「Shangri-la 」 Post : Akita’s Live and Miyagi’s Meeting (Another me, yasu and Right as Rain, Really?)


Shangri-la , Shangri-la Shangri-la , aaaannd  …




Sexy yasu …!!!!

Another long post eh, so let’s start this one by one, 行きましょう …!!!!

~   Live in Akita …

they start the Akita Live sharing/posting activity by tweet this the Finding yasu quiz via The Official twitter .


that was quite far and indeed it’s more blurry than the 1st Finding yasu quiz in Fukushima . I admit, i was bit confused between him with the man with a white shirt and vest standing next to him

ha ha ha … okay guys, you won

and then the 2nd is yasu and The Kewpie Wondering one


and they posted the answer on their next Akita Live Report posted on The Official Blog as 秋田美人を 「Akita’s Beauties full of beautiful images of this man himself …

when staff show him 「Shangri-la 」 Yale to him ..


and then he check questions from twitter using both PC and mini Ipad.

Hmm … Ipad eh,

actually i think i am not that mobile ne. I mean i never comfortable get online using mobile gadget like phone, Ipad, or tablet. For me, to be only it has to use PC or at least laptops

Maybe i am old fashioned, but i hate if i have to use a new gadgets, especially tablet. I really hate it  …


yasu      :      why ….?
noi         :      because it’s too BIG ne, ya_san …
yasu      :      for …
noi         :      for me to swallow it, what else  …?
yasu      :      ah, you hate it because you don’t have one …

then do the regular check from the audience ….


smiling after rehearsal,


er … is that a nervous smile or …..

and then the answer for yasu and The Kewpie Wondering


you all can check the English translation for that Official  Blog Post by Jin (he is gonna be in next Miyagi Live, btw)  in here ….


for this 「Shangri-la Live in Akita, i was so excited because this is the 1st time for me knowing the person who got something from the Live and she also said it was from yasu him self.

yes, i am talking about kaho_san, the ballerina.  If you are a member of  this Acid Black Cherry Group on Facebook,sure you already know her. How she’s happily posted a photo of her with a towel he got from yasu himself on last Live in Akita and

make me feel this jealously happy  feelings … xD


She is very lucky ne, and somehow just by reading her post, it already excited me ….  why? I dunno, but yeah, i saw many times how there’s a fan who got something from yasu on a live they was there on a DVD,

but this is the 1st time for me to know who the hell is that lucky fans. even i only know her via Facebook, but still i can say to my office mates :

hey, she is one of my Facebook friend and she meet yasu ne ….

My Office mates, all of them are so into Facebook now. They talk about someone or anything via Facebook. Paycheck, bills or how they are talking about one or maybe two weird people who always be the most talking about person here in this company.

I think i am the only one who never join their Facebook activity,

I said to them, i don’t have a Facebook …


yasu      :    that’s a lie …
noi        :     indeed, it is. and they knew it
yasu     :     what a liar you are …
noi        :     not the BIG Fat one ne …

for me there’s no use to add somebody that i already know in a real life, whom i see and talk to everyday to my Facebook, especially that kind of fangirling Facebook. As i always say …

You will never find anything personal about me on my Facebook instead of many thing about yasu. Even yeah, sometimes i also posted some silly things like this there


i saw most of my friends wrote a note like that, and because there’s some unspoken rules there on Facebook whenever you posted a comment on that kind of meme note then you are tagged automatically and you gotta make one for your self  …

and sure i don’t want my office mates to read that and call me crazy next morning. I think it’s already enough for them to hear me rambling all about yasu everyday at office. They say is as my yasu Talks, yasu like this and that … etc etc

and FYI i am somebody who love to talk about my fandom/idol to everyone next to me, no matter they would never understand about what i am talking about. It’s always fine for me because sure ..

They’ll get use and catch something …

but i did tried joined their actifity on Facebook, while sayin : ah, this is what a commoner (not in the same fandom Facebook) is like ne. I use my friend’s Facebook so i able to read what they all posted there. It’s bit surprised me. I mean when did they posted all that poetic words and where the hell are they comin from?

People whom i know as a mechanic an deal with heat and machines everyday is a person who able to put that kind of beautifully kinky words on Facebook. I guess the phrase of Don’t judge the book by it cover is 100% work for them.

ah, back to the previous 「Shangri-la Live in Akita , here’s the Set List

2.Shojo no Inori
3.Kuroi Taiyo
4.in the Mirror
5.Yubiwa Monogatari
6.Black Cherry
8.Fuyu no Maboroshi
9.Cherry Cherry
10.Sangri La
11. I’m not a ghost
12.Tsumi to Batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi
14.Shojo no Inori III (request)
15.Rakuen (request)
16.Greed Greed Greed

look at that Set List ne, that’s different from the 1st day Fukushima. I thought the request part is gonna be something that make different for each city’s live on this 「Shangri-la Tour, but it’s not ne.

so i suppose i have to wait to see another city’s Set List, maybe i can figure out what is the pattern of their Song’s Selection during this 「Shangri-la Tour.

Or unlike the w/ pattern serial killer, did they choose it randomly ….?


noi      :    omo ya_san, やばいね ….
yasu   :    who, me ….?
noi      :    no, the serial killer ..
yasu   :    stay focus, remember ….

