waa .. Post : 5th 「Shangri-la」 Project : Meeting & Live ~ Aomori (another me, yasu and The Mirror)






can’t believe how last night i have to drink water, just water ne. I went dizzy, because i am somebody who never drink water. I always have coffee, tea, chocolate milk, yogurt … etc etc anything with color.

Even if there’s none of that available, i will add something to make it with color like syrup or vitamin A,B,C … etc but not this vitamin y that will never dissolve in water …

whaaa ha ha ha …. *evil laugh*


noi       :      ah don’t give me that look, it’s a joke ne …
yasu    :      not funny …
noi       :      i’ll get another then …

how i love meat and hate vegetables, in the middle of this vegetarian way of livin euphoria these days, you may say i have this what people say as a Not Healthy Way of Eat and Drink That’s why i was so scared when my friend BCL got a kidney problem.

I thought i am gonna be next because she said :  drink water, Himura …!!!  over and over to me in a very scary way.

but i hate if i have drink only water. For me, it has to be colored, no matter there’s many people tellin me how this my way of drink it down is not a healthy way. But i think water, just water it is not complete and boring.

no water, vegetable, any kind of it  especially carrot, damn i hate it a lot.

so it’s like this …

やさい  —>   だい きらい

yasu    —>  だいすき

yasshooiii  —->    is yasu, eh ….xD

and finally i did my 1st Japanese test after 3 times leaved it because it’s never easy for me to join a formal class. I have to go to another city to did that and skip some hours from office.

But it’s worthy ne. It was yesterday and i spent a whole night to print all of it to some handy and small pieces of papers that fit inside my pocket  . …



yasu      :    you cheated ….?
noi         :    i didn’t say that
yasu      :    oh yes, you just did
noi         :    ah come on, i am too old for that ..

now i realized how a formal class is necessary, even only a basic.

I mean, i am not gonna reach the highest level but at least by do a formal class, now i get how to use this correctly and why Yukiko put that on her username and many other things that will never sexplained on my Endless Episodes of Dorama Classes .

It doesn’t matter what the result next because what important is how i had the fun feeling of doin all the sheets yesterday.

Well then enough with the Rambling, now let’s start this  「Shangri-la」 Project post …

~     High Five Meeting and Public Recording  ..

posted by 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 on The Official Blog as 本州最北端、青森での「Shangri-la Meeting」終了!

Moved by car from Sendai to Yamagata, then headed by Shinkansen to Aomori. Arrived at the venue of 「Shangri-la」 Meeting. Had some snacks, then self checking on the waiting room before the event started …



Oh guys (yeah, all of you 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 ), thank you so much for that back image of yasu ne.

By any means it’s so beautiful …!!!

The Public Recording with FM Aomori, talking about the idea of  i will come to your city and sing for you all over Japan” on this 「Shangri-la」 Project ,


and talking about new single 「Greed Greed Greed 」, the slap bass (Ikuo did in a cool way on the PV) and yasu bought an instructional DVD and practice to play bass all the way for a whole year.

i think you all already read about that previously, somewhere ….


some of  the question is

「Did you eat The ENGLISH TOAST ?」

yasu   :   yes, i ate it a little while ago in the waiting room

this raisin toast ..

Tekki should go to Aomori eat that ne, who know it might help to add up The British level on her blood.

OK so the clue for Aomori is Nebuta Apple, tuna and that ENGLISH TOAST …..

~     Live @Link Station Hall Aomori   ..


yasu‘s arrive on the venue announcement on twitter and followed with tour truck parking info, questions for MC, and my fave part is  …

The Finding yasu’s tweet


they hide him under The Light, eh. OK that’s tricky enough guys, but i can still see him  …. xD.

Next was yasu and the blurry kewpie tweet …



and posted the answer on this 1年ぶりの青森 ♡ [Aomori, for The 1st Time in a year ] post on The Official Blog. But i think they ended the previous Aomori Meeting Post with some clues, sure you all already know what exactly the kewpie is ..

yes, it’s an Apple ….


noi      :      but someone already bite it ne ..
yasu   :      hee ..
noi      :      did you …
yasu   :      don’t start it …

According to that post, once inside the venue yasu eat immediately this …



some local product, then serious meeting again with staff,


continued with checking everything from lightnings, sounds … etc, then collecting questions from twitter for MC . For this Aomori Live, the theme was childhood talk.

There was a lot of replies, so it ended as Q and A session in the dressing room with lots of LOLs between yasu and the support members.



The question for MC was : thing that was popular on your childhood and were collected desperately, while

~     Set List  is  ..

Shojo no Inori

Kuroi Taiyo
in the Mirror
Yubiwa Monogatari
Black Cherry


Fuyu no Maboroshi


Shangri la
Cherry Cherry
I’m not a ghost
Tsumi to Batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi~

Yes (request)
Greed Greed Greed (request)
cord name 【JUSTICE】
cord name 【JUSTICE】 for closing, really ….?

Oh God,

Like a random serial killer they (yasu and his team) really make the Set List for this 「Shangri-la」 Tour totally random. So random, FUBAR because until now i  still not able get the pattern yet.

And without a pattern, this noi_himura from NYPD will never catch this serial killer ne, i wish Officer Hayashi stop dancing and start to do somethin ….


yasu      :     NYPD …?
noi         :     blimey, i watch
Blue Bloods too much ….xD
yasu      :     and stop call me with Officer Hayashi ..
noi         :     heee ….

that GIF,

haha sorry i think that’s not fast enough isn’t it? . Eventually 3 second is pretty slow for a GIF image. Maybe i’ll make another one later, but there you are the complete 「Shangri-la」 Tour Pamphlet



just click the image, enjoii and you may make some cute GIF with all of that …. xD

sure i like this pamphlet, but not much as how i love Free Live 2011 pamphlet. Yes, yasu is totally adorable, but they (whoever did the shoot and edit that) did a very good job to make him look bitchy like that.

yes, bitchy instead of sexy ….

Last but not least, is this latest post from 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】  : 裏ワザ伝授!? . No images of yasu, but it’s like sums of all their August 「Shangri-la」 Tour post  from

~    questions for MC request on twitter,
~    sum of MC’s from Fukushima to Aomori …

Fukushima  :  How did they start to play their instrument
Akita           :  Type of woman …. <—— that’s a very jolly question ne
Miyagi         :  Dream of future as a child ..
Yamagata   :  Lunch school fave menu …
Aomori        :  thing that was popular on childhood and collected desperately

~    「Shangri-la」 Yale from Janne FC mobile, and

and they will joyfully close this August by announce The 4th Season of 「Shangri-la」 Project on this Friday August 30th, 2013, so stay tune everyone …!!!

btw everyone, look at this again …


look at him, look how he laughed like that in front a Mirror. In this case, Mirror is the keyword …

so he spent too much time with Mirror ne, make up in Front of Mirror for many many times plus wrote singing In The Mirror, so i think he sould not eat much Apple ne.

Because you know what happen at the end of that story …

yabai ne …..!!!

yasu      :   what story …?
noi        :    you know with
Apple, Mirror and wicked stepmother involved …?
yasu     :    you mean i will …
noi        :    just stay away from
Apple OK …!!!



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