voilà … Post : Yay Acid Black Cherry Email Magazine …!! (Another me, yasu on 「Shangri-la 」)


Have I told you how much love this ….

the 2 images posted by 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 on their last post

あちぃ福島から触れ合いイベント「Shangri-la Meetingスタート!!/ From Fukushima, this Interaction Event 「Shangri-la Meeting, is started …!!!

i say, that’s a combo package ne, and i love it totally. Why? because don’t you all see that’s my fave look of him ne, with glasses and a summer outfit so i can see that beautiful shoulders. Maybe yeah, i am a bit of shoulders fetish.

Then Blimey, because I also love Mr. Friday’s shoulders ne

Okay, so this 1st  「Shangri-la」 Meeting was held 2 days ago August 10th, 2013 (yeah. it’s a very late post ne …xD) .

The venue was at the ground floor of International Art and Design Academy (Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture). They decorated a special space for the  High Five Meeting and Public Recording with Fukushima FM


photo credit :  「テラ@Yasuの女」 のプロフ

as you see it was a very crowd event, so only for the winners who can hear the Public Radio Recording in real time and had a Meeting with yasu. While the other who didn’t win can hear the audio only.

Eww, at least they can hear it , ….

there were the problems like space of the meeting place, and all of the audiences were standing so the audience in back line (behind) can’t see it properly. And then there was a suggestion from yasu in few minutes. He suggested to all audiences in front to sit down on the floor so the other audiences behind them can see the stage and yasu.

And then before the event started he asked this question :

「The people behind, do you see it properly ?」

That part, It showed me how perfection he is as well as kind heart_ed. I mean how he was kinda like want to make sure everyone there have the proper vision.  Remember how he always asked the same question on his every live DVD. By ask how is everyone from arena, 1st floor and 2nd floor audience ..

That’s what i like about him,

つまり yasuさん, あなた は すばらしい で …..

yasu     :    hmmm ….
noi        :    eh, just like that ?
yasu     :    then what do you want me to say …
noi        :    eee maybe …

and according to that post, they also said if we can hear the Full Public Radio Recording on 「Yamada Hisashi’s Radian Limited F」 on a later date.  Hope someone put this on YouTube or somewhere. ..

anyway, look what just arrived today ….


My Erect Live DVD …. #yay …!!!

after spent almost 2 hours standing at bank to save my money, i went to post office today. Actually i didn’t think that DVD is already arrived, i said to my self ah maybe it will arrive tomorrow,  today is the 1st day after a long Holiday. But it’s already there ne, right on top of Mr. Ardiyanto‘s desk.

when i was there i forgot to bring my ID card. But because he is already know me (i’m quite well-known there …xD), then he said it’s OK for me to get my pack age without showing my ID card. Well then a bit talking with him is worthy ne, a bit silly talks about weather. How hot is today so i have to wear that Queen Elizabeth Hat.

Biking to post office with that hat made me look like i am work there at the Post Office because here in my country, orange is The Post Office Color, from the building, truck and motorbike.

So that Queen Elizabeth Hat did add 0 %  British Level on my blood but it make everyone at the Post Office gave a weird stare to me today . I think they might say

Ah that girl, she must love Post Office so much …

yasu    :   and you do …
noi       :   ha ha no, because orange is not my division ne …
yasu    :   yeah, what ever …
noi       :   ya_san doushite no …?
yasu    :   don’t ask …. *leaving*

I haven’t watch the DVD. I think i am gonna keep it. Watch it tomorrow enjoy my last Holiday at home by having my own time of Acid Black Cherry. But i already scan it so there you are

PS   :   click the image to see the whole scans, OKI … xD

and  to all of you Taiwan fans, there you are message from yasu via …. eeeh where is that video come from …?

i suppose that’s from Avex Taiwan‘s YouTube Channel, but i saw on their site about they have a video message from yasu that broadcasted only on 2 Taiwan‘s telly stations.

I am not sure about it but here’s the video anyway …


plus a nice translation from Helen,

Q         :     Please present this DVD
yasu    :     Because it’s 5th anniversary Live, so that’s more free to choose performance songs. I try to put songs that fan want to listen into this Live.
And the stage is circle, made the Live’s view look different from others before. of course, it’s including Live MCs. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Q         :     In the tour, what left you deep impression?
yasu     :     Last year’s Christmas Live, there was a live in Nagoya, thought that was Christmas eve, so I and all the members wore suit … many little things like that.
And, the live in Hokkaido, Hyde_san also came . It’s not easy to meet together at a live in another city. It was a good memory.

