Still, Holiday Post : ABC Cover – 輝きながら・・・ (Another me, yasu and Mr. Friday … xD)


i think i am totally full of everything today.



yasu‘s comment for  「Greed Greed Greed」 (sure i haven’t receive mine yet), full of foods and hand shake i did this whole day, fooled myself anually by Mr. Friday again and full of laugh by thinking of this …..


The yasu vs yasu’s More Than a Broomance  Scene …




my heart, that’s too much for my heart .

Even i do watch that kind of thing in so many SHERLOCK fanfic all over my Tumblr dash where they show me many variations of SHERLOCK and John do things like that or tied each other … etc etc many more.


But this one is different ne, it’s yasu.  and with himself like that, what i said first when i saw that images is none other than this …

OMG yasu, he is tryin to f **ck himself  …..  #Awww again for the 4th time ..

now i wonder were there any idea to make a story about yasu do whatever with the other side of him like that on a fanfic in the fanfic division. If there’s somebody who will or already write it i wanna read it ne.

I mean not just the f *** kin idea ne but maybe by do a monolog or yasu tryin to terminate his own devil – side with no terminator …?

talking about fanfics, i am sure yasu just like every other artists is aware about all the fanfics about him.


Even i don’t see or read about him sayin that yet, just like how i’ve seen Benendict Cumberbatch said about his awareness for all fanfics about him an John in TOP GEAR in a very charming way …

then i am also full by listening to this …

Acid Black Cherry  Cover – 輝きながら・・・



Don’t Say Good-Bye


Don’t Say Good-Bye


Sugao ni MELODY yakitsukete kimi ha ima
Kagayaki nagara otona no DOOR wo akete

Hitomi wo tojite mo komorebi ga
Te wo furu kimi wo tera shiteru
Kisetsu ha itsumo owari dake iru dzukeru keredo

Kimi dake no yume wo kizamu no sa
Omoide wo tsumeta shoujo no egao no mama de

Kake dasu kimi no bamen wo mimamoru kara
Kagayaki nagara ashita no DOOR wo akete

Kirameku jikan ga bokutachi no
Itsu datte kinenbi datta
Hashaideta ano hi

Sayonara ga uta ni narunonara
Omoide no naka de futari ha meguri aeru sa

Kake dasu kimi no bamen wo mimamoru kara
Kagayaki nagara ashita no DOOR wo akete

Sugao ni MELODY yakitsukete kimi ha ima
Kagayaki nagara otona no DOOR wo akete

regardless the meaning of the song 輝きながら・・・ itself, somehow when i heard this song for tghe 1st time i feel the same feeling with when i hear yasu‘s voice on Koi ni Ochite – cover on Recreation 3 album. .

and for myself aaaa …..

i blame that site to share that song so early then i nonstop listening to that song in this Holly Molly Holiday, my annually holiday when i suppose to meet Mr. Friday once a year.

yasu    :    then you blame me now  …
noi       :    no, it just see this part 
yasu    :    what’s wrong with that part   …  .?
noi       :    change the
少女 with , ah noooo that’s too much for me, and i haven’t meet him anyway
yasu    :     hee

nah now the biggest question is :

Am i gonna meet him this year ….? or not? ….

that just make my heart beat fast ne, there’s 1/3 part or me sayin it would be better if i don’t see/meet him, but the rest 2/3 part of me sayin 会いたい in a loud and clear voices on a choir together .

yes, it made me dizzy but as a person who live in a democratic country i have to choose the majority right …?

then yeah, i wanna see you Mr. Friday …. #whaaaa 

yasu      :     what a fool …
noi         :     yes, the happy one. now please call my boyfriend to save me ..
yasu      :     but you don’t have one …
noi         :     i do have now …
yasu      :     that HULK? but he is still angry now noi_chan ..



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