After Party Post : Halloween Party 2013 .. (Another me, yasu, HYDE and Dorothy)


Who is Dorothy …?


this time i am  taking about that Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. That pretty girl that i envy for the whole of my life because her cute and sparkle red shoes, Over The Rainbow‘s song and her travel to Oz.

The Wizard of Oz is an epic movie that i am sure everyone know and already watched it then madly in love with the red shoes (for girls like me … xD),

amazed by The Tin Man or scared by Wicked Witch of The West‘s spell no matter they watch it in so many different versions (cartoon, Broadway, … etc etc) beside the original version with Judy Garland as Dorothy Gale.

Even i already got the message from that epic movie how your home is the best place to be in this world, …

but what can i do, i am still Dorothy ne …


noi        :    don’t tell me you don’t know Dorothy …
yasu     :    you think i don’t know Dorothy ..?
noi        :    i didn’t say that ..
yasu     :    ah, now you want a new shoes …
noi        :    awww ya_san, you know, but not only that, also …

I want to travel somewhere over the rainbow no matter how many times i got scared by that telly show called Banged up Abroad on Nat Geo Adventure channel  ..

i am sure some of you know that telly show ne, a show about people’s experience of being caught abroad because they did smuggling with their own so many reasons why.

But mostly their reason/cause was because they were so greed.  After they succeed once instead of stop, they want more and more until they get caught like that. Of course there were also other people who got caught because framed by their new travel mate that was so kind and adorable to them when they were there.

They just blindly believe them, no double check before leaving and shocked like dumped to hell when they couldn’t go back to their country because the custom find some illegal stuffs inside their bags/luggage.

This telly show scared me so much last year when i was going to Japan. It almost made me cancel it, but thank God i finally went there even with so many what if (what if they found something … etc etc) all over my mind.

yasu       :      noi_chan, why this Dorothy talk …?
noi          :      because this is Halloween ne ..
yasu       :      but it’s over ..
noi          :      that’s why i wrote When The Party is Over ne .

yes, this year’s Vamps Halloween Party is over

and honestly i am glad it’s over. For me, this year’s Halloween Party is supposed to be fun, more open than last year’s but somehow the fun just ended in the middle of the party, turned into full of …

~  worries (especially for ABC fans)

because how yasu got sick and had to cancel his performance on the 3rd day. I think everyone got this worry feeling. Even i couldn’t open the Official Home Page because it crashed soon after 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 announced it via their Official Twitter.


see yasu was trending on twitter that day … xD

with his throat problem he had years ago worried his fans, plus how he is very busy with his 『Shangri-la』 Project related like all over Japan Tour, upcoming new single next month and all the promo activity following it.

but thank God, the next day 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 via this post, announced that yasu will perform on Halloween Party 2013 as scheduled before added this message from yasu


I apologize for the worries.
Thank you for so many encouraging comments from everyone.
I will do my very best today!


complete with a photo of yasu HOOD like this … xD


良かった, he is fine now … #yay …!!!

next is how the fun of this year’s Halloween Party euphoria turned into ..

~    A Hide and Seek …

eeeh, should i say chasing game? like the I am Chasing on L’arc_en_Ciel’s Chase ..? because a Hide and Seek is supposed to be fun, but not this one. What i mean with a Hide and Seek is how …

eh, how should i say this ne …

as you know, there was streaming for before and after Party on the backstage that i am so terrificly happy for this ne. I was like …



even a little bit finally they make it Halloween Party a bit Open, at least for overseas fans like me. Then as always the lazy me, i didn’t watch the streaming for 1st and 2nd day because i waited for other fans/Street Team to share it via Youtube or Facebook video.

so yeah, i was fine, but then on the 3rd day, the Chasing is started.

Yama_chan, the event MC who held the streaming show asked the fans for not do any screen capture, recording or sharing the video with some copyrights reason from artist management .. etc etc like you all can see on the channel.

that prohibition somehow kinda divided fans into two side :

*   1 side is for fans who obey the request, while the
*   other side is for fans who actually wanted to obey the request,

but  …


couldn’t hold their desire to share the suff when they seen this beautiful man/woman on their PC screen. Eh God, i mean who can keep that beautiful Oiran HYDE for themself … ?

i can’t …

and on the 3rd day whenYama_chan said that prohibition again plus how he will not do the streaming show again if fans still not care, there you are the Hide and Seek started.

There was a message sending among fans, one fan asked to other fan to erase their screen caps posted on their twitter and Tumblr. Some even report how the screen caps as already all over Tumblr to Yama_chan. I was like …

Eeeh, really?

that’s totally pissed me off because i have to join something secret to see the streaming recorded video.  I lost the fun and euphoria. I didn’t even care about the last day. That’s why i said i am glad Halloween Party 2013 is finally over.

I hope there will be no more things like this on next year’s Halloween Party.

Maybe it would be better if they let The Party close like last year, and fans who can’t be there still can see their idol’s cosplaying as from sites like BARKS, or stalk their idol’s social networks like twitter, Facebook, or that Cameran app … #EndOfStory

But regardless of how pissed off and dramatic fangirl worried i was for what happened, i still think this year’s Halloween Party as an awesome moment even for me who wasn’t there.

Nice outfit from everyone for me of course especially yasu and HYDE.

ah ya, yasu‘s cosplay ….

~    Cute Lolita Girl w/ a big Boops …


there’s some jokes said how he got sick because that BIG Boops make him tired …xD

~   The Adult Black Cat on Nightmare’s Hitsugi tweet


October’s end soon and The Cat, The Adult Black Cat is on eh ….xD

Still i had my own fun from this Halloween Party just by reading all Live Reports, one of them is this Live Report by Secret Sign, you can read it in —-> here on her facebook note.

i read so many great fan reports ne, how on the 4th day HYDE got punished but instead doin the punishment, he sang Joujoushi amazingly (aww i wanna see it ….xD).

Oh God, look at HYDE ne …




especially the last one,

OMG HYDE, really ……?  *wipe my face*

HYDE is always like that.

Every year on Halloween Party HYDE succeed to make all his fans (especially girls) to accept the fact that the idol that they all adore is more beautiful than them.

Even among all those girls, he is still pretty …


source  :   Yumi Wakatsuki’s blog

HYDE did cosplay as Alive, The Sweet Bob Blonde Lolita .. and many others beautifully. I hope HYDE will think about cosplaying as Dorothy when i go to Japan to see Halloween Party.

I mean ….

i want to see HYDE walk and sing Over The Rainbow with a read shoes … xD


yasu      :     isn’t that too much to ask …?
noi         :     you think so
yasu      :     yes, …
noi         :     well then, i’ll ask Santa next Christmas …




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