H Post : HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA 「HALLOWEEN PARTY」 … (Another me, yasu and Who else but HYDE?)

Look who is back to for this year’s HALLOWEEN …?

it’s H,

yes H,

H not for Horatio Caine ,but H is for who else but HYDE, my King HYDE with this year’s


HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA, a  HALLOWEEN Special Band formed by HYDE in the fall of 2011 with a HALLOWEEN Song called  「HALLOWEEN PARTY」 born in the greatest HALLOWEEN Live Event in Japan, with super luxurious artists participating there such as

HYDE/Acid Black Cherry/DAIGO (BREAKERZ)/
Tommy february6 & Tommy heavenly6/逹瑯(tatsurou)(MUCC)/
土屋アンナ(tsuchiya anna)/青木隆治(aoki ryuuji)/K.A.Z (VAMPS)/
柩(hitsugi) (NIGHTMARE)/明希(aki) (シド(SID))/
RINA (SCANDAL)/分島花音(wakeshima kanon)301

This year, in addition to the release of the last 「HALLOWEEN PARTY」 which recorded sales more than 100,000 copies in in 2012,  a new 2013 version’s will be released on October 16th, 2013

HYDE added  the newly 「-feat. HYDEs – version 」 which covered all the vocal tracks, and also carried out additional inclusion of the special music video with an original character dances.

Furthermore, the making video of the music video of 「HALLOWEEN PARTY」 2012 also will be included.

Release Date  :   October 16th, 2013
Price               :    1,500 yen (tax incl.)

[CD track list]

02.Penalty Waltz

[DVD track list]


Pre – order  :   HMV  /CD Japan /YesAsia

and the 「HALLOWEEN PARTY 2013」 Official Site also start to open today, August 29th, 2013. So you all may start this year’s 「HALLOWEEN PARTY 」 euphoria by do some checking in …

here   —->   http://www.vamprose.com/halloweenparty/2013/

Source  :   Barks, Natalie

and according to that Official Site, there will be 「HYDE Figure」 set sale on mu-mo shops. That 「HYDE Figure」 is also determined as 「HALLOWEEN PARTY 2013」 limited venue only stuffs.

there will be detail’s announcement later ..


noi      :    oh, come on did i read it wrongly ..?
yasu   :    again …?
noi      :    see that … limited and then venue only …
yasu   :    then what …?
noi      :    ohh
HYDEEE ….. *moaning for HYDE*

when i say HYDE is totally good in selling thing, then i mean it.

I mean it just like how i really mean it, when  i say no spamm and English post only in the team_yasu group on Facebook . See what he is doing right now, leave me in this corner of nowhere and leave no other exit way from this I want that a.s.a.p fangirl symphtom but order/buy it.

by adding that newly 「-feat. HYDEs – version 」, the PV and PV making, Eh God,  …

how can i skip this ne.  I surely can’t . How genius is HYDE give me a very easy way by do the order and i will get my ass out of that I want that a.s.a.p」 seasonally fangirl symphtom.

The problem is i get out my ass but sure it leave another hole on my wally’s ass. So i am now in the middle of this 2 options ..

saving my own ass or my wally’s ass …?


yasu   :     i don’t have to answer it right …?
noi      :     ah ya, i think i am gonna save my own ass ne …
yasu   :      the reason is ..
noi      :     sure because my ass is more sexy than my wally’s
yasu   :     what ..

talking about team_yasu,

take a look at this amazing things/fan-art by Charlie Filmore (she is one of Acid Black Cherry fans from Vietnam). Look closely and see what yasu did  with his 「Shangri-la 」 Pamphlet to The Blue Monsuta ..


Photo Credit :  Charlie Filmore, originally posted in here

that’s so awseomelly funny ne, i mean she totally got the point of a perfect description of 「Shangri-la 」 Pamphlet with lots of sexy/bitchy yasu inside to the The Blue Monsuta.

I told you ne, ABC fandom is awesome full with many amazing fangirls and fanboys and step by step sure it will be brilliant like SHERLOCK fandom.

That Blue Monsuta, who is sure doesn’t follow yasu on twitter or like The Official Facebook Page became like that. Imagine how’s a fangirl reaction …?

Well mine is more than that ne. Add another drolling all over my bed, i think The Blue Monsuta is more behaved than me. Yeah, recently in this 「Shangri-la 」 Season, behave and bee a good and polite girl is a bit hard to do ne …

especially when i didn’t answered correctly today’s 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】‘s Finding yasu tweet …


me who was busy to find yasu (read : bob and blonde man description) on top while sayin :

Oh, come on yasu, where the hell are you …?

then suddenly  he was down there?  and  plus how i get another lost in translation in the middle of a conversation that should be fun and charming, but because how fool i am, i didn’t get what the hell he was tryin to say …

Oh no, Am i gonna be single forever , really …. ?


yasu      :     maybe  …
noi         :     ah, come one ya_san  …
yasu      :     what should i say  …?
noi         :     you can say something about fish and the wide ocean ne


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