Skipped Post : 11th 「Shangri-la 」Live and Meeting ~ Iwate … (Another me, yasu and Kathleen Kelly)


after skipped this 「Shangri-la 」 Live and Meeting ~ Iwate with the new single post, i wanted to totally skip it, but then suddenly today i kind a hear someone whispered to me …

Hey, that’s too good to be skipped  …


yasu      :   だれ..?
noi        :   あなたは? .
yasu      :  
noi        :   OMG, then who …?
yasu     :   look behind you noi_chan …
noi       :   hee ….

ah, nobody is behind me anyway and yeah i am alone now here in my own cozy little chamber now start to write this post and sure i am gonna click the post to noi_himura button down there tonight, midnight maybe.

as we know, 「Shangri-la 」 Live ~ Iwate is the last that close  The 1st Season of 「Shangri-la 」 Tour and now before The 1st Season start, there’s a new single.

So now i start to see some pattern here ne, even it’s not the pattern of how they (yasu and his staffs) pick the Set List on every show, but this one is more makes me doki doki than that ne.

I think i better say it here before …

i start to talk like  Doraemon



noi      :     ya_san, do you know if you will end talking like Doraemon if you feel too much doki doki ..?
yasu   :     who said that …
noi      :     i did …
yasu   :     then what about dorayaki …
noi      :     ah ya, what about dorayaki ne, i’ll think about that later, now ….

here’s my fangirl analysis

so, there will be 5 seasons of this 「Shangri-la 」 Tour, and there with 5 singles released between every season so we will get total 5 new singles from yasu and at the ending of this 「Shangri-la 」 Tour, i believe/hope there will be 4th album.

Remember how the last 5 consecutive singles Pistol to yes, and then [2012] album? i do remember ne, because those single put a BIG hole on my wally’s ass and sure the same thing is gonna happen again.

Ah poor my wally ne …

i think this is gonna be quite same formula, but the different is on this 「Shangri-la 」 Project, yasu has to work harder because he has to do double ne, not only releasing new single but also doing a nation-wide tour all over Japan

so i think you all better do prepare your self and money ne, do what ever you can do as long as it’s positive like

~  start to save your money,
~  make some list of priority and choice of what version you want to buy,
~  try to be less greedy because there’s still a Long Way of 「Shangri-la 」 Project

#Eh, what did i just say?  …xD …    and
~  maybe tryin to find a way to download money ..

eeh, what am i just talking ne,  So 行きましょう,  みんなさん ….!!! .. to the main post (what is the main of this post anyway …?) .

~   Iwate Live

like what they wrote on this1st Season最終公演、岩手 ! /1st Season Final Performance, Iwate post, The 1st Season of 「Shangri-la 」 Tour  started on Fukushima and ended Iwate.

And last 2013.09.15 Live at Iwate was the 2nd live of Acid Black Cherry there after BLACK LIST Tour 2008.




as always there was a local dish waiting for yasu, and this time is this




「まめぶ汁」/ Mamebu Soup

it’s a special dish from Iwate that has dumplings, walnut, brown sugar, vegetables and tofu and other ingredients. And also some 「南部せんべい」/「Southern Rice Crackers」

then had some game time of Monster Hunter 4 after meal  …..xD




because it was the last performance of 1st Season, as surprise for the audience they decided to signed Junji‘s 5 used drum heads,





The question for Iwate Live ..


「おふくろの味」/「Homemade taste」 and yasu‘s answer —–>  An omelet is a mother’s taste.

hoo omelet, i can make that …



yasu     :    or course, you have to …
noi        :    and if i can’t …
yasu     :    ah, don’t say ..
noi        :    ha, ha ha .. don’t worry i can do that ne ..


~   Iwate  Set List


With SPELL MAGIC and Nemuri Hime as requested song, there you are the Set List for 2013.09.15 Iwate Live ..

2.Shojo no Inori


3.Kuroi Taiyou the mirror
5.Yubiwa Monogatari
6.Black Cherry


8.Fuyu no Maboroshi

9. Shangri – la
10. I’m not a ghost
11 Tsumi to Batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi
12. Pistol


2.nemuri Hime

3.Greed Greed Greed
4.Dragon Carnival

ended with Dragon carnival, that list just made all of them as The Lucky Bastards ne …

yes, The Lucky Bastards. That’s what i am gonna call/write for someone who is lucky enough to get some GREAT sexperience, their fave song on the Set List, or get a very rare items …

and yesterday i just put my dear friend Miku as one of The Lucky Bastards for how she is finally meet and greet Gackt. Gackt is in Indonesia for his role on one local tokusatsu dorama called Bima Satria Garuda, he will play on 2 episodes as some alien character …?

eh, i am not sure about this … .

because i was at office yesterday, i have to watch Gackt on some local telly show called Dahsyat via streaming.

I am so glad they (The MCs) didn’t asked him to do any silly things like how they always do to their guest, sure his fans didn’t allow them. Not only that i am so glad there was no that Wacky MC for yesterday show with Gackt.

Gackt, he looks awesome ne, i mean his posture  and how he walked calmly is totally perfect  …

another interesting moment is when there’s a female fan who is pregnant and got a chance to go to the stage and had a personal meet and greet with Gackt on stage.  She kissed his hand and then got a hug from Gackt after he asked her politely if it’s okay for him to hug her. …

kissing hand (in javanese, we call it as salim) is something common to do here in Indonesia for someone that we respect, love and older than us. For example teachers or parents.

I used to kiss my parent’s hand in the morning before i go to school  like that when i was a little .