~   Next Meeting in Miyagi …

when i read this Shangri-la Meeting @日本三景のある街~宮城~/ Shangri-la Meeting @Town With The Three Most Famous Views in Japan ~ Miyagi~ ,  i was like ….

eh, his hair is longer now …

they said how yasu with no showing a tired face after Live in Akita, move to Miyagi perefecture and arrived at Sendai Station. Then headed to the venue of 「Shangri-la Meeting at DateFM.

arrived there he read some questions firmly …

Meeting Miyagi1

and said he had questions from twitter and the questions are often erotic,

One the DateFM‘s Public Recording was about the production of the new single 「Greed Greed Greed」, Akita performances yesterday, and how the talk was getting hot.

and on the question corner, yasu grasp and looking for where the person who asked the question comes from, and answer it properly face to face. Sayin thanks for the question with this expression ….


such a kawaii expression ne, and then followed with other questions like …

Where do you want to go In Miyagi …?
What are you want to do in Miyagi …?

He answered it with pachinko shop, because there;s many in Sendai and he never go there. Then he also asked back to the audience about the tourist destinations in Miyagi and he got various answer like hotsprings, waterfall … etc etc …

then he started to take off his jacket and ….

whaaalaaaa   …. xD


so hot ne, and with that HOT yasu i think the next Live in Sendai Sun Plaza will be HOT as well …

~   My 「Greed Greed Greed」 Copies


arrived today and i got that 2 postcards. I am still waiting for 2 other more packages which held somewhere by someone. I hope for the next 2 packages i will get the complete sereis of postcards.

If i still get the same 2 postcards like that, i think i am gonna let my cat to eat that for his breakfast . Now meet The Most Lazy Cat in Indonesia

Raden Mas Mulyono, BSE, BSc, … etc etc


look at that lazy eyes, i wish i can do something to make it look less lazy  …

~   Video, video  …

2 days ago i was wandering with Google ne. Actually i want to find the 2nd part video of yasu‘s interview on M-ON!. The 2nd video is about the jacket cover for 「Greed Greed Greed」. But before i get the videos, i saw this


and then  i finally found this video ne, 2nd part video of yasu‘s interview on M-ON! … #yay . i’ll keep this video, and then subb it per episode. I already did the 1st part …


i suppose do something like this at least can help me to not think about what just happened to me a little bit. I know it’s impossible for me to forget 100% about this and this just became such a wound inside me.

And there’s nothing can cure this wound, not even time.  I used to think about how time will cure everything, but now i know Danny Reagan is right when he say this one one episode of Blue Bloods ..

whoever said time heals all wounds,  probably never did prison time ….

I love Blue Bloods, watch it everyday it never bored me. And it’s not that i’ve been in prison ne. But hey, i think i’ve been in prison twice …


yasu      :    Oh no, you are a prisoner …?
noi         :    yeah, until now.
yasu      :    for what …
noi         :    loving you and Mr. Friday.

I am a Prisoner of Love ne … ha ha ha …xD

yasu      :    not funny …
noi         :   then go get me lawyer …

this wound it will never healed, nothing can healed it. I, who used to feel secure because i think i have something now suddenly i have nothing. You know like a wheel, life is spinning around. Now i am a homeless candidate. Because apparently i don’t have right for this house.

I used to think i have it, my right for this house because i am my pappi’s daughter. But who know if i am adopted ne. And when my pappi died, he leaved nothing while according to the law, there should be something like a will from my father if he want me to have his properties.

But there isn’t.

and even if i want to go to the court about this, there’s another problem. A different name of me on my birth certificate and the adoption papers because soon they have me, they changed my name. So there’s nothing i can do now but start to dig deeper on the ground to get much more money for a house down payment.

At least at the end of 2014 i have to able to get my own house ne .

i can’t even go to bank to get some credit, because the bank think i am not the best candidate to get a credit. I have no personal assets, but all the keep moving moneys on my accounts.

What should i do now ..

But i believe maybe this is my time to be on the down wheel ne (even i never be on top). Time for me to work hard, more than before. Change my way of thinking. I am not gonna easy to trust somebody now. In fact now i feel betrayed by them. I thought all this time they all my families, but now all they think about me is nobody just an outsider who was lucky enough to be raised in this family.

This feeling, i feel the same one when yasu said about his un_awareness about having overseas fans on some video a long time ago. This is exactly what i feel now. At that time i was sayin …

Bloody Hell, yasu i am exist here as one of your overseas fan  …


yasu     :    no drama please …
noi        :    do you know, that’s what i feel ne. Like i am the adopted one
yasu     :    i didn’t adopt you ..
noi        :    not you, but my parents ne …
yasu     :    hey, noi_chan what’s wrong with you …?

what’s wrong with me …?

i dunno, maybe this is what Loki feels when he found out if he is only an adopted son, and sure he is not the future King of Asgard. There’s always be Thor there. But at least Thor loves him so much and so does his father.

Look at this …



That thriller totally make me can’t wait to see that ne … !!!

so just like Loki, i think i am gonna be fine. This wound might not be healed, but still i am gonna be fine and i don’t want anybody to mock me again . So from now on, i will hate everybody and trust nobody. But whenever somebody ask me : Noi how are you today …?

I’ll say I am alright, right as rain …


noi       :     yes, right as rain …
yasu    :     but you never think rain is right ne …
noi       :     yeah, but maybe it’s time to rain to be right …
yasu    :     hmm …



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