Calm Post : 7th 「Shangri-la 」 Live ~ Nitori Bunka Hall, Sapporo … (Another me, yasu and 心の友)

I say this as a Calm Post, because i am calm today ….

i mean,


i am keeping my self calm by listening to Acid Black Cherry 

Many people make that kind of CALM meme using that phone application ne. I see, dead,hear the CALM word everywhere, but still it’s not easy to do especially for a person with a very bad temperament like me.

But, the Monday and Thursday Fasting is workin on me now. It can avoid me for being rude, say bad things to other people next to me and stay CALM even bad things happen like today

There’s one boy got accident while he is doin his work. He is a crusher machine operator, about 24 years old and today he’s slipped and put one of his hand inside the machine, crushed by it some part …

the skin is no longer on his hand and there’s only few flesh so we can even see his bones that’s what the Head of the Mechanics told me. That’s so terrible,  and i don’t even dare to see his hand.

I only see blood all over his shirt. … #ewww

Now he is still at hospital and i really don’t want go there.  I use to follow the victim (let’s say i am Noi Reagan from NYPD) but not these days, because hospital is a place that i avoid since my father died there. That place became too scary for me to go.

but they made me to go there using some responsibility reason of me as the person in charged. When i was there, the doctor told me, the Head of the Mechanics and him (the boy) if it would be better for him to let them cut his finger (i think it’s his middle finger). But he said ..

NO …!!!

in a very loud way, and i totally understand why he ignored all the doctor’s sayin to him about all the eventualities ended with infections, because who wants to loose part of his/her body anyway? nobody, even it’s only a middle finger.

Ah middle finger ne, if they cut it so he will never able to make a F**K sign again …

OMG, what a scary drama ne  and thank God it’s over …


yasu      :     is this from one of drama you watched …?
noi         :     no this is real ya_san, it happened today ..
yasu      :     then what did you say ..
noi         :     i say nothing, i mean what should i say , should i say …

I am really bad as a person in charged ne, hope he is gonna be fine anyway. And  …

now let’s continue this 「Shangri-la 」 Post before they (read :  【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 posted another post related to 「Shangri-la 」 Project after this 約束から絆へ!札幌公演!![From a Promise to Bonds ! Sapporo Performence !] Post

Acid Black Cherry is in the middle of Hokkaido Tour now, and they already like a local now during their stayin there. For this 7th 「Shangri-la 」 Post was held at Nitori Bunka Hall, Sapporo

and this was how they (whoever wrote that post) welcomed yasu when he arrived the venue ..

Sapporo 1

with this ザンギ —> 「Zangi 」 (it refers to a type of fried chicken —> Karaage in Japanese,  but the word 「Zangi 」 is used exclusively in Hokkaido), pure white corn and yakisoba bento  …

Sapporo 2

ready for rehearsal ….

Sapporo 3

then do checking, not only Is not only sound, but the vanity of stage lighting was also checked properly with all the staff.

nah i think that image of yasu talking with 2 staffs above  is the close up version of The Finding yasu image posted on twitter, see what i mean …?

Sapporo 7

finished checking yasu back to the dressing room and check the question sent via twitter for Live that day, Oh God, that’s what i say as a Sweet Smile

Sapporo 4

with that sweet smile, he headed to the stage, …

I believe last Live at live at Nittori Bunka Hall was totally great by how they wrote it as The Best Excitement and Enthusiasm mixed. Had bang storm from all the audiences.

On the last 5th Anniversary Erect, at the same venue Nittori Bunka Hall, this Hokkaido Province Tour was promised and they (yasu and his team) achieved it. The question picked for this live is


「Memories of Summer Vacation」

and everyone pick Black Cherry and SPELL MAGIC as request songs for Nittori Bunka Hall Live, so there you are

~   the setlist

1. I’m not a ghost
2. Rakuen
3. Pistol
4. Tsumi to batsu ~ kamisama no Alibi
5. scar
6. Fallin’ Angel


7. Nemuri Hime
8. Yes


10.Shojo no Inori III
11.Shojo no Inori
12.Cord name 【JUSTICE】
13.20+∞Century Boys

14.Black Cherry
16.Greed Greed Greed
17.Shangri – la

then with continued with

~   the Kewpie photo

Sapporo 5
Sapporo 6

it’s a bear, a brown bear like Winnie, you know that Winnie The Pooh who act like crazy whenever see honey. Like me   ….

