Holiday Post : Bye Numbers ….. ♪ (Another me, yasu and The Complete Karaoke History of yasu)

Finally, here i am on my Holiday ….


Bye numbers, and

Hello you, My Mind Blowing man ……

i do my living with numbers,

by making some calculation and based to the trust from people have on me with their cash and tryin to make a good profit for them.

So being able to say bye bye ….  ♪  to numbers for a week it’s a relieve for me. but still …

i did nothing on my 1st Holiday but sit in front of my PC and then took a long nap, here i am now be the Sleepless at Bahama 221B again everyday. Tryin to write something here and hope it will able to released everything that bother me now …

Today is the last day of Ramadhan ne, and i am worry about lot of things. My Holiday is just started, but Ramadhan is almost over so does the Holiday for all angels and saints who are in charge in the after death world. I suppose not everyone believe about an after death live/world ne ,

but i do believe. that’s why i am worry now because soon after Ramadhan‘s end, all of them will do their job ne, start to ask the questions and do things to my pappi. I wonder if he already get enough from us. And things that we already done in the name of him,

are they enough to make him save on his boarding time to the other immortal world beyond this mortal one …?

Suddenly it’s almost one month since he is gone, and i feel it was like yesterday when me and my sister went to hospital on 02:00 AM to ask for an ambulance to get him into hospital. And then …. it just like a slide show in my head, suddenly he is already gone. With nothing to say to us as the final words leave his wife and children.

like my mother, i am still in this a period of adjustment, adjustment in this many things to get use went along with.

My mother with her own adjustment from a married woman to be a newly widow. She can’t go anywhere for about 4 months and 10 days during her Iddah time.

Iddah time is a time for a woman who lost her husband (because of die or divorce) before she can re-married again. But i am sure she is not gonna re-married again ne …

絶対 ありえない …. !!!!


yasu       :      why ….?
noi          :     well it’s because i am too old for a new daddy ne …
yasu       :     ah ya, you are too old for everything then …
noi          :     but honey, i am not too old for you ne …
yasu       :     52? that’s too old ne, even for me …
noi          :     then don’t worry, i’ll find a time capsule to make me 25 or 15 for you ..

she has more time now with no sick husband to take care of. She clean everything’s double, including my room. Now she’s becoming a better news collector for me.

She know everything happened on this neighborhood like how much is Mrs. M debts that make her cryin like hell when her husband find out about it or in what university is Mrs. W‘s  daughter accepted and what object she will study there …. etc etc many more


i think now she’s become like the small town version of  Miss Pole (Imelda Staunton), the town’s leading gossip in Cranford .

Have you watch this BBC series?

This is a very great series ne and sure you all have to watch it if you wanna see how Judi Dench (James Bon’s late boss, M) as the lovely Miss Matty who is endless in love to Thomas Holbrook (Michael Gambon), her former admirer that’s also Miss Pole‘s cousin …


nah of you are Harry Poter mania like me, you must be laughed a lot if you watch this drama just by imagine how The Pink Prof. Dolores Umbridge (Imelda Staunton) as The Head master of Hogwarts, The Mighty Albus Dumbledore‘s cousin …

Dumbledore has Dolores Umbridge as his cousin and also fall in love with The Boss of MI6, really …… ajajaja xD

and don’t forget about Tom Hiddleston with the Lovely Lady Mary on the Christmas Special. I love how Tom Hiddleston‘s way to call Miss Matty. He said  Miss Matty, Miss Matty …. sounds so gentle.

anyway,  that’s my mother’s adjustment as a newly widow while me….

i have this adjustment from somebody’s child into nobody’s child. Of course i am worry about it ne, and about lots of things followed from the fact of me as an adopted daughter not biologic one. Even yes, it’s a legal but still we are livin in this very traditional community/village where

that things like who you are, where you’re from and what you did are really matter …

people will ignore what Backstreet Boys say, and they still do care about that. I feel that kind of statement even when my pappi was still alive. Some wicked relatives asked me who i really am, am i belong to this family … etc etc until how they tellin me to ask to my mother about who really i am …

and now with this family house buying also confused me.  i am worry about a chance there will be one of them will not allow us (me and my sister) to buy this family house or even they will allow us to buy it, they will give us a high price, higher than what my pappi said to them on the previous family meeting just because i am an adopted child.

i think a lot about that, and i didn’t even go anywhere this month, and use how i want to spent my time with my mother during her Iddah time.  Actually i don’t wanna go anywhere.

I don’t even buy a new cloth for Ied ne.


but at least i got that.

yes new moneys in different variation. I almost didn’t manage to get it, because now not only Acid Black Cherry‘s single, album or DVD has a pre-order time, but there is also a pre-order for a new cash on bank before Ied, so you have to order to the bank officer to get it.

That’s my most item to get on Ied. There will be some childrens come to my house and because i already work it’s my time to be the one to give. On my childhood, i remmebre how happy i was when i get that envelope with new cash inside on Ied. Then at the end of Holiday i will count it while make a list to buy later


All those things bother/worried me make me forget a bit about all my awaited Acid Black Cherry stuffs, as you all know, yesterday they (Japanese Fans) already received their copies of 「Greed Greed Greed」 single.


