the world on my chidlhood, teenage and now it’s still the same. Where people still love to wanna know about other people’s shit.

Why they never feel enough dealing with their own shit that came out from their own ass …?


noi       :     what’s wrong with the world ya_san ….
yasu    :     don’t ask me ..
noi       :    eeeh, do i talk too much?
yasu    :     i think so, now back to the topic OK

noi       :    but i feel so much better now  …. *laugh*

ah ya after Meet and Greed with yasu now let’s move to this lovely message from yasu related to  『Shangri-la』 Tour GOODS …

no wonder i didn’t find it on Acid Black Channel ne, because they uploaded it on UpRise YouTube Channel, what the hell i didn’t even know if they have their own YouTube Channel

but still this message is very cute and of course yasu is cute as well

now i am very can’t wait for the GOODS details ne, the said it is coming soon. How soon is it? maybe tonight they wil update it. Or this afternoon? .

Damn, I Do Love how 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 updated something when i’m on my way home. It always surprise me when i get home turn on my PC and there’s a new post on the Official Blog or their Twitter

what they just tweet now

don’t do any #greed activity tonight 23:00 JST (it is 21:00 in Bahama 221Bbtw ..xD) ,and make sure you all stay tune on twitter who knows maybe they will show us short version of Greed Greed Greed PV? ….. #nyaaa

i better go now, and  let’s close this post in this lovely day with  ……

2007年7月18日 ~ 2013年7月18日Happy 6th Anniversary Acid Black Cherry ….

yay ….. *trow a confetti*



noi        :    おめでとう ya_san, and i gotta go now
yasu     :    to where …?
noi        :    i have my own meeting ne ..
yasu     :    yeah right
noi        :    but of course 『Shangri-la』 Meeting is more interesting than my next engine stuffs  meeting



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