Q         :     While on tour, what’s your 「MUST DO 」 thing?
Yasu    :     While on tour, I always go to have a sauna,

Q        :      Why sauna?
yasu    :     When go having dinner together, we always start talking together a lot. But to protect my throat, I try to talk as less as possible, so thought about that’s okay if I don’t talk when having a bath. Therefore, I started to have sauna, and now it has become my habit,
So…in the tour, I prefer to look for a good place to have sauna than a restaurant to enjoy delicious foods.

Q         :     For you, what is the meaning of 「Live」 ?
yasu    :     What’s 「Live」 ?
It’s may not good if I say that but … for me 「Live」 is just like 「Sex」. When you have done for the first time, you’ll want to have the second one,

Q         :     Please present 「Shangri-La」 Project, which will be started in August.
yasu    :     To talk simply it’s a project that we’ll go around the country. Foreign fans may think that I always hold tour around the country, am i ? Infact, there are many places that we haven’t been before.
Usually, we hold live in a city, fans in cities nearby will come for us. But this time I want to change that, everyone don’t have to come for us, we’ll go there for fans.

Q        :      What’s your goals from now on?
yasu   :      My goal is keeping this status quo.
I did think about try to go oversea before, if there is a chance, I wanna go oversea too. But at first, I have to improve my English skill

Q        :     Anything to say to Taiwan fans?
yasu   :     Recently, I got many letters from Taiwan fans, there are many fans go to see my 「Live」 from Taiwan.
I’m so happy about that, I have a feeling that Taiwan fans have the highest amount in Asia area. From fan’s reaction, I can feel passion from Taiwan fans. If there is a chance, I want to travel and hold a live there. I think that’s impossible to hold a Asia Tour, but really want to have a complete live in Taiwan. If there was, hope you guys will come …

originally posted on this Acid Black Cherry group on Facebook. So yes, the 1,000,000 galeon credits goes to Helen

i love when he talk about foreign/oversea fans, i mean it show us his aware about him also have many fans overseas. And the reason about not doing an Outside Japan Tour before his English improved, that’s so sweet ne.

We know it’s not this year or next year 2014, but i do hope for an Outside Japan Tour for Acid Black Cherry on 2015

Okay maybe not straight World Tour, but at least by start an Asia Tour, Because i do hope he do the same idea that he put on this 「Shangri-la」 Tour to all his overseas fans …

The idea of Acid Black Cherry is the one who will come to your country  …. *wish*

That message video just give me another hope about seeing yasu live outside Japan. I was like, OMG he didn’t forget ne, because i thought by hold this 「Shangri-la」 he is already forget about the idea of having tour/live Outside Japan like what he said on his last year’s New Year message.

I say, Thank God ne …

i want to finish this post but hey they posted another post ne, this 笑顔のスタート地点 post . And as they already said on their last いよいよ! post,  really updated us for all things about this 「Shangri-la」 Project  ….

~    The 「Shangri-la」 Tour Truck via their Official Twitter

~     The  Original 「Shangri-la」 Sticker Tattoo ..

to all fans who buy Acid Black Cherry CD/DVD/Blu-Ray on the venue more than 1,000 yen, they will get that 「Shangri-la」 Sticker Tatto as bonus. aaand theeeen …

~  『Acid Black Cherry Email Magazine 』


OMG ..

is this true ….. ? *wipe my head*

they (read : 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】) totally spoil us by sayin  even if you can not check the Home Page because you are busy (or lazy like me …xD), they will send Acid Black Cherry latest information with that Acid Black Cherry Email magazine to all of us via our email address …. #yaa ha ha ha

eeh, that’s gonna be free right …?


noi       :     i mean, i don’t have to pay for it …
yasu    :     hey fangirl, don’t you have other question than that …?
noi       :     i have, but …
yasu    :     then get me another question …

well, then

Since this  project will be announced in the「Shangri-la」 Special Site at 15:00 PM JST tomorrow, so for more information you all better stay tune to this
「Shangri-la」 Special Site  …..

PC        :   http://www.acidblackcherry.com/shangri-la/
Mobile   :   www.acidblackcherry.com/shangri-la/mobile/

now, this is the end for this post tonight because i have Tony Leung on The Grandmaster waiting for me on my telly now.  Don’t you know there’s also Song Hye Gyo there as his very pretty wife …. xD

But  last but not least, there you are everyone i present you my biggest Holiday‘s achievement is ….

I can swim now everyone …!!!

look that’s a water image ne, so let’s just say i was on a pond, sea, lake, a bath tube (maybe …? but no, i don’t have one ne ..xD) …  or somewhere else full of water and i didn’t drawn like a rock.

So yeah i think by getting that Erect Live DVD now i can swim. …. mmmuuuuiiii … so

Bye Bye Rock, because i am not a Rock anymore …

yasu     :   that’s a lie …
noi        :   but hey, don’t you see the water suround me ..?
yasu     :   you edited that, so don’t fool me …
noi        :   ah, you ruin the game again …



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