FUBAR Post : A Bucket of シャングリラ …. (Another me, yasu and Mad Hatter )


this post, it should be all about yasu and  シャングリラ.


but who knows if it might turned into another random post, as random as me in this universe. Yes, now i realized how random i am.

Who i am, what’s my real name, where do i come from, what is the meaning for me to be born,  … etc etc everything about me is just random, so i am totally random ne,

or you may also say it as FUBAR ….?

yes, the FUBAR me, Fuck’d Up Beyond All Recognition. I am too FUBAR until nobody is recognize me while everybody in this something they call as a family refused to do the Recognition about me in this family …

before it’s getting longer because i keep delay it, well then, let’s start this post ..

The Set List for  『Shangri-la』 Live in Fukushima

it surprised me how some fans on the  Fukushima Live D day, after Live sayin how this set list is only shared via twitter DM among them, i wonder where is that idea came from?

From hell …. ?

but ha ha eventually everyone knows it ne. I do believe keeping something that you are totally sexcited to is not easy ne …

indeed, it’s very hard

1. Shangri -La
2. Jigsaw
3. Doomsday clock
4. In the Mirror
6. Re:birth
7. イエス
8. Mother
9. Bit Stupid
10. Cherry Cherry
11. Black Cherry
12. Pistol


14. Aishitenai
15. Greed Greed Greed


16. Shojo no Inori

now i can’t wait to see tomorrow’s Live in Akita, i am curious about what is the different for each city’s Live Set List. Now it’s a regional live ne …

~  『Shangri-la』 Live in Fukushima

this  『Shangri-la』 Tour started on August 13th, 2013 in Fukushima Cultural Center Main Hall. And that day i had pretty much fun by stay tuned on their Official twitter, waiting for some live tweet’s from them (read : 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】) as they said before about there will be some live tweeting activity, like this  …

『Shangri-la』 Truck


and  then i saw all about that  『Shangri-la』 Truck everywhere, like mushrooms in a rainy season. But my fave is this side, he looks so tempting eh.

With that mocking eyes like that   …


and also tweet a quiz about …

finding yasu in this picture  ….


guys, that’s a very nice joke ne because even me and my blurry eyes can see that man standing there is yasu. Maybe they should make the photo more blurry or add some effect and make it more FUBAR .

So in this 『Shangri-la』 season, Nemo is Totally Out of Fashion ne ….


yasu     :    eeeh ….
noi        :   see instead of Finding Nemo, that’s
Finding yasu
yasu     :   me and a fish …?
noi        :  ah ya,
Nemo is already found anyway …

and another photo for quiz of 『Shangri-la』 Truck Obitsu Kewpie wondering ….


this one is a bit silly because they said how they will post the answer on tomorrow’s post on the Official Blog. I was like, eeehhh …. because i thought they will tweet the answer on their next tweet like the previous Finding yasu quizz, but ….

well, then at least they do make me read their post on Official Blog. Not just scrool down to see yasu‘s images posted in ~   シャングリラが福島から! Post  like ….

yasu‘s checking on twitter …


and this pose that make him forever kawaii ….


the dental cleaning activity,


For a man with so many dirty things he said on MC and all erotic lyrics he wrote, He is pretty clean. See everyone look at yasu and being a dirty minded doesn’t mean you forget to brush your teeth before sleep or do any ecci things ….

つまり  :  Let’s stay clean like yasu …!!!!

yasu     :   come on, not つまり, again
noi       :   then what, that’s what i got from Yukawa Sensei …
yasu    :   he also said lots of other words too
noi      :   but i only remember that ne …

and then the answer for their Obitsu Kewpie‘s tweet …


that’s so cute ne (read : both kewpie and yasu), they reveiled the Obitsu Kewpie for Fukushima. Oh God, now me feeling about that kewpies became triple aaand yes, i really really really want that …

look …..!!!!



Photo credit :  @mayappman

Remember how they make it blurry like this that 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 posted on their post, you know for the special flyer ……


and now we also finally now what the hell is yasu‘s doin on that blurry image.


credit to  :  @yasuabcblack

He is doing a karaoke, not with a microphone but with that whatever it name is  …. someone said it’s for message purpose, but for me, by lookin at the top of that stuff it looks like an umbrella ne …

~  The Spoiled Season of 『Shangri-la』 for All Acid Black Cherry Fans ..

especially for all oversea fans.

