Noodle Post : 『Shangri-la』 Meeting and Live ~ Mie .. (another me, yasu, HYDE and Saturday)


Today is Saturday and ….

even i am forever single i do love Saturday ne, weekend and before Sunday.

This is something i heard a long time ago on my bus riding in the morning. There was 2 girls, that kind of high school girl one you know the one who always make noises on bus and how she said to everyone how she as the most un_happy person because at that moment she is single. When her friend asked he why? she said

Because i am single this Saturday night is not belong to me …

her answer made me laughed a lot. That’s what i am gonna say as a BIG LOL in the morning she gave to me. OK, there’s a moment where everybody can/allowed to be stupid,

after all she is only 17 years old ne . But i never think like that when i was 17 years old, maybe i skipped that phase because all i remember when i was 17 years old i was crazy with Jet Li and Jacky Chan

so Saturday Night, boyfriend and some related things with them, i didn’t think about that much because i spent almost my Saturday Night at home watching movies  …


yasu      :    weird  …
noi         :    yeah, and when i was 17, i didn’t know you .
yasu      :    because you start to know me when you were …
noi         :    50 ne ,,,
yasu      :    ah, come on  …

But this Saturday is different because today finally …


I GOT #VAMPSLiveJKT2013 Ticket ….!!!!!  #yay …!!!

after spent my whole last night teached Miss_Tekki how to use that whatsoever Pay_click, i changed my role from Miss Fisher into Dottie and let go the chance to get Inspector Jack Robinson,

but then finally i got the ticket, VIP one everyone ….!!!!

And as my promise, if i get #VAMPSLiveJKT2013 ~  VIP ticket,  i will wash my darling Mulyono.

This wacky cat now became dirty like that because how he really loves to rolling2 on the full of dust ground. Well he is not a hommy cat anyway, i’d say he is a traveler cat.

He will go there and there and back home when he is hungry then will ignore me after i gave him his lunch. Like yesterday, i spent my Friday noon inside my chamber with him and when i said to him …

Mul, HYDE will come to Indonesia ne ….


he didn’t even look at me, ah damn that wacky cat is not a fan_cat at all. I think i have to do something to him, so he will say Miawww everytime i show him/talk abouy HYDE or yasu.

Hmmm, how i am gonna do that anyway  …. ? .

I will wash him tomorrow and then lock him again inside my chamber so he will not go anywhere and stay clean. Btw i  spent so many my afternoon time washing a car, but i never wash a cat ne.

but i suppose washing a cat, it should be more easy than washing a car ne …

OK now, back to 『Shangri-la』.


nah before i start this 『Shangri-la』 Live and Meeting ~ Mie post, allow me to ask you all this question :

Have you order this 『Shangri-la』 2nd Season Photobook ?


i did  mine,

and to all of you who haven’t or might forget about this 2nd Season Photobook, let this Agent Himura remind you again, the pre_order period is

September 27 (Friday) 13:00 ~ November 18th (Monday) : 23:59 JST


~    FC members, you can go to to this     ——>   UpRise Official Online Shop
~    Non FC members, you can go to this  ——> Tsutaya store

contact your proxy, because remember about the special Photobook Case from Tsutaya for 5 same orders there? maybe some of you interested with that.

But i know some of you choose to wait for your fave OnLine_Shops to open their pre_order for this 2nd Season Photobook .

Oh now is already October ne, and i can’t wait to see the 1st Season Photobook ….

~    『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~  Mie


that picture above is from Tomita_san‘s twitter gave all of us a little sneak peak of the last『Shangri-la』  Meeting ~ MieTomita_san (Tetsuya Tomita), he is the DJ on FM Mie ~  「EVENING COASTER」 radio show.

He also posted a photo of himself with yasu ..


as well as on the Radio Blog


complete with the Q&A like

how yasu spent his spare time during this long tour …?

~    he said he will do such things like sightseing or go to pachinko if there’s nothing to do ..

and because he is on a long period time travel, Tomita_san also asked about packing …!!

~   the answer is related with underwear, underwear relationship so bulky,  doing laundry and asked the manager this time.

yasu‘s doing the laudry …  OMG, i wonder where and how  …  #ewww *wondering*

about this tour …

~   this is not an album tour, so the songs are various.   Because I put various songs on the set list so on the live show you will enjoy both the old and the new song.

now, i got the reason why that random set list on this 『Shangri-la』 Live


noi      :     not that kinda serial killer random ne  …
yasu   :     no …
noi      :     heee … *failed*
yasu   :     sorry ne …

Then the Meeting itself, It was held at the Ion Tsunan Sun Valley Shopping Center with almost 1,000 people (including people outside). 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 wrote that Meeting as full of smile Meeting.

