Oh God, .. Post : ~ Adult Black Cat ~ Cover … (Another me, yasu and Moulin Rouge)


There you are finally they let us see ~ Adult Black Cat ~  Cover   ….!!!


covers for

【CD+DVD】 Limited Edition

【CD ONLY】 Edition

CD only
【Special Price 394 yen (1 song) 】 Limited Edition

394 yen
the ~ Adult Black Cat ~ is the sexy Black Cat ladies (or should i say groupies …?)

around him like that on the 【CD+DVD】 Limited Edition cover. So after DAIGO chose bunnies for his Bunny Love w/ BREAKERZ single, yasu chose sexy  ~ Adult Black Cat ~ for this single …

Note for Myself :

Next time when you read Cat and Bunny especially from a band who sing lots of ecchi songs, it will never end with a literally Cat and Bunny … xD

there is the other members appeared there on the 【CD ONLY】 Edition jacket and  on the Official Home Page and Website

and sure the changed the profile photo with this jazzy and classy yasu like this …

and also the same photo for their Facebook cover …

According to this Barks Article,

this is the 1st time ever for yasu to put the other members on the jacket cover in which represents the big-band arrangements on this song.

can’t wait to listen for this song ne, jazzy ….?  #whaaaa

Look at this, he (read : yasu, not Mr. Friday) is still blonde and also that glamorous stage with ~ Adult Black Cat ~ lamps on stage,  sexy girls w/ mask dancing, and he use that kind of 80’s white and black classy shoes (like Mr. Poirot’s shoes) and with feather outfit. Where did all that images blown you to …?

…. ♪♪ …. Giuchie, Giuchie, ya ya dada (Hey hey hey) …
Giuchie, Giuchie, ya ya here (here) …  ♪♪ ….

for me it blown me away to Paris, France because …

it’s so Moulin Rouge ….!!!

noi          :      blimey cos i am too movie …
yasu       :      just don’t start …
noi          :     no, no don’t worry.  i can’t  do that kind of dancing with pole  ..
yasu       :     good ..
noi          :     but i’ll learn if you want …
yasu       :     eeeh …




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