Random Post : As Always, What a Fool me …. (Another me, yasu and team_yasu)


My Holiday’s gonna end soon,




773898 whaaaaa …… *drolling on the floor*


OMG when did the last time i really enjoy do an only topless image of yasu‘s screen capturing like that? that was forever ago ne. And now doing this again feels so great ne. It brings back lots of ecchi memories i had deep inside my self.

And btw look at this …

credit  :    yasuyuki のブログ

That’s from  ARENA 37 ℃ ne, Oh My Godness, look …. !!!! look at that eyes and hair. then if he looks beautifully like that then what am i supposed to do with my hair …?

I’ll think about my hair later, now i only have 2 days left to be lazy. I enjoyed my every lazy moment, but too bad it’s gonna end soon ne.

Today i had my breakfast at almost 03:00 PM. Can you imagine that? I was totally hungry today and when i asked my mom when did i am gonna get my meal …? she answered me with : later Boo, that’s for the guests today.

so i waited until all the guests back home today and then i got my brunch (my very late breakfast and lunch). Somehow i feel like i am the maid today ne, a mad who finally get her lunch after her masters finished.

That’s what normally happen here how maid gets the last meal, even we never do that to our one only maid, The Iron Lady. For her my mother always separate a different part for her, meals of tea in the morning on the kitchen table.

The Iron Lady, our maid is a bit eccentric old woman, this year she asked for me to change the orange and melon taste syrup on her Ied Bucket with a big JUMBO COLA just because with cola, she doesn’t have to add water first …

i should go outside to get something to eat, but because i am still on my Lazy Wholly Holiday so i don’t go anywhere. I’d rather hungry than go outside. I avoid sunlight and put lots of sunscreen all over me on this Wholly Holiday.

because who know by the end of this Wholly Holiday i am gonna be more white than before Holiday ne. So next week on my 1st day at office i can be …

more blink blink and mabushii desu yo ….


yasu      :      yeah right …
noi         :      ah come on, do make me happy ne ya_san ..
yasu      :      for what …?
noi         :      if i can be mabushii you can be happy, isn’t it?
yasu      :      i can be what …?

I even ran out of my instant coffee (with a vanilla latte taste)  so now i have to drink the original coffee (black coffee) and it make me dizzy ne. Just like Yukawa Sensei,

i only drink instant coffee  …

nah finally there’s somebody agree with my love/tend to instant coffee than black original coffee. I remember i had this coffee conversation my my friend on facebook. He who is a coffee mania like me, beat me he posted how good is black coffee rather than instant coffee.

at that time I feel like a looser ne, just because i love instant coffee. But now see who loves instant coffee

He is The Scientific Charming Yukawa Sensei …

That man Yukawa manabu, he can’t be real ne. I can’t imagine how somebody like him can be exist. Ah ya, i just finished this GALILEO 2 dorama and totally in love with that sensei.

I love how his way of thinking about cute and beautiful for a woman and how he describe it … so lovely.

In this 2nd season, this drama i say is more better than the previous one. Plus how the chemistry between him and the new sidekick Kishitani-kun with her love forever to Nakajima-kun (she is adorable isn’t it?) is quite interesting.

So i am not the only one who get fooled by 1st love ne …

How Yukawa Sensei look at her as the illogical cute girl while Kishitani-kun do anything to make him happy and get some attention from him. What happento her it was something like a girl who keep thinking what is wrong with me, is there anything i can do to make him totally look at me? she’s a bit jealous to Utsumi_san ne …

in this 2nd season, they also showed how Kishitani-kun is the one who always have to clean all the stuffs that marked by all complicated things that Yukawa Sensei wrote. they never tell this on the 1st season ne,

who is the one has to clean up all those mess …?

that’s my biggest question after i finished the 1st part, and then they so amazing put the answer in this 2nd season. Anyway, after disappointed by Last Cinderella,  this dorama GALILEO 2 is a very nice cure for me.  It’s a brilliant work, as well as Masaharu Fukuyama did his best as Yukawa Sensei.

OMG, sorry i want to talk about what happened to team_yasu and how fool iam, but look i talk too much and so far from it ne. I better stop before i start another talk about Jacky Chan and The New Police Story because i just watched it again for so many times i can’t remember again.

Ok, this is what happened last night on team_yasu.

it was very late, about 02:00 AM here in Bahama, and i was still awake. Thank’s to the fool i am,  i was busy to edit all my posts to change all the TSUYATA in to TSUTAYA. I dunno why i read it that way TSUYATA instead of TSUTAYA .

then suddenly somebody posted this. I know there’s only few of member who saw that post. It was pretty late ne and i erased that post imidietly because i don’t want there’s other member will add a comment with @_@ or LOL … etc etc.

the post was like this

1st.   Any member, then followed with ..
2nd   is there any of you who wants to trade acid, sulfur …. etc etc with many chemical stuffs followed.

the point of her post is she wanted to find a partner to trade all the chemical things. Nah because that team_yasu name is Acid Black Cherry group, she posted it there after requested to join.

When i read that post i was like ….

eeeh, what happened? am i in the wrong group?


yasu       :    what have you done …?
noi          :    i didn’t do anything ya_san …
yasu       :    then why …
noi          :    i dunno, i swear to you i dunno …
yasu       :    then you don’t do your job ne

i think it was because she doesn’t know about Acid Black Cherry and all she get is just the Acid part, so it was a normal if she think that group is a trading group for some chemical stuffs like Acid,

like yasu the Acid seller  …. xD

and in this case i am also guilty as charged ne, how i don’t give a clear description about that group like purpose, rules, etc etc … I am not a good admin ne, all i do is nothing but

~   approve membership,
~   make a lots of fubar plan to beat team_Edward and
~   say a lot of : go go o team_yasu …. !!

So i spent this morning to do something with that group description. Hope that will be enough to sexplain about that group and there will be no such things like that again …

And  i am not gonna make another plan to beat team_Edward again … *raise a white Flag*

noi       :     i swear to all my 『Shangri-la』 GOODS
yasu    :     you don’t have 『Shangri-la』 GOODS,
noi       :     not yet, but i am gonna get it ..



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