Eeeh … Post : 9th 「Shangri-la 」 ~ Obihiro Live .. (Another me, yasu and GLAMOROUS SKY)

I say, eeeehhh …..  when i see this ..

i think that’s from some local telly or something related to this 「Shangri-la 」 Live, and if it’s not then my mistake because ..

ah i dunno since the person who posed that (and i am sorry because i forgot who it was …. xD) didn’t put any clue about that. She only mentioned about how she actually wanted to see Golden Bombers Live but ….

there you are, then she posted that, …

and sure because this 「Shangri-la 」 Live Tour is a nation-wide tour so yes, there’s some local newspaper with yasu, like this one …

from the picture, we know if that news is about 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting @Aomori . Anyway, for me in that Meeting @Aomori photo he looks like gained some weight and i said :

yay, finally …. !!!

but on that 1st image of 「Shangri-la 」 Live he (read : yasu) is still look skinny ne.  I thought by the eating the local foods from all the cities he is touring now he will gain some weight. But i suppose it’s still not, i bet having a nation wide Live Tour exhausted him a lot ne …

newspaper, local newspaper and now let’s see what’s left on the OHP Magazine schedule for this September

9/26配布「JAGA PRESS」(free paper for Obihiro area)

It is a program information magazine tips and area information was published freely. Since it’s a free paper, it will distributed freely shop and bookstore but still inside area of Obihiro,

But don’t worry for all of you who’s outside Obihiro you still can get it because FM-JAGA is so kindly to let you have the PDF file by DL it via here …

like this …

that’s JAGA PRESS vol. 21 that i DL_ed yesterday before my net went down for some another FUBAR reason. There’s timetable, event information and interviews with artists … etc etc .

and also from what FM-JAGA tweet_ed on their twiter account after they went to 「Shangri-la 」 ~  Obihiro Live 09.09.2013

Let’s see what they will give us as report ne, So everyone bookmark that link so you’ll not forget to DL it on September 26th, 2013 because that’s free ne, and

who’s gonna miss any free stuffs anyway …?

yasu     :    you would …
noi        :    me …? no way i’ll go get for every free stuffs …
yasu     :    but you missed 2011 Free Live …
noi        :    ah, that’s not entirely free for me ne. You know the flight .. etc etc  ….

yasu     :    yeah, whatever ..

and then another eeeh ….

again when i read this Obihiro ~  Live set list ….

01.  Re:birth
02.  Shojo no Inori
03.  Kuroi Taiyo
04.  in the Mirror
05.  Black Cherry
06.  Yubiwa Monogatari
07.  Shangri – La
08.  Aishitenai
09.  Fuyu no Maboroshi
10.  Cherry Cherry
11.  I’m not a ghost
12.  Tsumi to Batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi
13.  Pistol


01.  yes (request)
02.  GLAMOROUS SKY (request)
03.  bit Stupid (request)

01.  Greed Greed Greed

OMG look, they put GLAMOROUS SKY on the List ne …. *totally sexcited*

i think i read some part of how 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 wrote all of them as GLAMOROUS on this 14年ぶりの帯広は♡ post on the Official Blog. So maybe this is because how GLAMOROUS  were all the audiences of Obihiro ~  Live, so they got that GLAMOROUS SKY song pulled out from the request box …

what a nice thing happened ne …

now, let’s move to the 14年ぶりの帯広は♡ post ne, they really write this post as a long post as they said ne …

they started it with how it’s already a month passed from the 1st day they started this 「Shangri-la 」 Live Tour, and now they are in the middle of this 1st Season of 「Shangri-la 」 Live Tour around Hokkaido and Tohoku, and for yasu Obihiro was 14 years ago …?

this gourmet welcomed yasu ….


Pork …

then followed with all the pork bowls from 「とん田」/ 「ton ta」 is a famous shop on Obihiro, that impressed yasu and the staffs. They chewed slowly and carefully the taste of Obihiro.

and he was ready for rehearsal, then …


he is drumming ..

he loves drum, and he often seen while he was drumming like on Yes PV’s offshoot …?  (remember how he learn bass by DVD …? xD) and he is keen for research of instruments ne,  …

they also wrote how September 9th seemingly as 「Day of Emergency so the question for that day’s 09.09.2013 Live is


「The Story of the illness or injury that you have so far」

and some of the answers are …

YUKI  —–  >  did the talk called having been injured by drinking alcohol that the back felt a chill just a little bit, and
yasu  —–  >  he got a nosebleed every day ….

yabaii ne

and then i say another eeeh …. again for this …


The 4th Hokkaido Obitsu Kewpie …

again and again, they also say this one is available only on Janne Official Mobile and the put that full image as a wallpaper for Janne Official Mobile.

Okay, this time i didn’t think about any alien baby when i saw that image posted, but i did think about MEDUSA. You know the woman with so many snakes on her head. But then i was wrong again ne because the fact,

that’s a Crab,


credit :  テラ@Yasuの女@Ameba

i knew they up something famous/represented the area/city on the kewpies design, and Hakodate is famous for seafood dish especially crab, so i said many crap for myself how to not do the Google about Hakodate first before i say that chibi MEDUSA over and over like an aho

Back to  GLAMOROUS SKY , suddenly now i feel the set list for this 「Shangri-la 」 Live Tour is totally random and it’s impossible for this noi_himura from NYPD to see the the pattern.

but as i always say, GLAMOROUS SKY is my fave song because that song is brilliant and always able to lift my heart and mind whenever i am down for so much reason available for me in this world because now i believe one day i can be GLAMOROUS …

and when i get GLAMOROUS then SKY is the limit …

yasu     :    GLAMOROUS in what …?
noi        :    i dunno, there should be something that i can be
yasu     :    eat and sleep …?
noi        :    OMG yes, i told you ne one day i am gonna be a professional eater. I can be a
GLAMOROUS on that ne …
yasu     :    oh no, she is gonna eat me … *leaving*



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