Monday Post : 6th 『Shangri-la』 Tour ~ Otaru Live …. (Another me, yasu and Mr. Friday)


Mr. Friday …



i think now he (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) is started to faded on my mind.

It scared me ne, i mean that’s a sign if i am start to move one right?.  What will happen next sure is this waiting of me for the most impossible another chance with him will also end.  Then if that feeling of me for him faded and then gone,

Who am i suppose to wait if i don’t have him in my mind anymore. I don’t want to feel another empty here in my heart. I am too busy with my life now to fall in love again.

So what should i do ne?

I think i have to write something here and there, just throw away all of this to all of you who is not lucky enough getting here and read all of this stuffs mixed with yasu and Acid Black Cherry related stuffs ne  …

~  Hokkaido 1st Tour  ~ Live at Otaru City Center

as what they ( read : 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】) wrote on this 北海道内ツアー初日!小樽で初めて過ごした夜♡ post on The Official Blog,

Project 『Shangri-la』 from Aomori crossed the sea and moved the stage to the land of Hokkaido in north.  A tour promised last year for fans in Hokkaido.

And as the beginning for Hokkaido was Otaru.


and my 1st time failed to find yasu and and their ( read : 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】) success to hide yasu on their Finding yasu Quiz. Ah, they just get more tricky ne. Is it because they are already crossed the sea or

am i getting this down grad_ed level of fangirling now …?


noi      :     hey boss, do something …
yasu   :     do what …?
noi      :     lift me up, i don’t wanna down graded like this ..
yasu   :     you’re the fangirl here,  why should i  …

and then continued with yasu and

~   the blurry kewpie tweet image …


then posted the answer on the Live Report posted on the The Official Blog


see that’s a cow,

and talking about this 『Shangri-la』 Tour Obitsu Kewpie, there’s some people who asked me why did i never put the kewpie images on my blog post and where can i find a detail image like this …


for the 1st question :  yes, i didn’t do that.

Because somehow that 『Shangri-la』 Special Site makes my Capt. Slow net connection more slow than before. I dunno why, maybe because there’s many fans access to that site frequently so it get’s hard for Capt. Slow to load or …

maybe because i always post while downloading dorama or telly series. Hey, i am still on a marathon now  …

and for the 2nd question is

go to  『Shangri-la』 Special Site —–> , then click this image


that will bring you to the ABC Obitsu Kewpie List —->, then next is just click on each cute/kawaii things then you’ll see and sure can save all of the revealed images there …

back to the 北海道内ツアー初日!小樽で初めて過ごした夜♡ post, the 6th 『Shangri-la』 All Prefectures Tour Live .

yasu, arrived to the venue 1st time to do as usual is 「腹ごしらえ」 —> 「Haragoshirae means : having meal, but precisely it’s having meal before doing something … maybe like re-charge for a phone …xD 」

with  this …


OMG that must be good ne, just by lookin at that i know that must be oishii ….


then fully recharged, he is ready for rehearsal, checking and he noticed many various things from the stage. Then checking questions from twitter on the dressing room continued with did whatever it is  …


i believe someone will say :  I see Boops …!!! ….xD and what is it, a stretching ….?


the question for this Otaru Live is …


「Jinx or habbits of yourself , That you will do」

with 「Greed Greed Greed」, Kono Aozora and Fuyu no Maboroshi as the requested songs i think this Otaru Live got a perfect …

~  Set List …

01. Shangri – La
02. Jigsaw
03. doomsday clock
05. in the Mirror
06. Re:birth
07. イエス
08. Mother
09. Bit Stupid
10. Cherry Cherry
11. Black Cherry
12. Pistol


1. Kono Aozora no Mukouni (request)
2. Greed Greed Greed (request)
3. Fuyu no Maboroshi (request)
4. Rakuen
5. 20+∞Century Boys
see, started with Shangri – La then ended with 20+∞Century Boys.

That’s Perfectoo

and next is, there you are enjoii yasu on WHAT’S In magazine ,

ah, mommy not again ….

i’ll continue this post tomorrow because now Her Majesty is knocking on my door again for the 2nd time. Usually she is on her midnight praying, Knocking on Heaven’s Door but tonight she is knocking on my door before do the Knocking on Heaven’s Door .

And dear answer me …

Monday, why is so close to Friday ….?

yasu      :   don’t you see there’s Saturday and Sunday ..
noi         :   sure, i see
yasu      :   then what’s wrong ..
noi         :   i am the one should be next to Friday, not Sunday or Saturday  …
yasu      :   oh, not that Friday again …



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