09月 Post : 『Shangri-la』 4th Season ~ Kanto Tour ~ (Another me, yasu and When September is Over)


Tokyo is on the Kanto List next February, 2014 …


With all email flight promo from Air Asia, i was so tempted to get a threesome in Tokyo. And now

add this  『Shangri-la』 4th Season ~ Kanto Tour ~

February 03 (Mon)
Saitama, Omiya Sonic City Hall
Doors Open :  17:30 / Curtain 18:30 PM

Feb 10 (Mon)
Tochigi, Utsunomiya City Cultural Center, Main Hall
Doors Open :  17:30 / Curtain 18:30 PM

Feb 13 (Thu)
Kanagawa, Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall
Doors Open :  17:30 / Curtain 18:30 PM

Feb 17 (Mon)
Chiba, Ichikawa City Cultural Center, Main Hall
Doors Open :  17:30 / Curtain 18:30 PM

February 20 (Thursday)
Gunma, Beishia Cultural Hall, Main Hall
Doors Open :  17:30 / Curtain 18:30 PM

Feb 24 (Mon)
Ibaraki, Ibaraki Prefectural Cultural Center, Main Hall
Doors Open :  17:30 / Curtain 18:30 PM

February 27 (Thursday)
Tokyo, NHK Hall
Doors Open :  17:30 / Curtain 18:30 PM

and as always, there’s but for all my wish this year, plus how i hear Her Majesty sayin this sentence every day ..

Save money, Boo

she said that every day, the morning i stepped out my foot out of house to go to office and then when i came back in the evening, over and over.

Sure if her lips can tweet or she is on twitter (thank God, she is not) she will tweet that and put this # sign and make trending on her timeline.


The Hard August passed, and there you are today is already September 1st, 2013.  Here i am now having my own office. That one quite big chamber for myself. Nobody else but me, all my stuffs and my cat. But yeah some things got changed.

Now, there’s no coffee morning while do some gossip together and some silly talks and ramblings from my office_mates to listen.

It’s not that i don’t want to listen ne, because for me who always can’t do something to help their problem what else i can do but listening  ?

But if it is the same story and domestic problem you hear is the same every day, it become boring and annoying. It was like i have to be Forrest Gump who had to listen to Bubba’s Shrimp Story everyday during his service at Vietnam.

And sure i am not Forrest Gump, so i am pretty glad with this new chamber of my own and now i have lots of time for my own,

~  do my works seconds faster (it never get minutes or hours faster when i work while doin that …xD),


~  Kick my Cat Harder than David Beckham

because he did steal my fish head ne,

and talking about eating fish, people usually eating fish and left the head and bone for their cat. But not me, i eat all of it including the head and left only the clean, very clean bone.  I think the most delicious part of fish is on the head ne, maybe because there’s brain inside the head.


Remember how Hannibal Lecter with his brain supper, straight from a livin man’s head on Silence of The Lamb?

That’s my fave scene ne. I watch that movie for the 1st time when i was kid, so it surprised me how a man still alive with an open head like that. Then  when i know it’s possible because Hannibal Lecter is totally genius, i like that scene even more .

Don’t worry i am not a cannibal like Hannibal btw, so i only love to eat fish head and rather than give it to my cat i buy him another fish for himself or let him eat nothing like today. Because there’s only one fish left, but he did steal it, then ate it ne.

Damn, that cat now is totally ..

Cat of A Bicth ….!!!


yasu    :    who cat is that  …
noi       :    mine ..
yasu    :    so …
noi       :    hee, i am the bicth …?


~   put some make up on my face and did my hair before home.

My mom always say how my afternoon look like someone who just lost at gambling. That’s how i look like on her eyes when i get home everyday   …

So i lost everyday ne. Hee, really …?


yasu    :   what a fool ..
noi       :   ya_san, who did that to you? Anyway, who would dare to chain you like that
yasu    :   you’d dare …
noi       :   omo whaaa ha ha  OK i’ll get a love chain then …  *sexcited*

Usually, i never do that make up after work, because i was busy to listen all of them and try my best to answer their questions, maybe give some nice and make sense opinion to them.

And i am not good to do that, i am just some awkward person who can do nothing but mad, mad and mad like Mad Hatter. So talking with other, and make it for a long conversation is very hard for me, especially when i am on my bad mood.

