13th Post : やっぱり ….!!! (Another me, yasu and I Want It That Way)


i am still busy, busy, busy syyy ….

in this middle of Ramadhan i am so busy. Stat my work at 07:00 AM and on and on nonstop like an Energizer Bunny (the one who hate carrot) but that paper works still continue come to my desk.

aaah, that endless paper works come again to me.I didn’t even call them ne, i am the one who always call for yen to come to my wally and then i get all those paper works while my wally is still empty … ….?

i can’t even sell them and get money ….


yasu    :    you still can sell other thing else …
noi       :    other thing, you mean my soul ….?
yasu    :    eeeh, i didn’t say that  ….
noi       :    ah don’t give me that look ne, you know i am already gave my soul to HYDE. But hey, i can sell my cat on e-Bay. I feed him perfectly ne …

yasu    :    just go away please   … !!!

but apparently i am not only busy dealing with all my works stuffs but my personal life is also getting busy. I did say about how i wanted an ending for my miserable life this year but don’t want this kind of ending. I know i know we can’t get everything we want, but i wish it didn’t end like this.way.

Somehow recently i wanna cry when i listen to Backstreet Boys song  I Want It That Way



God already said I Want It That Way, but i still  i don’t want it that way,  …

I lost my father, that i hated so much. And now here i am regret all, everything i ever said/did to him, including how i loved to ignore him, not talking to him if he didn’t ask while he was always never bored to asked me anything tryin to start talk with me. And then me, the evil me hated him more because of that….

i wish i could turn back time ne, because i still can’t believe how he is already gone now. I thought i still have at least 2 years more to take care of him (or ignore him …. ?). But not, and now what happened 3 days ago really made my regrets BIG and BIGGER ..

it started when there’s a holy man. I say him as a holy man because he is so religious and he do wudhu (cleaning/washing before praying) almost every time. The point is he never not clean, and he always in the clean  condition to pray. My mom and brother say he read Al Fatikhah (the opening letter on Qur’an) more than 1,000 times everyday, not including the other letters.

That’s why i called him as The Holy Man.

he, The Holy Man came to my brother office in Jakarta from his home in Bali. He said it is very important because he got a message form my father, ah i mean my father’s spirit. I do believe what he said ne because

~  as i heard before 40 days the soul of dead people is still in this world.
~  Not only that, i think it  (his boarding into next stage after death) also get delayed because my father died on the 1st day of Ramadhan, and now it’s still in the 15th days of it.
~  Only people with a thick/bold faith like That Holy Man can see dead people and hear what they said …

My father said to him, asked his for a help to delivered his message for my brother. He is my cousin anyway, unlike the far far away Kenshin Himura, he is the close one and just like Mr. Friday, my brother is also a very religious man,

he go to Mecca over and over like it was something simple like going to toilet after you eat something wrong, and my father always proud of him. He was kinda make my brother as the measurement of everything on me and my sister. Be clever as, took a science class … etc etc like him.

that’s why That Holy Man also said how my father stayin alive until the 1st day of Ramadhan because of waiting for my brother.  He is the only person that my father can trust, so he send him messages, and his messages are

~     Take care of my children
~     Pray for me, and
~     Make my Islam perfect …

when i hear that from my mother, i get shocked. How my father that i don’t like and ignore when he was alive now even he is already died he still think about me, and tell someone that he can really trust to take care of me.

now i believe there’s guarantee for a spot for me in hell.

with all the bad things i did and said on our fights, i already open The Pandora Box and make all the bad things inside it out and make me bad as well. So now what can i do but waiting along with the tiny little thing on the bottom of Pandora Box called hope. My hope that everything ca be better, and i can be better as well ..

so here i am now busy to help my father to make his Islam perfect, so when this Ramadhan over he can come to the boarding room with things that he can show to angel, saint or whatever who may check him before his leaving.