Whenever i see you honey …..


yasu     :     honey …?
noi        :     and i am the bear …
yasu     :     But noi_chan, Winnie … isn’t he yellow …
noi        :     hee, then who is brown …?

there only 2 versions of Obitsu Kewpie for Hokkaido Live even though there are 5 Live Performances there, so for the collaboration plan for Janne Da Arc Official Mobile, they prepare for the 3rd Obitsu Kewpie for Hokkaido Live and they asked us to wait until the next Asahikawa performance …

Yes everyone, Hokkaido will get 3 series of Obitsu Kewpie … !!!

Regarding to all those 「Shangri-la 」 Obitsu Kewpies, do you now what site i am avoiding now? It’s Yahoo Auctions. I didn’t even dare to just a flach click there because i know i will get crazy by want all Kewpies sellin posted there …

What happening now is i am tryin to do some cuts and hope this whatever named scissor i use to cut, is good enough to cut all this feeling of wanting everything, and help me to get some priority together with other things i did like

~   block/erase any auction sites that i bookmarked on my PC  …


even i am not sure i can keep on that way for how long, because loot at all that kewpies, aren’t they so adorable?  ….

~   stop this monthly bag and shoes buying…

shoes and bag are things that i always hard to say no, Be in a place surrounded with shoes and bag is totally heaven for me. And what i do there is nothing than waiting for one, maybe 2 from all those cute things callin me .

somehow i feel like i am as a candidate of foster parent who go to an orphanage to find a baby boy/girl to love, take care and take home with.

it feels just amazing ne …

how all those shoes and bag makes me powerless there …

~   Buy Only HYDE and yasu’s stuffs


i don’t buy the last DEAD END Tribute.

Yeah just like accident, things also happen. I who always buy any tribute albums as long as there’s some HYDE and yasu related to now skipped this album.

Now i am tellin you ne, it’s really hard for me to skip this and just download it.


HYDE     :    don’t tell me …
noi          :    as you say guys, i am guilty as charged, and do you know  …
HYDE     :    no, i don’t wanna know …
noi          :    ya_san …
yasu       :    me too …. *leaving*

unlike this man who is already hold the CD on his hands and so sexcitedly honored to get participated on that album and looking seriously for the artists (total 50 artists participated, each instrument) who participated as well as him.


as what they wrote on this DEAD ENDトリビュート!!/DEAD END Tribute post yesterday, …

yasu as a man who influenced by DEAD END, produce the music properly, like what DEAD END‘s lead vocal MORRIE sayin on some magazine interview .

「yasuは面白いね。ただ ”好き” ってわけじゃなくて、ちゃんと音楽を分析してくれてる。全体像を把握しながら、なおかつ唄い手として」

「yasu is interesting, It is not because a simply reason as  ” love”, with music is analyzed perfectly. Moreover, grasping the whole picture of the song and sing」.

I might read it wrongly as always …. xD,  but is that form their Fools Mate magazine interview together? …

talking about interview related to this DEAD END Tribute album, here’s nice interview of MORRIE and HYDE from natalie


the complete part along with MORRIE and Kiyoharu interview, but for HYDE‘s part is started on part 5 here

full of HYDE and MORRIE‘s BIG and lovely images …


read some interesting from HYDE about do a cover song things …

HYDE うん  :  やっぱりうれしいですよ。そこはカバーするアーティストに対する、ミュージシャンの純粋な愛情表現というか、そういう感覚に近いんじゃないですかね。僕の場合で言うと、Acid Black Cherryのyasuくんが僕の曲を歌ってくれたりすると、そういうことを感じます。

「I am glad after all. It is a musician’s pure love expression to the artist who covers there, Isn’t it close to such feeling? If it says in my case and yasu ( #AcidBlackCherry) will sing my music, … then such a thing will be felt. .」

Whooo ……



see ya_san, that’s HYDE already asked you to do another cover for his song. So what are you waiting for …. ?


yasu      :     not you …
noi         :     i know it never be me …
yasu      :     i think you don’t want me to do that ..
noi         :     did i …?
yasu      :     yes you did …
noi         :     then do ignore me …!!!

i hope, there will be another part for MORRIE and yasu interview ne. But is that possible?  i hope so, aaand question for today is …

Have you do your order for SHANGRI – LA PHOTOBOOK …?


because it is already September ne, and let me remind all of you if the pre- order closed on September 27th, 2013. So hurry everyone, contact your proxy so you will not miss this PHOTOBOOK.

i did my order last week, and yesterday i did my order for the upcoming HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA ~ HALLOWEEN PARTY 2013. Now i can close my paypall account joyfully happy, because i am save now everyone …

ah ya, remember on the last [2012] Tour Post on the Official Blog, there were always one or two picture of yasu with some scenery of a place … etc etc but i don’t see much like that on this 「Shangri-la 」 Tour post.


the answer, i think it because they will put all of it on the upcoming 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK that will release on October 25th, 2013. And if you might ask why there’s no pre_order UP yet at online Shop like CD Japan, i also asked that btw

Nah today i asked them (CD Japan) via email and they give a fast respond if they are still  in contact with several publishing companies in order to know the availability of that book. They need more few days for that.