That’s why i am giving my 4 thumbs up for yasu with his 『Shangri-la』 Meeting all over Japan. The 1st Season 『Shangri-la』 Meeting and this upcoming …

~  2nd Season 『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~


September 28 (Saturday)   ~  Aichi
October 05     (Saturday)   ~  Mie
Oct 06            (Sunday)     ~  Gifu
October 12     (Saturday)   ~  Shizuoka
October 13     (Sunday)     ~  Yamanashi
October 27     (Sunday)     ~  Fukui
November 02 (Saturday)   ~  Nagano
November 03 (Sunday)     ~  Niigata
November 09 (Saturday)   ~  Ishikawa
November 10 (Sunday )    ~  Toyama

Details each venue, time, how to join and contact information will be announced at a later date at this

『Shangri-la』 Special Site —->  http://www.acidblackcherry.com/shangri-la/

『Shangri-la』 Meeting mean he is doing  Meet and 「Greed」, answering questions from many fans of him all over Japan. That’s must be hard ne, to put that smiling face like that and … etc etc many other that a public figure have to do and act.


All we know just how sweet his smille is, but who knows what inside him ne. Maybe he is tired, on a bad mood or have something that took over his mind …?

Because after all he is just a human being like all of us ne. What make him different from us is just the fact of him as yasu, the Center of this Acid Black Cherry fandom.

This September, last year i was busy to prepare my trip to Japan. While now i am busy to prepare her Majesty‘s trip to Mecca this December. She will go there alone because thanks to that #SaveMoneyBoo hashtag on her twitter, she’s not and never allow me or my sister as her companion.

Now we are preparing the papers (she doesn’t have pasport yet …), all of this just brings all my memories back. When i start to deal with all getting documents papers … etc etc  and of course the payment. When i got the payment invoice for her trip to Mecca, it surprised me how it only 1/2 from all cash that i spent for my Japan trip last year …

Suddenly all of it kinda make me feel guilty with all the should’a could’a would’a things attack on me. How i started to think i wish i didn’t go there ne and use the money to send both of my parents to Mecca. But it always impossible to turn back time ne, and when someone asked me how i feel about this ..

I dunno …

and why the hell they asked me that kind of useless question anyway?. See this is how i hate people ne, how they carelessly asked some stupid question like that. I know not all people like that, but at least people around me are that kind of people.

OK, before this post got FUBAR let me show you all what i finished all this time  ….

1.   do/get this 「Greed  Greed Greed」 Trading Cards

i got 2 for that last one ne, so now i need for someone who may got yasu and the skull double and want to trade it with me.  Or maybe if there’s no one want i might try another shoot for that … *cross fingers*

2.   Finish subb this 「Greed  Greed Greed」 Offshoot


there’s some missing spot there and there, but i love to do this ne. Learning while having fun to see and listen to yasu‘s talking and laughed at my self. What happen is always this ne

when i got what he said wrongly, that’s because i am deaf_ed by how sexy he is, not because he said it not clear   … !!!

and blimey,  because the 02:47 ~ 02:52 is my fave part, the sexy part …. #whaaaa ha ha ha ….

3.   ARENA37℃ 2013年9月


Enjoiii …

because they said that’s the last edition of ARENA37℃ … too bad, eh. Even that magazine is quite hard to scan but i like it. It’s one of my fave JMagazine other than Songs

4.   Reading while Wondering and Waiting for this …



there are many artists who love and influenced by DEAD END participate on this album, do the cover for DEAD END masterpieces old and new album to commemorates 25th years Anniversary of  DEAD END major debut.

release date   :   September 4th, 2013 (Wednesday)
Price               :   3,000 yen ( – tax) / 3,150 yen (tax included)
Label              :   motorod / avex group
Item Number   :    AVCD-38651


1.『 Embryo Burning』
(Words:MORRIE Music:YOU)
From The Album“shámbara”(1988)
Vocal    : HYDE (L’Arc~en~Ciel/VAMPS)
Guitar  : HIRO (La’cryma Christi)
Bass    : Hajime Okano
Drums : Shinya (DIR EN GREY)

2.『 I Can Hear The Rain』
(Words:MORRIE Music:YOU)
From The Album “shámbara”(1988)
Guitar  : Sakihito (NIGHTMARE)
Bass    : SHUSE (†яi¢к/La’cryma Christi)
Drums : shuji (Janne Da Arc)

3. 『The Godsend』
(Words Music:MORRIE)
From The Album “GHOST OF ROMANCE”(1987)

4. 『Night Song』
From The Album “shámbara”(1988)
Vocal    : Eiki (SIAM SHADE)
Guitar   : ShinMurohime
Bass:    : tetsuya (L’Arc~en~Ciel/TETSUYA)
Drums  : Kei Yamazaki (Venomstrip)

5. 『Serafine』
(Words:MORRIE Music:YOU)
From The Album “ZERO”(1989)
Vocal   :  Arika Takarano (ALI PROJECT)
Bass    :  TOKIE (unkie/LOSALIOS)
Drums  :  Sasabuchi Hiroshi (Tokyo sake 吐座 / Creature Creature)

6. 『So Sweet So Lonely』
(Words:MORRIE Music:YOU, Hajime Okano)
From The Album “ZERO”(1989)
Vocal    : yasu (Janne Da Arc/Acid Black Cherry)
Guitar  : Shinobu (Creature Creature/The LEGENDARY SIX NINE)
Bass    : 人時
Drums  : Shinya (LUNA SEA)