This is our new project, how we as a family have our own assignment. My mother and sister visit orphanages and do good things, while me now finding if there’s a mosque building so i can donate some materials in the name of my father. I do believe when the mosque finish, people who pray there un_directly will also pray for my father …

so Ganbarreee ….. !!!

enough about my boring rambling, now look at this  ,,…



look that’s the Opening from Erect Live DVD/Blu-Ray.

My Goodness, i still can’t believe how they finally released that Erect Live into a DVD/Blu-Ray. yes, that’s sure brings back lots of fun memories i had when i watch that live. The memories of …

~  me at the 1st time was on the correct ship together with all Acid Black Cherry fans there at Yoyogi
~  my 1st time feeling of surrounded  by all about Acid Black Cherry ..
~  my 1st time interaction with other Acid Black Cherry fans from German who were very kind and fun …
~  and of course my 1st time to watch yasu in real, you know The 5 Dimensions of yasu ne. Not the usual 2 Dimensions that i always watch on my Live DVDs

and i feel blessed now, even i have no idea whether i am gonna able to watch yasu live on stage again because i already decided to change my ticket JakartaTokyoJakarta into JakartaMeccaJakarta.

Yes, i think i am gonna join my mother go to Mecca for a religious trip next.

at least, i had my chance to see you live on stage ne ya_san …


yasu        :     so what about your DVD …
noi           :     omo, can i have other question ..?
yasu        :     no, you can’t. This is a Random Question
noi           :     Random, really …?   i’ll answer that later then…

now let’s talk about 『Shangri-la』 GOODS , see i am already did my order, pay for it and now all i have to do just waiting for the stuffs arrive, not soon i am sure.

Then i started my July 20th morning by look at this 欲しがるアナタに♡ post by 【Team Acid Black Cherry】. They posted 『Shangri-la』 GOODS complete with the model,

yasu himself ….. !!!!


it was fine for the Bath Towel, i skipped it not because i don’t want it of course i want all of it. But it’s because i don’t even use my Erect Live – Bath Towel ne, so i think it would be better if i skip that Bath Towel

i think that would be very perfect if yasu doing that pose minus the Bath Towel like this …..


Whaaaa …. ha ha ha ha … *giant laugh*

but then when i see yasu with The Tote BAG, OMG what the hell on earth made me skip that, now i want that BAG ne, and with only two days left for pre_order i hope i can manage to do that …. *cross fingers*


well then, my Erect Live DVD is …..

i dunno where is it now. Maybe it is already on my proxy’s home but she said about working on some charity or something so she couldn’t do any shipment. And if she might received that this week so she will send it this weekend and thanks to how far my Bahama 221B is from Japan, i will receive it next weekend …

or next weekend after the next week ….?

sounds so complicated eh, and now here i am doin what i always do on my waiting for any Acid Black Cherry DVD to come. Wondering which one is faster me downloading the DVD or my DVD itself come to my home.

Download, it suppose to be faster ne, but that’s not exactly true. Maybe yes, it was faster than my DVD comin for the last [2012] live DVD but not this time ..

my internet, my computer and the electricity at my office went crazy at the same time. Maybe all of them just want to make this race between IDM and both my Proxy and The Post Office staffs more live and sexciting.

And as time goes by, i feel fine now to be person who wait longer than other and as the last person who will receive that DVD

~     i wait forever for Mr. Friday ..
~     i wait everyday for my bus …
~     i wait every midnight to come for my midnight supper, then  ..
~     Don’t forget how i am full sexperience enough about waiting for Acid Black Cherry stuffs, i think

wait longer than everyone is not a problem for me, because ….

I know better than everyone how to wait ….

yasu     :    really ….
noi        :    indeed, and i will feel sorry if there’s somebody who is not good enough in waiting is wait longer than me. and see here i am now in this station …
yasu     :    for what …?
noi        :    waiting for you to come …
yasu     :    a train station? but i am leaving on the jet plane ne …
noi        :    eeeh …..




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