Plus how they put this lovely image of the 「Greed」 yasu bite his own sigle on their フライング「Greed Greed Greed」 post, they kinda tellin us to get ready for the 「Greed」 day’s comin ne …


and about that TSUTAYA‘s Limited cover Jacket,

i am so glad and relieved after watch some images from fans who bought from TSUTAYA ne. It’s like an additional jacket ne just like the last sleeve case for 「Recreation 3」 album FC bonus version.

But the different is you have to put this additional jacket inside the CD rather than outside the CD

ha ha ha then i’ll be fine to skip that ne …

my proxy sent me an email about 3 days ago tellin me if she/he (now i am not sure about my proxy is female or male even i always think how she is a female) already received my 「Shangri – La 」 GOODS. Normally i will ask her/him how much i have to pay you, then pay it.

But because now is a Holiday season here in my country, so i am not in that hurry. I asked her/him to wait until he/she get all my stuffs including this 「Greed Greed Greed」 stuffs.

And today i got an email tellin me that my proxy already got all my stuffs plus how she/he kindly get one 7Pia magazine for me.

ya, ya, ya now i’ve got a lot stuffs to wait after Holiday ne ….

1.   still my Erect DVD,


source and credit  :  Tamagoyakikimi

i dunno where is it now, but look at that image. See so many images of yasu gathered together became one image cover of Erect Live DVD/Blu-ray cover.

Totally sugoi ne ….

there’s somebody on team_yasu already make a plan for subbing that DVD. She is waiting for her Erect Live DVD Taiwan version to come.

As you know there’s Mandarin subtitle there and then she will translate it to English and i dunno if she or maybe other fans who will do the subbing. Let’s wait then

actually i am soo fuckin happy about their idea to get a sub team you know work together like that. How lovely amazing, isn’t it  …

that’s why i decided to sub yasu‘s interview on M ON! TV based to the video shared by Rinkumilove. But what happen today is i can’t see the Youtube video anymore, they even terminated her Youtube account.

Because i don’t have the video, i asked Emilie for it. Then i wonder what about next ne, it’s still another 3 part isn’t it …

they also sent me to that Youtube‘s copyright class related to 2 videos of 2012 Live MC that i posted on my Youtube. Add another wrong/ilegal video sure they will terminated my Youtube account too. It took me about 4 time repeating answering all the multiple coice’s questions before i can get back log in to my account ….

It’s summer, but that’s not a very funny Summer Class


noi         :   i hate that class …
yasu      :   you hate everything …
noi         :   i’d rather Summer Nude with Yamapi. Nee ya_san, do you know if   …
yasu      :   ….no, no i don’t wanna know …
noi        :   eee, but we …

i think i will add this working my yasu‘s homework on my list to do in this Holiday ne. and next is

2.   My 「Greed 」 Bucket from Acid Black Cherry

Look at that browny and shinny like a brownies yasu ne, somehow he looks sexy. and it’s still in Jakarta now,

3.   My other 394 yen 「Greed  Greed Greed 」 version together with the upcoming ARENA37℃ and WHAT’s IN Magazine …


Since i ordered it together with that 2 magazines, so it still in Japan ne and they will send it to me as one package soon after ARENA37℃ released. Yes, it’s another long day to wait ne.

And here’s the pre-order if you want to buy this magazine

~   WHAT’s IN      :

~   ARENA37℃    :

So now i only have few items left to get like Songs Magazine, and 2 other 「Shangri – La 」 GOODS the tote bags and the venue only kewpies (that my friend so kindly will help me to get it )  then i am gonna end this being 「Greed」 behavior on me.

I spent too much cash recently eh …

yasu      :     but you already 「Greed」 long time before this single ne ..
noi         :     am i ….?
yasu      :     yeah, you are
noi         :    
ah that was because i didn’t win BAFTA ne ..
yasu      :     what the

and when all those package start to come sure Theodora, Her Majesty The Drama Queen will start her new drama episode called

My 「Greed」 daughter named Boo.

That’s gonna be a long boring episode that i have to watch and listen. well then, there you are a Special Interview from EMTG plus a video message from yasu ….

in here  :


Acid Black Cherry new Single is a Heavy Number Featuring a Slap Bass

on that interview yeah, yasu is talking about his new single 「Greed Greed Greed」 and the upcoming 「Shangri – La」project.  How he said 「Greed Greed Greed」 was song that he had from a bass line.

And yes, in order to make a song, he practiced a bass for around one year before. he bought an instructional DVD … i say #wow for this …

see, as always practice do make better. Even a rock star and a good song writer like yasu also need a practice ne. Dakara somehow reading this interview make me more sexcited to me as the forever probie on my Japanese class to practice more and more.

and then the funny part is this part …

EMTG    :   なるほど。これまでも、シングルのカップリングではカバーを入れてきてますが、これ、完全にyasuのカラオケヒストリーですよね(笑)。
yasu      :   そうです、そうです(苦笑)。

i say a long  eeeeeh …. on how the interviewer describe all the cover songs on the coupling singles of yasu as …

a complete karaoke history of yasu …. ?

noi       :    OMG it was something that never crossed my mind ne …
yasu    :
   you don’t ..
noi       :    that’st totally beyond my imagination
yasu    :    then what’s on your imagination then …
noi       :    ah you know …


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