Saturday Post : 3rd Hokkaido QP .. (Another me, yasu, This Un_dying DeadLine and DEAD END)

Eeeh, what the hell is this …

Asahikawa 1

is that a baby Yoda ….?

look at the head part, the HUGE head. Even yes,  all of the kewpies are BIG headed, but without a clear and real look but only FUBAR black_ed figure like that, i say it looks like baby Yoda … xD

They (read : 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】) tweet_ed that when Asahikawa Live over yesterday as they promised on their Sapporo Live Report post …

but before it, they did this Finding yasu tweet  …


OK, that’s FAR guys …

I wonder they might lost/disable the close up function on their camera, Ipad or whatsoever they use to take that picture. To hide yasu eh ….


and yes, he was well_hidden btw.

now i am waiting for their post today to see the real, clear and official image of that Mysterious 3rd Hokkaido Kewpie. A baby Yoda …?

eh an Alien Baby ne … OMG


yasu      :     who say that’s an alien ….?
noi         :     nobody, but i think so …
yasu      :     and why there’s only alien stuffs on your head …?
noi         :     well, maybe because my blood type is A …?
yasu      :     but i … .
noi         :     just keep that OK and let me finish this post 

2 days ago after reading HYDE and MORRIE ‘s interview from natalie i hoped for an interview of yasu and MORRIE following.

But eventually there’s no interview together like with HYDE but only a comment from yasu ( a short Q and A) about DEAD END

Q : How did you first heard of DEAD END. Impression at that time. Please tell me the influence that you have received from DEAD END.

A : In those days, I listened to the locks such as BOOWY, The hard rock has the place that I avoided, I didn’t listen very much.

DEAD END was the band which I thought to be 「cool in Hard Rock」 for the first time. Because I came to hear the various hard rock from there, The entrance of my hard rock is DEAD END.

the affected place is musicality ensemble of DEAD END. It was a band you think manly, strong music and we wanted to be like this band. This is a band that seems all instruments’ s cool.

Q : Please tell me the reason of having selected this song. In addition, please tell me if there are episodes about this song.

A : Since I was allowed to copy many things very well, allowed to sing, it was a feeling as for any music. The album of DEAD END which I heard very first was 「 Shambara」.

I was also listening to 「 ZERO」 at the same time.

It is two albums said that the atmospheres are different, I was listening to 「 ZERO」without sense of discomfort .

So Sweet So Lonely」, that’s song is a very POP, I think that it is really good song, since it never a cute song . The guitar phrase which I want to play is the best.

If I hear the intro of 「So Sweet So Lonely」 , I will think 「oh, it’s DEAD END

source :  here and here

but because i never listen to any DEAD END song, when i listen to So Sweet So Lonely for my 1st time, i  didn’t think oh, it’s DEAD END like yasu who is influenced by that band.

again and again, as i always say how limited is my music listening area. And now what happen is i kinda followed yasu and all dorama that i watch OST to add another artist to it.

so thanks to yasu now i started to listen to DEAD END. And hope that will make me able to make this Un_Dying Deadlines i have now ….

totally DEAD ….




yasu      :     what this all about …
noi         :     why did they named it as Deadline?
yasu      :     don’t ask me
noi         :     it never die anyway and it will after us like a hungry bulldog …
yasu      :     us …? you maybe, not me



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