Waa .. Post : 『Shangri-la』 Meeting&Live ~ Yamanashi .. (another me, yasu and 黒猫 ~ Adult Black Cat ~)


Finally it’s Saturday and ….

when today is over, there you are my day_off is comin to me. Oh, i am so exhausted now, need a refreshment to recharge this whatsoever battery might be installed in me.

have i told you how much i love Saturday ..?

yasu      :     yes, you have …
noi         :     then can i tell you again …?
yasu      :     no, no no re_post …
noi         :     why …?
yasu      :     that’s boring …

time is running very slow now here at my office plus how my boss mad today because how BIG is our electricity bills for this month make it more slow that it use to be.

i just wanna go home and listen to this Kuroneko ~ Adult Black Cat ~ single because today there’s somebody who already share the radio rip from Radian show last night.


watch the streaming in here or DL the MP3 in here ..

I say, Whhaaawww ….. !!!

that’s an awesomely splendid song ne, i didn’t imagine it’s gonna be splendid like this. I mean it sounds wild, catchy and flirty at the same time.

After all no matter how busy is he right now, yasu is still brilliant as he is …

I read someone say this and the 2nd version of Black Cherry , then i am with him ne. Because that’s so true. just listen again and catch the jazz … #waw

i say what a Black Cat day is today ne,

since today is the day when i finally listen to this Kuroneko ~ Adult Black Cat ~ single then suddenly like a MAGIC there’s somebody far away from Japan is mad like a Black Cat to me …  #awww … *got slapped*

i better stop talking before i talk too much and as you all know, too much is never be good, so let’s start this  『Shangri-la』 Meeting & Live ~ Yamanashi post …

~    Meeting  ~   Yamanashi

the meeting was held in  Kofu, Yamanashi prefecture and 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 wrote interaction with everyone in Yamanashi as a cozy meeting.

Acid Black Cherry came to  on 2011 Free Live and now for the 1st time come again there as a national tour.

learned about Yamanashi‘s specialtys on the Public Recording like 「ほうとう」/「Hoto」 and of course grape then also memories about this Project 『Shangri-la』 and  as always 『Greed Greed Greed』 single talk …


and as what said in here —>  http://www.fmfuji.co.jp/topics/1310/19_rock_in_boots.html , FM FUJI  broadcasted the Public Recording OA tonight 23:00 ~ 24:00 JST


hope someone will record it … #wish

~    Live   ~   Yamanashi

it was held in Korani Culturall Hall, Kofu_shi, Yamanashi prefecture. Kofu_shi city of Yukari and Takeda Shingen. at the venue, this Hot Meal menu already waiting


「ほうとう」/「hōtō」 :  this is a popular dish of Yamanashi prefecture, even it’s the signature dish there. It’s a flat udon noodles and vegetables stew in miso soup.
「鳥のもつ煮」/「tori no motsuni」 :  stewed chicken offal and this dish acquired the grand prix in B class gourmet grand prix of Japan.
「せいだのたまじ」/「sei dano tamaji」 :  Is a dish that was boiled in miso potatoes …

eeehh, am i in the culinary class now …?


yasu     :    cooking class, you …?
noi        :    i feel like i am in the cooking class ..
yasu     :    there’s no spot for eater there ..
noi        :    i’ll cook fist, then eat ..

i think soon this 『Shangri-la』 Project is over my knowledge about Japanese local food added as well, thanks to yasu. All this time i only know common dishes like sushi, miso, ramen, okonimoyaki and tako …. xD

reading all messages via twitter and Janne Mobile FC after meal while make up ….


then on The Question Corner, the theme is Teacher’s Day and question selected  is


「Memories of teacher」

yasu‘s answer is about how he learned to speak while lookin at  people’s eyes (people whom he is speaking to, i suppose ..) from one of his teacher

next is the SetList

1. I’m not a ghost
2. Rakuen
3. Pistol
4. Tsumi to batsu ~ kamisama no alibi
5. Scar
6. Greed Greed Greed
7. Nemuri Hime
8. Yes
10. Shojo no Inori III
11. Shojo no Inori
12. Cord Name 【Justice】
13. 20 Century Boys


15. re:birth
16. Black Cherry
17. Shangri – la

and Kewpie …


yes, it’s a grape …

that’s cute ne and what is on his (i believe all the QP’s are male)  head, it looks like a hair accessories ne and that’s make that little man is more cute …

and yesterday October 18th, 2013 on Chunichi Simbun evening article , there is yasu there.  ….


The Chunichi Shimbun (中日新聞/ Chūnichi Shinbun) is a Japanese daily broadsheet newspaper published in mostly Aichi Prefecture and neighboring regions by Chunichi Shimbun Co., Ltd .. etc etc ~ Wikipedia ~

Tonight is the 1st day of HALLOWEEN PARTY, and today’s Kobe World Memorial Hall ~ Live is over, and for this year yama_chan allowed us to see/follow him on the backstage/after live together with HYDE, yasu, DAIGO and others via his nicovideo channel ..

i am glad finally someone share it because my net connection Capt. Slow is forever will fail for streaming site, so to all of you who can’t watch streaming like me you can watch it

here ——>>  via  Secret Signs ‘s Facebook video


aaand still about HALLOWEEN PARTY, there you are …



and the PV‘s Offshoot because i can’t embed the video you can watch it in here —->   http://youtu.be/iBo4pFxsZDw

now, i can’t wait for my HYDOLL to arrive because finally i meet someone who will buy it for me and she went to tonight’s live in Kobe World Memorial Hall.


so yes everyone, i am gonna get that  ….. xD

what a lovely Saturday is today. My fandom is so alive, HALLOWEEN PARTY is a bit open than last year thanks to yama_chan, and tomorrow is my day off. Finally after 3 weeks nonstop workin i got my day off this week ne.

Here’s what i am gonna do tomorrow …

~   go to cinema to watch Tom Hanks‘s Captain Philips because hello, this is Tom Hanks we are talking about ne ..
~   do something with my hair before there’s other person beside my mother say how i look like a person who just lost gambling because of how messy my hair is …
~   eat that broccoli and mushroom dimsum, egg rolls on that food court next to cinema, eat the new menu on Pizza Hut, eat tom yam, and some Belgian Chocolate ice cream for desert …
~   get some new shoes, bags, books, DVDs, glasses  …

aaannnddd …

yasu        :     a new brain …?
noi           :     a new boyfriend …?
yasu        :     you don’t even have an old one ..
noi           :    well let me tell you something and say
#Amin for me  ..

~  one day i am gonna be the boss for my own bussiness
so i can have day off as much as i want
and will never hate rain to fall in the morning …  #Amin  ~

yasu        :     hmmm ….



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