Fan with no good Nihon ability to read or understand all they wrote on Official Blog (ex : me, my self Noi Himura desu), this is totally a Spoiled Season of 『Shangri-la』.

because after the Free Email Magazine,  they posted the Official Blog Post ~ English Translation on a note via Official Facebook Page added with that awesome photos on the dressing room .

so everyone, now you all can get rid all your dictionary and leave that frustated Google Translation

Because this might be The ending of  Our (at least, me …xD ) Lost in Translation ….

noi      :     thank you ne …
yasu   :     yeah …
noi      :     i’ll make sure not to read it wrongly again …
yasu   :     hey, it’s already in English
noi      :     hai, boss

~  Today’s Post :  「Shangri-la Meeting」@笑顔美人の街~秋田~

The 2nd 『Shangri-la』 Meeting was held in Akita and yasu is already in there from one day before the event started.

had some Akita‘s special ice called 「Babahera」 then sayin

「This is trully delicious, I am frankly ..!!」

He also asked many things to the lady who made 「Babahera」, enjoys the conversation, and  trying to get to know about Akita more deeply. With full energy charged with 「Babahera」, he is ready for the Meeting and Public Recording on Akita FM with expression of a man who got to know Akita all in …

plus a bright smile from the start to beginning .

then …

i received my B~PASS magazine, and it was delivered to my home without me have to go to Post Office to get it. I wish they can deliver all my stuffs from Japan like that. But it’s Air Mail only (it can jump and skipp the custom) so it’s impossible if i use EMS .

i am already scann it, so there you are …


as always  :  click on the image, then you will see the whole stuffs …

now with 「WHAT’s IN?」 on the way, now i only have one Songs magazine to wait, but i dunno what is happening now with me. Because now i enjoy how i already seen yasu‘s images posted everywhere before i get my magazine.

Maybe this is because i am very OK with spoiler. I think i have to be like that ne because imagine if i am not OK with spoiler. I mean me, someone who always be the last person get all Acid Black Cherry related stuffs is an Anti Spoiler …?

It totally will drive me crazy ne  …

that’s why when i read/see some people posted about how some fans are being so Spoiler Fobia or how they really avoid any spoiler before they get their stuffs or watch the movie by them self,

I feel very nothing but sorry for them.

I think they have to do something to make some peace with spoiler ne, because no one is gonna get that dizzy and avoiding feelings other than their self. and talking about spoiler, there you are some images spoiler for …

「WHAT’s IN?」


The 1st image, that’s from 「WHAT’s IN?」 page,

i love how they wrote  彼は今、真剣に音楽と向き合っているのだ (He faces music seriously now) . While the other  2 images of wet yasu are stuffs that i randomly found by Googling ….. xD



sure that’s from Songs OHP/Site 

and of course dears,  i cut the watermarks because as always i hate watermarks especially on an image of yasu … xD .

Then amazingly i finally finished this …


it took 3 days for me to finish that and sure i’ll make sure you all know that’s not a perfect translation. But it’s satisfied me in a weird way ne, i mean doing something like do a silly translation just make me happy and for a moment it totally stop me of thinking all this family problemos i have now.

As i always say, about my main purpose to do all things i did on this Acid Black Cherry fandom is i want to be happy. and this time how i finally able to finish that, it make me feel …

i am somebody in this world where nobody wants me.

ah ya, for all of you who read/talks Mandarin, you may see Mandarin translation by Chris Yu Hiroaki

in here   :   http://zeroshin00.blogspot.com/2013/07/flying-postman-press-acid-black-cherry.html

remember i said about my friend who always get all his stuffs very early than anybody on Facebook …? yes, that’s him Chris, he is from Hongkong and he is totally great as Acid Black Cherry fan-mate .

talk about translation, i am not sure if they (read : 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】, again) will post a translation for that post or it only for after Live Post. Who knows

but i do hope so ne because now i am not in the mood in doing any heart to heart translation or just open my Dorama Dictionary again …

remember Alice in Wonderland story on part where she talk to the Cat …?

Alice       :   But I don’t want to go among mad people …
The Cat  :  Oh, you can’t help that, we’re all mad here. I’m mad,  you’re mad …

i am not Alice but that Cat is totally right …

I am totally Mad now. Mad, as Mad as Mad Hatter …


noi        :    we are mad here, ya_san ..
yasu     :    i am not …
noi        :    because you are not here ..
yasu     :    so where are you now …
noi        :    i am in Wonderland now, so you better send me a hat now …



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