Moan_day Post : 8th 「Shangri-la 」 ~ Asahikawa Live (Another me, yasu and This Telly Minded Mind)


Today is 09.09.2013, …

and my boss, say that’s a magical day. Because there’s two number nine there, as he always think how 8 is a Lucky Number and 9 is a Magical Number.  So yeah, he also say today is supposed to be MAGIC.

MAGIC, eh  …

I dunno where the hell that’s comin from, but there’s  no MAGIC at all today, except how the fact if today is Monday. The day where i always moan a whole day especially when i had day off on the previous Sunday.

Like today, but i think how they gave me this personal chamber is perfect because see this Monday even i had my day off yesterday i am still fine. Unlike how i used to be still lost inside all those papers until 12:00 AM at least and sometimes more than that …..

But look what happened today, see now at 10:00 AM in the morning i already did all my works. Sent emails and text messages for my boss, superior and others … etc etc. All of it that use to bother and drown me now they all nothing. I can handle them ne …

and now i have some time to read again.


yasu     :     maybe that’s the MAGIC ne ..
noi        :     oh really, do you think so …?
yasu     :     yeah, because it’s impossible you can do fast with no MAGIC …
noi        :     well OK, i’ll take that as a compliment ne …

It’s is time to read and time to balance this telly minded mind inside my head with a book reading.

I always think you will never get a balance mind if you only counting on telly shows/movies but never read a book. Because by watching movies all you have to do normally just concentrate watch and say whoaaa, or what the … (maybe you are disappointed by the story or they kill your fave character)

But it always different with book. With book, what they (the writer) give you is just many words on papers and you have to add your own imagination about how and what exactly the character inside the book are doin, lookin at or thinking about .

i believe, that time is when your brain start to develop something. I didn’t read for sometimes, the last book i read was 2 month ago, reading this book  ..


ARUS BALIK by Pramoedya Ananta Toer

that book is a gift from my pappi’s friend for me and Tekki. When he came to visit my pappi, Tekki told him how we don’t have that book among our collection of Mr. Pram‘s (read  :  Pramoedya Ananta Toer, i love to call him as Mr. Pram) books and then about a week after my pappi died, that book came as a present on a package via post.

Pramoedya Ananta Toer, is one of my fave writer. He even on my list of 3 Amazing Persons that i really want to meet and have some tea while talking together with His Holiness Dalai Lama and Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) on You’ve Got Mail

Too bad Mr. Pram is already passed away now, it only one His Holiness Dalai Lama left ne, because as you know Joe Fox … ha ha yeah, he is a movie character ….xD

That book, ARUS BALIK i say as one of his masterpieces.  Until now i still enjoy myself reading the love story of Mingke and Annelies. I always smile when i read the explanation how they call him as Mingke, Raden Mas Mingke.

Mingke from Monkey,

At that time in Indonesia everything was centered to Holland, so there’s not many people speak/understand English (at that era  they, all educated people speaking Dutch) so they never think it was a mocking to call somebody as Monkey —-> Mingke.

Including Mingke himself.

on Child of Nations from Tertralogi Buru (known as The Buru Quartet in abroad).

Now back to ARUS BALIK, there even awards from some foreign country organizations for that book. but too bad Mr. Pram couldn’t go there to accept the award because of his difficult circumstances to go abroad.

And that book, ARUS BALIK it supposed to be a thesis, but because at that time he was arrested and exiled to Buru island with no other papers of his complete research so there you are that book changed into a brilliant story based on The History of Indonesia

I’ll read that book again later, because now i am on my way to read this


War and Peace ~   Leo Tolstoy

Tekki gave it to me, the novel setting is on July 1805 in Saint Petersburg, at a soirée (party) of Anna Pavlovna Scherer, she is the maid of honour and confidante to the Empress Dowager Maria Feodorovna, the most powerful woman in The Russian Royal Court.

The story is around the Anna Pavlovna‘s salon where she held her soiréea and main characters and aristocratic families in the novel are introduced. My fave is when they start to speak French, as we know aristocratic families do speak French ne …

and Tolstoy is also my fave writer ne. I love his term about how God Knows Everything, But Waiting on his short story with the same title. That story kinda told me not to blame God for everything bad happened in my life …

Usually people will do that ne, when things get worst they will cry while sayin :  Oh God, where are you know? Aren’t you supposed to do something? They say You know Everything, but Why …? etc etc etc  many more.

and now i know the answer of all that nonstop miserable questions from miserable people like me. The answer is : God Knows Everything, But Waiting. Waiting for what that’s another mystery, but i think what God waiting is maybe a perfect time and place to make something happen? …

Enough with the book thing,

now talking about mystery, no let’s move into our last mystery of 3rd Hokkaido Kewpie ne.

on their last post on The Official Blog, they (as always who else but 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】) posted this 1年ぶりの♡旭川 / Asahikawa First Time in a Year post for Live Report of Asahikawa Live

this one is quite short, less some photos like rehearsal, yasu on the dressing room, check twitter to collect questions for MC … etc etc as i seen on the previous post .

Dunno why, maybe they are more busy now …?

because they only say how yasu who is in Hokkaido now started to use some Hokkaido dialect called 「なまら」/ 「Namara」, posted this gourmet greeted yasu when he enterd the venue …


「Asa~tsu pi」-kun …..  #eeehhh …

~  and on the question corner for Asahikawa is …


「Memories of Sport Festival」 …. then

~  the Setlist

01. sins
02. Murder Licence
03. cord name【JUSTICE】
04. Rakuen
05. Chou
06. 1954 LOVE/HATE
07. Yasashii Uso
08. Fuyu no Maboroshi
09. so…Good night.
10. Tsumi to Batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi
11. Shojo no Inori Ⅲ
12. Black Cherry
13. Shangri-La


14. Pistol (request)
15. Yes (request)
16. Greed Greed Greed

then posted 3rd Hokkaido Kewpie ….

as this yellow creepy thing, eeeh they only changed the color ne from black on twitter now yellow on The Official Blog …. xD


with a following note if they already this 3rd Hokkaido Kewpie  as the wallpaper on the Official Mobile site and we should check there to see it …

ha ha of course i can’t do that since i live outside Japan and sure i don’t have access to enter that Official Mobile site. But, as always there’s other ABC fans who is kindly move it from Mobile to PC so now finally i can see it. What exactly is that alien baby …

there you are …


My God, that’s a Potato … !!!!

I bet that 3rd Kewpie is gonna be more expensive on auctions ne, not because how they put Limited behind the 3rd Hokkaido Kewpie, but also because how it only available at The Official Mobile site. so i suppose the formula is like this …

Limited + Mobile Site Only ——> higher price at auctions

expensive, yeah but still looks creepy for me ne. I remember there’s one CM of a potato snack on my telly ne and it was quite creepy.

The CM is about some raw potatoes walking into a machine then get sliced became chips then the chips are marching again into a seasoning shower  … etc etc, until all of them ended as one package of potato chips .

OMG, See even a Potato can be soo creepy like that ne. And now last but not least is somebody enlight me and tell me  ….

Where is the Alien Baby  ….?

yasu       :      i told you ne, there’s no alien and stop think about alien
noi          :      i can’t ya_san …
yasu       :      why …?
noi          :     because my blood type, is A ..
yasu       :      ah, you’re boring …




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