Fast Post : New FLYING POSTMAN PRESS – cover is ABC … (Another me, yasu and Bene_san)


look who is on the cover of FLYING POSTMAN PRESS now …


yes, it’s yasu


and yasu ….

see he looks adorable ne, and i love this photo of him on this magazine rather than on the next 『Shangri-la』 GOODS ne. because i think he is less make up and looks more natural . and you can …

see the message video from yasu in here :

and read the interview here :

This is a free magazine ne. If you are in Japan you can get it for free in a store like HMV or else. OK now let’s just enjoy this free stuff and spoil your eyes with lots of adorable picture of yasu

he is amazing, isn’t he …..? 

then you who fell asleep last night and missed The 『Greed 』 Party (you know who you are … o(^▽^)o♪) you may look again to this 『Greed Greed Greed』 SPOT on Acid Black Channel



i said this post is a Fast Post ne , so this post is gonna be fast as fast as Michael Fassbender.

They call him Fassi right? i believe it’s from fast and he must be a fast man ne. I think he is quite fast when i see him on X-Man First Class as Magneto together with James McAvoy as Prof. X .

then tonight as my promise to my British Wannabe sister, i am gonna close this post with my a birthday wish for my future brother in-law Benny. 

Happy 37th Birthday Bene_san,
I wish you all the best and of course i can’t wait for the next SHERLOCK 3 …

and look at him in that yukata …!!!  adorable ne, and  OMG …

he is 1 year younger than you ya_san ….

yasu    :    then what about you …?
noi       :    of course i am older than you, do something ne
yasu    :    why do i have to do this …. *while clap his hands*
noi       :    because hey, it’s my brother in law’s birthday  …
yasu    :    he is not …
noi       :    not yet …



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