The Public Recording, of course talking about 「Greed Greed Greed」 single and the story of the 「Recreation Track」 songs and  there was also a dialect corner where yasu learned some Mie‘s dialect


the Public Recording with FM Mie‘, will be aired on Hisashi Yamada‘s 「Limited Radian F」 tomorrow October14th, 2013.

~    『Shangri-la』 Live ~  Mie

Since the previous  TOUR 『2012』, Mie is already become a memorable place for Acid Black Cherry.

Entered the venue, this local gourmets welcomed …


Ise Udon ..

and yasu was also visited Ise Grand Shrine the day before and the rain was fallin … (if you read on his interview with Tomita_san, he also mentioned about that).  Then lookin at the video after  having Ise Udon with …

Is this YUKI …?


ah ya, that’s YUKI ne.  Then question for The Question Corner is …


「The power spot for me 」

ha ha ha .. OMG yasu‘s answer is …

how he occasionally have a meals together with HYDE and DAIGO, and he often go to a family restaurant with DAIGO then get a dessert with a seasonal fruit topping there.

But his main power spot is The Stage.

and you can read the Official Blog translation by Jin in here


the Set List for Mie is …

1.   Greed Greed gGreed
2.   Murder License


3.   Cord name 【JUSTICE】
4.   Rakuen
5.   Chou
6.   1954LOVE/HATE


7.  Yasashii Uso
8.  Maria
9.  so…good night


10. Shojo no Inori Ⅲ
11. Tsumi to Batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi
12. Black Cherry
13. Shangri – La


14. Re:birth
15. Aishitenai
16. Pistol

i see most of the set list are have Greed Greed Greed and Tsumi to Batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi, and Aishitenai ne ….

next is the Kewpie


since Mie is the home for ninja, so that’s a ninja.

I say this one is cute ne, imagine how that cute little ninja will jump from one roof to other roof in the middle of the night? waw that would be funny eh, because if that’s happen all i have to do just prepare a BIG net to catch all of them …

i see there’s many ABC fans love/like and wants this ninja kewpie, and i’ve been lost again at Yahoo Auctions 2 days ago and i saw they sell this ninja kewpie for 1,800 yen. That’s only for the 2nd day while the bid, it was for 7 days.

I wonder it will ended with how many yen. while the other one sellin the complete 2nd Season‘s kewpies for 18,000 yen

i say,  what a yen ne … !!!


yasu     :     then you auctions girl,  wanna go for it …?
noi        :     i think i’ll wait because i have no money now …
yasu     :     really ….?
noi        :     I told you, i am going to watch Vamps Live ne …
yasu     :     well … *continue eating*

I think i will wait when they put that Kewpies on the Official OnLine Shop as what they (Save Us) said to me via email when i asked them about the possibility to buy that Kewpies and some other silly questions as the new Mobile FC member.

They said ..

Shangri-la Kewpies is sale only at venue now.
However, it will be sold in Official OnlineShop (uprise shop), when it may sell after this except venue.
You do not need to register with Official mobile site.

see, that’s some good news ne. yes, maybe it will take forever to wait and when they put it on the Official OnLine Shop i might left away again. But still that’s a great news to me. It make me able to say,

I have a Dream, to have all the complete kewpies …! *dumped to Limbo*

Now, talking about Vamps Halloween Party, look at this cute HALLOWEEN PARTY -feat.HYDEs CM videos …




then remember Kla Hayashi?

the girl who did a good job cosplaying as yasu on QED Live? now look at her new cosplay. She awesome cosplay as yasu on The Halloween Party PV by  and her friend as HYDE

source and credit :  Kla’s Tumblr

that’s awesome ne. I always like Kla‘s cosplay because it looks real and not too much. You know what i mean …xD

again i will say I Love Saturday especially this Saturday because i got my ticket to see #VAMPSLiveJKT2013 next month and i think now it’s time for me to say this to HYDE_san …



HYDE    :      for what …?
noi         :      for me, who else …
yasu      :      aaaaa ….
noi         :      ha ha ha ….#yay





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