Waaa … Post : 「Greed 」 Season of Waiting is On …!!! (Another me, yasu and Mr. Friday, again)

Holiday, Come Right Away Onegaii …. !!!!




only 5 days again i am working and then i am gonna be on Ied Holiday, started from

August 06th, 2013 ~ August 13th, 2013.

8 days off, waw that’s quite good enough for a long awaited Holiday ne. But the funny thing is how my boss added a note below the Holiday announcement how he will cut 100,000 IDR from me and all his employees salary next month if on August 13th, 2013 i didn’t came to office or one hour late  …

see what i mean with funny? so  he will charge me 100,000 IDR if i came one hour late or i didn’t came to office. So what is the different? Then i think it will be better for me to go back home rather than charged 100,000 IDR for one hour late .

He is being more strict now …

100,000 IDR ….?   #Haiaaa ……!!!


yasu      :     what now ….
noi         :     see, i am gonna loose 100,000
yasu      :     aaaahh you bother me just because of that …?
noi         :     it’s not just that, it’s 100,000 ne
yasu      :     then what …
noi         :     that 100,000 times 10, it’s one million ne …
yasu      :     heee …. *dizzy*

Holly Molly Holiday, Holiday, Ied Holiday and Mr. Friday …

Actually i never have many long days off from office but this Annually Ied Holiday. Especially now, when i choose to stay home and not going anywhere. So here only 2 things i am gonna do on my next Holiday ….

~     Lazy ….

i say if i were a animal, i should be a bear. A bear who loves to sleep during the winter. And this next Holiday is my time to be a bear. Lot of sleeping, eating then do nothing. I will sleep longer than i sleep everyday.

I use to sleep from midnight until 05:00 AM. Nah on my Holiday, i can make a sequel after 05:00 AM awake … who knows i can get the next episode of my dream ne.

As you all know dreams sometimes act very weird. Unlike a movie, dream has a weird hobby to stop in the middle of the happiest moment but nonstop on the very sad moment.

For example how i always wake up before i bite that BIGGEST Chocolate Cake on my dream stolen from Willy Wonka‘s factory, or before someone with a FUBAR face kiss me in my cheeks after he gave me a hug for a long time from back …

awww i always love to be hug from back …


noi       :    it’s more romantic ne ya_san, like a bear HUG…
yasu    :    and your dream, only kiss on the cheek like that
noi       :    yeah, that’s too bad ne ….
yasu    :    that’s a lie, …
noi       :    no, no, i wish it was more than that, but it just stop at that part …

but somehow it never stop on a scary or sad dreams. i always wake up after i got breathless of running away from Vampires or Zombies that after me for whatsoever reason . I didn’t even know what i did wrong to them ne, why the hell they were all of them after me like that.

Yes, i am a gold digger, but i didn’t dig or steal anything from their tombs. I only dig in my own land and properties so what i get is 100% my gold, not some zombies or vampires gold. And since when did vampires are so in to gold …?


~     Waiting ….

i have 3 stuffs and one person to wait on my next Holiday. I think i already say it over and over how i am still waiting for my 「Erect 」 DVD, B-PASS Magazine to come. yes, that one person is

Mr. Friday, ….. yay !!!

i said so many times how i don’t wont to meet him again this year no matter what, but yeah i am totally a BIG Fat Liar. Now i am hoping for a chance for me somehow meet him accidentally. Then Go on, say

poor noi_chan, i told you ne … etc etc

because i will listen and say nothing. I know this feeling is totally endless ne. And you, yes you my darling …

you are guilty as charged for this me now …


yasu     :    me, why me? i didn’t do anything …
noi        :    ah, dummy ah …
yasu     :    then who is dummy now …?
noi        :    who else but meeeee ….
yasu     :    i told you ne get over him

i can’t blame somebody else because i am the guilty as charged ne, how i can move on while everyone else already do the moving on, here i am still stuck in here, or i let myself to be trapped here. I don’t want somebody to get me out of here, all i want now is that everyone leaving me here alone.

so whatever ne, ….

ah ya talking about B-PASS Magazine this another image of yasu there are totally makes me can’t wait longer to see the whole magazine, just take a look at this ne then you all get what i mean …

Then added with that upcoming Bucket of 「Greed 」 from Acid Black Cherry will released exactly on The Ied Day



so let’s say CD Japan will send my copy of 「Greed Greed Greed」 single one day before the release date, and because i use EMS sure it will arrive in Jakarta on August 8th, the release date. But still it’s gonna be late to come to my home, ne because it will be a Holiday season here in my country ne,

and who is gonna work during an Ied Holiday? nobody. Post Office, bank and all public facilities are closed at least for one week. …..

at least in this 「Greed 」 Season of Waiting, i am not gonna be alone ne because i think i am not the only one Acid Black Cherry fans from Indonesia who will wait longer for 「Greed Greed Greed」 single to come.

Now you all finally feel it ….

ahahaha i feel so much better because of this ne,

yasu      :    weird …
noi         :    that’s not weird ne, it’s just simple. I told you ne how simple i am …
yasu      :    as Magnolia …? ah, not again  …
noi         :    so yes, simple things are make me happy …. whaaa … ha ha ha …



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