Midnight Post : yasu on Telly, But not My Telly … (Another me, yasu and The Crystal Skull)


But, before we  start this midnight post let’s take a look at this ne …

ほら ……!

that’s yasu on today (eh, or yesterday ….xD)’s B-PASS Magazine ne ….

and that look on his eyes, OMG and that red light spot behind them somehow it gave me a way of thinking about 「Greed 」 ne. I mean that’s how a should be like.

whoever got the idea for this B-PASS Magazine shoot is brilliant ne, they knows how to show me what is a 「Greed 」 Look is look like. I wonder if yasu himself also aware of that 「Greed 」 Look on him like that …

and i as always have to wait longer for my B-PASS Magazine to arrive because instead use EMS, i use Air Mail this time and i don’t like it. Even they both EMS and Air Mail will reach my home exactly the same 14 days from Japan, still Air Mail give me another bonus of worry about there’s a chance for my package to be lost and i don’t have anything to track it.

Plus how now Ied is coming closer and sure there will be a huge delivery traffic comin, sure it’s gonna be more than 14 days. But i think it is gonna be OK and i am gonna be fine ne because as i said before …

I know better than everyone how to wait ….


yasu     :     by what ….
noi        :     eeeh ….
yasu     :     writing a rambling like this …
noi        :     well, if you said so
yasu     :     hufff …..

yes, this is gonna be a lot of talk about telly, a bit of rambling again and of course yasu on telly. But sure,  it’s not on my telly ne, because the telly station that i am gonna talk about is non other than Music Japan TV and M-ON ! TV .

so  1st is ….

~    Music Japan TV

look at how he kissed that blink blink skull ….!!!


Music Japan TV「Acid Black Cherry SPECIAL」

First Run : 8月11日(Sunday)  21:30~22:00 PM  ….


and you can see the next run for a whole next August like that image above on the Music Japan TV site in here :  http://www.mjtv.jp/lineup/AcidBlackCherry/index.html . And then according to this,  start from July 27th ~ August 2nd, 2013 there will air

#   Greed Greed Greed/Acid Black Cherry
#   シャングリラ from 「Acid Black Cherry 5th Anniversary Live”Erect”」

~    MUSIC ON ! TV

as the 1st step of 『Shangri-la』 Project, Acid Black Cherry release a new single 「Greed Greed Greed」 on August 7th, 2013. It will appeare in 4 consecutive weeks on popular program 「SELECT」

They will started it 1st with an interview about 『Shangri-la』 Project and new single 「Greed Greed Greed」 and then for the last week there will be a Special Interview to talk about himself …

<Bradcast Date >

Monday ~ Friday,  Every Week  6:30~7:00/12:00~12:30/26:30~27:00

【Contents of 1st Week (8/5~8/9)】 : Publish the whole content of 『Shangri-la』 Project

【Contents of 2nd Week (8/12~8/16)】  :  Pick Up the visual Jacket of New Single 「Greed Greed Greed」

【Contents of 3rd Week (8/19~8/23)】 :  Pick Up Music Video of New Single 「Greed Greed Greed」

【Contents of 3rd Week (8/26~8/29)】 this period of 「MONTHLY」 will be different from day to day because you will get a special interview ….
waw that’s interesting ne

again and again, that’s not gonna be on my telly ne, so just let it be because i am already see it anyway. But still it’s totally different ne, i mean a feelin g of able to see yasu on my own telly …?

that’s just only happened one time when yasu was on J Melo interview together with DEAD END and then performing Yes last year on NHK. Now, i don’t even have NHK on my telly anymore, i cut it off from my telly. I never watch it anyway ne. Maybe i am too tired to wait yasu to come up on my telly again.

But for the M-ON ! TV interview, i think i am count on to somebody now. Yes, you know who you are and again and again as always ….

よろしくおねがい …!!! *bounce*


ah ya have you all see how he kissed that blink – blink skull? ….

I said blink – blink because that’s not the Crystal Skull like the one that Indiana Jones and his young apprentice (his son) look for on the last Indiana Jones movie :

Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull


i love that movie, in fact i am a fan of Indiana Jones since the 1st series when Harrison Ford is still young and wild Indy. I never forget how they both accidentally meet Hitler and then asked him for a signature, because that’s an epic scene


My fave is how his father Henry Jones Sr. (Sean Conery) always call him with Junior because his real name is Henry Walton Jones Jr. The name Indiana was taken from their family dog nickname.


i found out about it when i see Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where they also shwo us about his adventure as The Young Indiana Jones by River Phoenix.  I love how the relationship between father and son here, you know Indy and his father, they both connected by archeology.

While me …

i think movie, especially an old war and action movies (ex : Rambo, World War, Vietnam, Blood Sport, Bruce Lee movies … etc etc you name it we all saw it xD ) are the one that connected me with my father.

So if yasu is totally in love with old songs, here in my case i am always totally in love with old movies, the epic and legendary onld movies that you will never find it on today’s movies …

OK, back to the topic, i say …

Thank God, that skull it’s not The Crystal Skull because i dont that Soviet agents leader Irina Spalko after him because of that. It’s already enough i let Indy chased by her ne, but not yasu.

At the 1st time, i didn’t realized if he is kissing a skull, i think i was too focus about the Black Side of yasu and how they will kiss each other …. xD. Now i knew it’s a skull, i only feel and wondering …

how to replace that skull with my head, but that’s head only  …


yasu      :      yes, sorry head only  ….
noi         :      ah ya  …
yasu      :      and i am sure you head is not blink enough like that
noi         :      of course not, i am not bold yet …




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