Tuesday Post : 『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Fukui … (Another me, yasu and 愛してない )

someone said,

that it would be better if i edit my last post and divide it into 2 parts and make me feel i have an editor now.

#waaa  …. OK i am calm now, aaand  there you are  …


when the Party is over, yasu is back to his 『Shangri-la』 Project, started with …
~  『Shangri-la』 Meeting in Fukui
fukuiit was held yesterday, took place in Fukui Shopping City 3F.just like what 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 posted on their latest post on the Official Blog, they said how during his a little vacant before Halloween Party 2013 started, yasu did some interview with magazines and edit the PV for the upcoming 「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」 single …eeeh, PV …?



they already shoot the PV, heeee really …?


yasu     :    haha .. as always, you didn’t know …
noi        :    now i know, then lemme see lemme see ..
yasu     :    why should i let you see ..
noi        :    because YOLO ne,
YOLO …!!!
yasu     :    stop that
YOLO thing and wait …

back to 『Shangri-la』 meeting in Fukui,

because it was surrounded with love so it was a very fun Public Recording. They talked about memories of Secret Live 6 years ago in Fukui.

Secret Live in Fukui is becoming a pretty deep memories for yasu. Why? because at that time the Live, like how it named as Secret Live, it was completely secret. Nobody now if it’s a Live by Janne da Arc‘s vocalist yasu who was doing a solo project, the audience on that day was 0 …

so no single audience was there ….xD



i read about this on Erect Live Pamphlet ~ Secret Live and Free Live part. There’s a part where yasu‘s talking about this live with no audience and how when they start the live with introducing Acid Black Cherry :

Konichiwa, we are Acid Black Cherry …

then nothing but silence ….. xD.

no wonder that’s totally memorable ne. Now let the memories be memorable, because sure this time on 『Shangri-la』 Live in Fukui City Cultural Center there will be many audience comin to see Acid Black Cherry ..

and this one is a picture of yasu from FM Fukui

source   :   http://www.fmfukui.jp/guest/

then next is ..

~   『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK …

thanks to somebody who is so cute and kind to share all of that Green PHOTOBOOK, now i can see what is the different between TSUTAYA and FC version, there you are

TSUTAYA version

while this one is FC version ..

being able to get some sneak peak all the PHOTOBOOK contents even via messenger, made me drooling all night long can’t wait to get mine …  #What a fangirl eh, and ya talking about that boy ….


yasu      :     isn’t he too young for you noi_chan …?
noi         :     ah come on ya_san, this is 2013 everybody is too young for me. Including you my dear  ..
yasu      :     but you said …
noi         :     he has a very nice blog ne …

for me, it is a very nice blog to follow because it’s so easy to understand. Then let’s close this post with this ….

Erect ~ Live MC2 : Part 1 and 2

that’s very interesting MCs ne from all of them. Thanks to YUKI, it turned out to be VK’s Eye-Make up Secret Revealing, talk and how yasu sexplained to all the audience the lyrics of  Aishitenai

even it looks like talking to someone, actually it is a monologue …

ha ha yeah i know that, since i don’t have lot of friends that i can talk to i love to do a monologue i know that’s a monologue from a broken hearted man

plus how i listen to this song a lot when my heart torn apart on Mr. Friday‘s wedding day and start my own monologue from a broken hearted woman.

Hey i am a woman ne,  even many people think i am not a woman from my name. They (a lot of them) said noi is too boyish for a woman name, heee really?

But still as Wonder Woman or The Simple Magnolia or Inspector Himura ( xD) , i am still a  woman anyway  …

a woman that somehow love to talk to herself …

Somehow i talk to myself a lot. I mean i can’t talk/share about Mr. Friday with my Her Majesty because she is too dramatic. I am affraid she will think about it like it was something really matter and turned it into another episode of drama and soon all this block will know about that … #eww ,


ah, she is too busy with her PC ne. I even have to mention her via twitter because  when she is in front her PC she will put her earphone on, turn the music and anything but me.

So twitter is the best way to drag my British Wannabe Sista out of that whatsoever show with Royal Family in it  …

then owww Shuse …


Erect MC2 Eng Subbed Part2.avi_000211544

Good job dude, .. 

because he did a very best joke here and i totally agree with him. If i somehow get lost in Japan and i only meet 5 of them (read : yasu, Shushe, Yuki, Hiro and Junji)  to ask for a direction, …
sure i’ll ask to Shuse instead of you, ya_san   …


yasu       :     why ….?
noi          :     i am affraid … ah, forget it ..
yasu       :     what …
noi          :     i am affraid you’ll give me a wrong direction … *run*
yasu       :     what the ..


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