Greed Time Post : 「Greed Greed Greed」PV .. (Another me, yasu, The Geek, Greed and Great ..xD)


what a nice 「Greed 」time i had last night ….

BPgTcxcCEAAC2WN.jpg large

i enjoyed every moments before and after the Secret Meeting (that’s what 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 said via twitter). But i’d rather say that’s a very secret invitation for all Acid Black Cherry fans to enjoy The 「Greed 」Time together all around the world.

but then there was an ass conspiracy between my net connection and the world because soon when 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 tweet this


my internet went down ne, ….. xD. then i was like :

Oh Dear God,

You know i stayed at home and skipped my Tarawih tonight because i didn’t want to miss The 「Greed 」 Party, then bang …!!!  no net connection for me …. ? …#nyaaaa

OMG, indeed You are The Almighty One have a mercy on meeee …

then i have to asked my sister to DL it for me via Acid Black Channel, but that night everything just weird ne. I dunno what the hell they did to that YouTube Video, but when my sister DL_ed it for me, she got 2 different MP4 videos :

~    an MP4 video with only sounds, no video, while the other …
~    an MP4 video with no sounds at all ..

i started to think how i must be really deaf that night. But thank God, that’s only me ne, because Emily (she is one members of team_yasu from New Zealand) who did a great job, She got the complete video …

I am sure you all already have that 「Greed 」 Party video, but just in case there’s some of you haven’t, you can get it in here :!qdElwZrQ!IJpZdVZhZ1fSZbk8IJ5KvmvRnjg5T7e4grvzzGtrl28

all credits goes to   :  Emily

then when the 「Greed 」 Party is over, i got my net connection back. What an ass ne ….. xD.

But then as you all know there’s something called a Time Difference between Japan and all over the world, so i am not surprised when there were some fans who missed the 「Greed 」 Party.

They came/get online and go to Acid Black Channel for the video, then what they found was nothing but a private video. And me, who was in the 「Greed 」 euphoria and being bit bitchy sayin this

I am sorry The Party is over and honey, you are late  …. wekekekeke …


yasu    :    really …
noi       :    ahahah yeah, and i kinda enjoy that …
yasu    :    mean girl ..
noi       :    as you say ..

and then the after 「Greed 」 Party, i was waiting for someone to post their works of DL_in the PV at team_yasu, while talking there. It made me happy ne, how i interact with all other Acid Black Cherry fans while sharing stuffs and sexcitement of being 「Greed 」  together

ah ya that 「Greed 」 Party last night was on today’s morning ZIP



and then about the PV it self, hmmm what should i say ne, but i did say a lot of Ehhhh …… ? and Bitch … xD

lots of Ehhhh …… ? because how it surprised me how the 「Greed Greed Greed 」 PV  that i’ve been waiting for to see it’s very SPELL MAGIC, indeed it’s the next chapter of SPELL MAGIC

i think i am now 「Greed 」  because i want more than that … xD


but after all i love this PV ne, especially how they choose that outfit for yasu, what a wacky outfit ne. It seems like somebody just tear it all over the part and then put it on yasu, and the they let us see these …

Geek yasu


Greed yasu on the cover

and The Great yasu on Stage


and there is a very nice humor by put the Sweet White Strawberry band on it. The first scene it’s kinda like a nostalgic scene from the audition manager (it’s an audition scene right), how he was like : hey, i remember you all …. etc etc and then let the nerds team have the stage …

and then suddenly, they stage just turned into a massive and loud rockin stage with all the sudden audiences came out of nowhere. What happen next just how all of them including the Sweet White Strawberry members dragged to the euphoria of

「Greed, Greed and Greed 」

They did add some memorable scene of yasu being so M by seducing with that bitch there. I love how he did that ne. No matter how many times i heard about how S he is, but he did a great M job ne because somehow i am shivering whenever i watch that scene . and that scene of course bring back the memories of what yasu did on Janne’s Dearly live 2005  ~ Vampire song

what he did to one of the lucky audience. That woman no matter where she is now must be very happy ne. I bet she said : Ah, whatever i had one like that from yasu himself 8 years ago …. xD

and hey, it’s IKUO


OMG the last time i saw him with yasu if i am not mistaken, it was on the QED album. And now last night i saw his as one of the nerd? ….. #EhGod

OK, then back to 『Shangri-la』 GOODS, because the pre-sale started today then now you all can see the very details of all the GOODS on this UpRise Official OnLine Shop

~      Pamphlet


~      Poster


~      Postcards


~      Stickers


~      T Shirt


~      Bath Towel


~      Muffler Towel A

Towel 1

~      Muffler Towel B


~      Mirror


~      Keychain


~      Pet Bottle Holder

bottle holder

~      Tote Bag


~      MNO Set and is that a kewpie ….


for that 2 items are venue only. Yes, it means you can only buy in on the venue. That MNO set, i believe that’s another sex set after JKL set from the previous Erect Live….

Remember the pre-order for all that items but the last with no image yet is started today ~  July 26th : 18:00 JST. And because this is Japan Only stuffs so you gotta have Japan address, be in Japan or have someone in Japan who will do this buy for you.

The Go, find a proxy/Shopping Service for yourself  .

here i am now, choose GOODS that i am gonna buy. As i said, i will skip all the towels, mirror, T-Shirt (somehow i feel that green on the T-Shirt make it less Acid Black Cherry), and about the Pet Bottle Holder ….?



so it’s a hoodie for your bottle?,  Pet Bottle Holder .  <—– see this is because i love to read everything litteraly ne. then i thought it was for a pet ….xD

I imagined how it would be adorable if me and my cat Mulyono wear the same Acid Black Cherry hoodie and have the same SUCK YOU print on our ass.  but …

It’s for a bottle …….?


yasu     :    yes, it’s for a bottle …
noi        :    OMG …
yasu     :    and you as always read anything wrong ..
noi        :    then what about my cat? ah Darling Mulyono, he is gonna mad …



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