I think if one day there will be a chance for me to meet and greet with HYDE what i am gonna do 1st is kiss his hand like that. Show my respect and love for my one and only King HYDE*make a note*

enough about that, now let’s see

~   Iwate Kewpies ..




that’s 「わんこそば」/ 「Wanko Soba」 a special soba dish from Iwate Prefecture .. cute, eh …xD and talking about kewpies, this is all that i am gonna get ne




my friend managed to get all of those babies for me.

She’s totally cool eh, i mean i can’t imagine how hard she had to stand there at the venues (she went for 2 lives, eeh i think Iwate and Hakodate). Now what can i do but wating for all of them to come …

OK that’s on my Matsu Wa List now, together with ..

~    1st Season of 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK



and now you all can order that, don’t have to be a Fan Club member (to buy from UpRise use VIP) and use proxy because you are not in Japan (to buy via TSUYATA Shop) you can order it via ..

CD Japan  :  here
HMV         :  here

hey, that’s faster than i ecpected ne. Because i think they will open it after the pre-order for UpRise and TSUYATA closed, but it’s not, and also the closing date for Pre-Order at CD Japan is September 30th, 2013

~    The whatever upcoming magazine with yasu …xD

~    The 17th Single 「Kuroneko ~ Adult Black Cat 」

   i did my order for this yesterday and i ordered The Limited Edition w/ DVD from mu-mo (w/ a sticker bonus) and The Regular CD Only from FC Mobile (w/ mini clear file bonus) and of course from CD Japan for the rest 4 Special Editions

ah ya, from now on i also joined the Mobile FC (read : someone joined it for my behalf).

I think this Mobile FC is less expensive ne because the registration is only 700 yen. But of course you have to pay every time you want to download some photo or wallpaper from there. If i stay livin in japan i think i will chose Mobile FC than the regular because it’s way more cozy and updated ..

nah here  i am now, still waiting and  calm … xD

~   Iwate Meeting ..

the 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting ~ Iwate venue is an open area on Aeon Mall Morioka




people gathered there from 1st floor ~ 3rd floor, but hey look at the invitation area. That’s very close ne to yasu ne, i mean yasu, he was sit there and talking, … ahhh so close, i think you can easily just stand up and grab your hand then you can grab yasu

of course then his staffs will kick you …




The Public recording with Iwate FM , talked about the last August single 「Greed Greed Greed」 . The lyrics, PV story .. etc etc …




so that 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting ~ Iwate closed the 1st Season if 「Shangri-la 」 Tour and if this 「Shangri-la 」 Tour is a movie adn i am the director, sure i’ll say ..

It’s a Wrap  … !!!!

because that’s a phrase that director use to tell actors and crew that filming of a particular scene on a movie, drama … etc has finished. Nah in this case the part that they finished is the 1st part/Season so i’ll say …

1st Season of 「Shangri-la 」 Tour , It’s a Wrap everyone … !!!! *trow a confetti*

and sure as hell i am ready for The 2nd Season ..  then, next is

~   a rambling

what i am gonna talking about is

The Shop Around The Corner.

that phrase The Shop Around The Corner is from my fave movie You’ve Got Mail. That’s the name of Kathleen Kelly‘s bookstore. Nah somehow i always admire Kathleen Kelly so as much as i adore Joe Fox even they are just a movie character

and their relationship based on how they read Jane Austen‘s Pride and Prejudice (oww dear Mr. Darcy …!!) and how they think differently about that book and the characters inside it then followed with have a very nice argument …



my ideal dream date …xD

i want to be like Kathleen Kelly, be enchanting like her and be a bookshop owner. Even it’s not totally a bookshop it’s fine because later i imagined about a Book Cafe you know a place where you can have a nice cup of coffee and a good book to read plus a comfy place to read …

yeah, that’s my BIG dream ne …

but then i realized, it can’t be happen in any time soon with my recent condition or maybe it will never happen. that’s why last Saturday, on my day off after i spent my whole night clean black ink from all over my body and face i got an idea pretty nice idea ne. The idea is ..

If i can’t open my own The Shop Around The Corner in my real life, why can’t i open it on facebook …?

Eventually wipe all the black ink all over my face also wipe some stupid aura that blocked my brain from that idea. So start form September 21st, 2013 (Saturday) my virtual shop named




Is officially Open … #yay …!!!


it’s not a bookshop ne and it’s Indonesia Only, but the main purpose is to help any Indonesian fans who don’t have access to buy it directly from any Japan OnLine Shopping or acess to paypall or credit card for payment.

so this next adv. is in Indonesian …

jika kamu dr Indonesia, mau beli barang2 artis favemu dan masih bingung mau bagaimana, cukup hubungi kak Noi Himura …!!!

hope that’s good enough ne …

and somehow i always wanna laugh if there’s someone call me with Kak Noi (Noi Sister), because in my hometown you use Kak only for your senior on your scout (we called it as Pramuka) group.

And as i remember i never like any scout activities like camping, morse, tracking, simaphore or any other outbound activities because i am the one and only student in my class who fell into the river when they told us to walk crossing a river using a rope ..

that was disaster …

Now, i am not expect anything related to profit yet because these day i just enjoy this feeling of being a shop owner, even not a real bookshop like Kathleen Kelly. But still that’s a shop ne and i am the manager there … #ha-ha-ha

so i did open my store, do you know what i am gonna do next is ….?




yasu      :    eat something …
noi         :    no, it’s not midnight yet ..
yasu      :    then what …?
noi         :    i’ll join a chat room and maybe i can meet my own NY152 ..
yasu      :    eh, she is not hungry … ?




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