New Post : New Single 『黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~』, … (Another me, yasu and Capt. America)

This Season, ABC is for Adult Black Cat …!!!


as we know, there’s 3 pieces of   『Shangri-la』 Project :

~  nation-wide  『Shangri-la』 Tour around 47 prefectures in Japan,
~  new single release during 『Shangri-la』 Tour
~  public Recording and High Five Meeting and

and now when The 1st Season of  『Shangri-la』 Tour is over, there you are yasu give us another thing to wait and pay for ….  …

a New Single on November 20th everyone …. !!!

after sounds of full attack you all feel on the previous single 『Greed Greed Greed』 released on last August 7th, 2013, an upper lock tunes is released. Although yasu said  …

i have chosen the music which is not like a single at all,

the result a self highest initial shock number as a new single with a cover of Yumi Matsutouya’s 青春のリグレット/Seisun no Regret (1985) as Coupling Track


『黒猫/Kuro Neko/Black Cat ~Adult Black Cat~』

Release   :   2013.11.20
[ CD + DVD ] Limited Edition
AVCD-32230 / B / ¥ 1,680 ( tax included )

[ Track List ]

1 . 黒猫/Kuro Neko/Black Cat ~Adult Black Cat~
2 . 青春のリグレット/Seishun no Regret  【Recreation Track】


1 . 黒猫/Kuro Neko/Black Cat ~Adult Black Cat~
2 . OFF SHOT ( 15 minutes video )

[ CD ONLY ] Edition
AVCD-32231 / ¥ 1,050 ( tax included )
Bonus : single photo booklet 12P

[ Track List ]

1 . 黒猫/Kuro Neko/Black Cat ~Adult Black Cat~
2 . 青春のリグレット/Seishun no Regret 【Recreation Track】<

[ Special price ¥ 394 board ( 1 songs ) ] Limited Edition
AVCD-32232 / ¥ 394 ( tax included )
Bonus   :   1 sheet ABC original trading card ( all four )

[ Track List ]

1 . 黒猫/Kuro Neko/Black Cat ~Adult Black Cat~

【Sale Period 】 September 9th, 2013 (Thursday)12:00 ~ November 28th, (Thursday) 5:00 JST


~  Janne Da Arc FanClub

UpRise Shop              :
【Smartphone/Mobile】 :
Bonus  :
CD + DVD Edition  : 1 Original Clear B3 size Poster (A)
CD only                 : 1 Original Clear B3 size Poster (B)

~  Janne Da Arc Mobile FanClub

【Smartphone/Mobile】  :
Bonus :   1 Mini Clear File

i think i am gonna get that mini clear file , since now i also joine FC Mobile , so yeah maybe evetually i am still Greed …. xD new

~  mu-mo Shop

[ PC / smartphone ]  :
[Mobile ]                  :

~  mu-mo Shop Overseas Sales Site
>”>Bonus  :  1 Original sticker (Size: length 105mm × side 160mm)

source   :   here

~  CD Japan   :  w/DVD I CD Only I Limited Low Price Edition
~  HMV          :  w/DVD I CD Only I Limited Low Price Edition
~  Yesasia      :  w/DVD I CD Only I Limited Low Price Edition

so …

Adult Black Cat ——> ABC ….. #whoaaa

even my cat isn’t black but he is adult enough to join me listen to all ABC songs ne so now i am so curious about this ne, trus me i have so many questions in me right now like

~  why did he put that Adult terms there …?

maybe this one is another ecchi and drty song with a clear ecchi lyrics so he had to put that Adult word there, or it’s just some phrase to put so it can fixed as ABC next to Black and Cat …?

~  why Cat …?

Black is sure i get that ne, the part that only change one time on last Acid BREAKERZ Cherry joint live . But mostly on ABC is B for Black. This is the first time A is not for Acid. For C , there’s so many change on C ne, remember Acid Black Curry or Acid Black Christmas…?

This time C is for Cat, an adult cat with black color …

~  is there will be any miaww moan ….?


noi       :     OMG OMG  kyaaaa …. *over sexcited*
yasu    :     is that a good fangirl thinking …?
noi       :     i dunno, i dunno i can’t think another …
yasu    :     go figure another again …

ha ha ha this is very interesting ne, because this morning i just had a very nice talk on team_yasu group on Facebook.

One of the members there Charlie (ah, you all maybe remember her ne because i mentioned about her  …), nahshe did tell us there about her dream of watching yasu on some movie or telly series? ..

i don’t remember well, but what i do remember is she also mentioned about Agent Coulson, you know on The Avengers who died killed by Loki.

Ah ya Loki is the one who killed him and sure, he regret nothing about that. It also surprised me ne how he suddenly kill Agent Coulson from back like that no matter how many times i watch this movie, and please …

don’t hate Loki …,


noi      :   after all he is just kinda lost in the wrong direction ..
yasu   :   why should i
noi      :   well just in case …
yasu   :   and why now you are on his side ..?
noi      :   i’ll tell you later ne ..

I think that part is the sad part is he died before he manage to ask Capt. America to sign his vintage Capt. America Trading Cards collection, Sure he wait forever to get it and how it was a very honor for him to meet Capt. America in person ne …

even yeah i know that’s only another drama added by put all the trading cards with some of Agent Coulson ‘s blood in front Capt. America (apparently, he is a bt dramatic ne) so he finally agree about the mission to catch Loki ne …

nah somehow today after reading again that new single Adult Black Cat and found out there will be a special 394 yen Limited Edition with 4 different Trading Cards again that randomly put inside each 394 yen Limited Edition single  now i imagine myself as Agent Coulson,

Ok now you all can call me Agent Himura from … #eh


yasu      :    from . …?
noi         :    still NYPD ..
yasu      :    no way noi_chan, it has to be an agency
noi        :     what agency en … *thinkin hard*

Agent Himura who is still waiting to see her forever Capt. yasu to sign her almost complete Acid Black Cherry Trading Cards and will still collect another upcoming Trading Cards before she die ..

Eh, is it too Dramatic …?

But don’t worry ne, because this Agent Himura is not like Agent Coulson ne. I’m already make an agreement with Loki so there’s no way Loki is gonna kill me (but possibly marry me …. #nyaaa *got slapped) so it’s save ne.

now ya_san  listen to this …

I’d rather die if 100 years later i am still not able to make you sign all my ABC Trading Cards …


yasu    :    yeah right,
noi       :    but that’s true ne, from the bottom of my heart …
yasu    :    do i look like a fool …? you already died 100 years again …
noi       :    #eww … he knows this joke  …



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