I think the prorder on for the usual/common OnLine Shopping that use to send stuffs to outside Japan is gonna open after the closing day for TSUTAYA and The Official Online Shop ~ Uprise pre-order,

so i say maybe somewhere between …

after September 27th, 2013 ~ before October 25th, 2013 …


yasu     :    look who is talking now …
noi        :    that’s not just a talking ne ..
yasu     :    then what ..
noi        :    that’s one of my fangirl analysis and FYI my darling, i am on NYPD now
yasu     :    yeah, dream on …

Finally today’s at office ended.

Not a perfect day but my score is pretty good ne and on my bus riding home, i meet a man that’s so annoying. I can’t believe that kind of man is really exist and survived livin in this world.

Remember there’s a scene on Last Cinderella when the Cinderella (what is her name, Sakura?) on the bus with Hiroto (Haruma Miura) …

isn’t he juicy adorable ….?

on that scene there were a boy who sit nicely when at that time there was a woman who is standing and really need to sit. I thought that kind of thing only happen on dramas but it was also happen and i saw it today

that man, still sit while there’s an old woman who standing next to me in hurt (she said her knees aren’t so well recently). I wanted to say something to him like asked him politely. But before i do that someone already did it. and what happen is he said …

Why should i? i also pay for this ride …

to the woman who asked him nicely. What the hell is happen to him anyway, is he never graduated from Elementary School ? because as i remember when i was on Elementary School there’s a Moral Subject called PMP (Pendidikan Moral Pancasila) on my schedule

and on that Subject, there’s one multiple choice question that always be on every test semester. This simple qeustion like this

There’s an old woman on the bus, she is standing while you are sit. In this situation what you should do?

A.   Do nothing …
B.   Stand up and give my sit to her
C.   Act like i don’t see that woman

he must be failed to answer that question ne, I read that question so many time ne, and  don’t get me wrong even i do posted this silly multiple choice question of

What Would U Do if U See yasu Like This


on team_yasu and had a full of LOL night together with all of them. So thank you guys, you all totally amazing for sharing this pervy things inside me …

But for that kind of bacis Moral Subject question i always choose the right answer. Nah because i choose the right answer i think i should practice it on my daily time ne .

but too bad in The World Like this, i can’t think everyone will think the same as i think. Even they live in the same country, go and graduate from the same Elementary School with the same basic curriculum like me

When i was a little child, I believed there’s some spons inside our brain with a duty to get/absorbs all water pouring given by this universe to understand. So maybe

The spon inside that man’s brain just absorbed a different water …

Today’s bus riding is not fun like always,

but thank God in the middle of my way back home there’s 2 street artists (man and woman) joined us. This street artists, is common here in my country. They will ride on a bus, then sing 1, 2 maybe 3 songs for you depend on how far is the next bus station.

And after that they will handed you a plastic bag or a small box for you to give them some money after listening to them singing.

You don’t have to give them anyway because that is a semi-free performances so it’s up to you to give them money or not.

For me, it depend to how they performed their songs. If it was a good and i love the song, i give them some of my coins. But if not i just wave to them, and they’ll know if i pass give coins for them. Today i didn’t pass it because they give me a very nice song.

Started with some local song, i dunno what’s the title of the song but i do remember there’s some lyrics like this ..

Bob Marley masih bernyanyi, Don’t Worry Be Happy ..
Bob Marley still singing, Don’t Worry Be Happy ..

then followed with this song

心の友  by Mayumi Itsuwa

this is a classic song that’s so popular here in my country. Delon, the runner up of 1st Indonesian Idol even did a single of him duet with Mayumi Itsuwa for this song.

they (2 street artists) covered that song into with a Bob Marley style, and i like it. It make me finally enjoyed this afternoon bus ride. So did the other passanger i think. They all ignored that wacky weird man and enjoyed the song together.

Eventually, today isn’t that bad ne and now here i am joyfully singing  …

愛はいつもララバイ ….. 旅に疲れた時。

ただ心の友と ……  私を呼んで。


yasu    :    so are we friends now …?
noi       :    yes, if you call me …
yasu    :    then go find another man to be friend with, because this is not work for me …
noi       :    heee, it didn’t work again …



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