7. 『Spider In The Brain』
From The Album “DEAD LINE”(1986)

Vocal     :  Tetsu Takano (ZIGZO)
Guitar    :   you (Janne Da Arc)
Bass      :  FIRE (the Badasses)

8. Dress Burning
(Words:MORRIE Music:YOU)
From The Album “METAMORPHOSIS”(2009)
Vocal   : Makoto (†яi¢к/Λucifer)
Guitar  : HIZAKI (Jupiter)
Bass    : yo (Mantenrou Opera)
Drums  : HIROKI (D)

9. Perfume Of Violence
From The Album “DEAD LINE”(1986)
Guitar  : Marty Friedman
Bass    : Luna  (Eins:Vier/RaFF-CuSS/R2Y+J リリィ・ジョーカー)
Drums : YUKI (Jupiter)
Keyboard  : Keichii Miyako (SOPHIA/Rayflower)

10.『Blind Boy Project』
(Words:MORRIE Music:YOU)
From The Album “shámbara”(1988)

11.『Sacrifice Of The Vision』
From The Album “DEAD LINE”(1986)
Vocal  : aki (ex Laputa)
Guitar : Chisato (PENICILLIN)
Bass   : IKUO (BULL ZEICHEN 88/Rayflower)
Drums : LEVIN (La’crima Christi)
Keyboard : kiyo (Janne Da Arc)

12. 『冥合』
(Words:MORRIE Music:YOU)
From The Album “METAMORPHOSIS”(2009)

source   :   http://dead-end.jp

Pre- order   :   CDJapan

i was hoping if maybe HYDE will do the same song with tet_chan., but they are not ne. Because all this time i kinda miss leader, i didn’t see him a lot ne while i see  the other L’arc members is doin (HYDE with VAMPS, Ken_chan with his RagBaby and on twitter and Yukihiro with Acid Android …) but not tet_chan.

is he busy with banana harvest season ….?


and  finally now there you are we will listening something from tet_chan ne even he is not gonna sing …

4.   Finished Blue Bloods ~ Season 3 Marathon  …


this series is totally awesome, i mean how they valued a family in this modern era.

For me, this is the Blue version of The Godfather, a family with the father a Police Commissioner as the center (Francis), and then there’s a bit anger management problem with son (Danny), then the strong and  independent daughter (Erin) and the youngest son (Jamie) a Harvard Law School graduate who used to say no to be a police officer ..

see what i mean ..

Francis Reagan   —->    Don Vito Corleone
Danny Reagan   —->  Sonny Corleone
Erin Reagan  —–>   Vonny Corleone
Jamie Reagan —>   Michael Corleone

remember how Michael even join the World War, in this Blue Bloods they cover it as Jamie who used to choose to be a lawyer than join NYPD like me …. xD


i myself, who grown up by watching McGyver, The A-Team, Knight Rider and MAGNUM PI of course forever in love with Tom Selleck. Look at him as NYPD Police Comissioner like that ne. For me he is still awesome as the younger version him on MAGNUM PI.

even yeah now he is on that formal suit, not on the MAGNUM PI ~ Hawaii shirt and i totally can’t wait for the 4th season this September 24th, 2013

5.   Avoiding  to watch 1D at cinema ..


Tekki keep askin me to join her to watch 1D movie ~ This Is Us on cinema.

Oh God,

that’s impossible ne because i am not gonna betray Backstreet Boys ever. I’ve been on that boyband fandom war between Backstreet Boys vs NSync and forever blinded by ignoring how HOT is Justin Timberlake

now i have to betray then just for a new boiband that i don’t even know 1 song from them? …

Arienaii …!!!


noi     :    so don’t worry ya_san, i am not gonna betray you ..
yasu  :    hmm …
noi     :    because believe me 私は …  #eh how to say i am for ever for you in Japanese ..?
yasu  :    oh, you must be failed again …
noi    :     that test …?

i dunno yet, but today i passed this Facebook test …


#WTF ne ..

see for someone who often say herself as a Facebook Saiyajin, that 64,67 % is shamefull ne. Sure there must be some conspiracy to make me ended with D on this Facebook exam …

09月, September,

just like the last August, i think the next September is gonna be hard for me. I did reach my goals and target for August and now suddenly i am not sure whether i will able to reach this September target or not. A target that i made myself for this 16 months plan till the end of 2014.

Seems like everything just gets harder to do ne.  I wish i can do nothing but sleep for whole this September , be the Nemuri Hime : September Edition.

and you my darling …

Do wake me up when September is Over ….


yasu     :    but it’s summer …
noi        :    then why ..
yasu     :    nobody is sleeping during summer …
noi        :    i am  …



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