Tuesday Post : ABC – Email Magazine Registration … (Another me, yasu still here in 『Shangri-la』)

Question :  Have you register yourself for Acid Black Cherry Email Magazine …?


if you haven’t you all better do it a.s.a.p ne, and here’s what you have to do ..

1.  Go to The Acid Black Cherry Special Website ~  Shangri-La Project

here   :  http://abcshangrila.com/ then click on this image

Email Magazine

that image’s link there will take you to the next step ..

2.  to this Acid Black Cherry ~ Email Magazine Registration

here   :  http://mmg.acidblackcherry.com/

then fill this box with your email address ..


and click the red button there to send your email …

3.  then go check your email, because they already send you a link to complete your registration. Click the URL  and you’ll see like this


お住まい/Your Location   :    for overseas fans, you can choose random ….

性別/your sex                  :   男性/male  OR   女性/female

then click the red button again …

4.  you go back to your email, and see they send you another email to confirm your Acid Black Cherry ~ Email Magazine Registration is complete …

5.   if you want to change your email address or you want to stop that Acid Black Cherry ~ Email Magazine subscription, then you have to un_reg your email address to deactivate it by put your email on the below box of the Registration page


PS  :  you may also check your spam email on your mailbox ne, because who knows if this Email Magazine wrongly landing there …

so everyone that’s a wrap and then …

voilà everyone, you’re subscribed already and you are in …


yasu     :     random …?
noi        :     yeah, because there’s no Bahama 221B on that box and it’s more easy …
yasu     :     then what did you choose
noi        :     what else but
Osaka ….




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