Whalaaa ..!! Post : HYDOLL と yasuDOLL … (Another me, yasu, HYDE and The BATMAN Trap)


Finally my HYDOLL came yesterday ….

Tekki said it looks creepy, but ah never mind what ever she said ne because she didn’t win BAFTA anyway.

When i see it i was like :

hey, it’s smaller than i thought ne. I thought it’s the same size as my yasuDOLL.

sure you all remember my yasuDOLL eh. In fact, it’s my fave Acid Black Cherry stuffs among all other stuffs i have because it’s a gift from Vietnam, from my dear friend Joanna.

Yes, it’s not official from Uprise but it’s handmade ne so i suppose it’s a rare thing and i have it #yay …!!!

and this year, on Halloween that yasuDOLL finally end his solo career because there you are now his partner duo HYDOLL finally came from Japan to do The Whatsoever Live they will do on that mini stage .

But i’d rather them to do a duet of  …

Glamorous Sky ..

945450_689554241055074_194711621_n mm

noi          :     to see you both singing Glamorous Sky one stage is my dream ne
HYDE     :     don’t talk about fangirl dream, noi_chan. Now tell me where is DAIGO
noi          :     eeettoo …
yasu       :     what did you do …?
noi          :     why me …?
HYDE     :     it must be you fangirl, don’t say twitter did it again ..

OK OK, i am sorry

but i have to do that ne. Because on this Fangirl Spaceship to Bahama i only ship HYDE and yasu, so yeah sometimes (or many times …?) i did that … xD.

Cut here, cut there to get a nice and lovely photo of HYDE, yasu or HYDE and yasu. And if there’s a time i put DAIGO or others (mostly are the Radio DJs …. xD) inside that’s because i can’t make it as a good photo if i cut him.

Once again ….

本当にごめんなさい … *bounce *

But i am sure all of you already know if that photo’s posted by DAIGO via his twitter a lovely loki backstage photos of Halloween Party 2013 with HYDE, yasu and anis



while these posted today on his Ameblo



while anis shared this HYDE and me backstage via his twitter/twipple


But heee ……

i was hope that anis will share his SISTERHOOD photo of him, HYDE and yasu together, then i i think ah he is still kind ne because after all he’s still posted a SISTERHOOD photo of him and HYDE so never mind my silly fangirl hope ne.

plus a lot of on stage photos from BARKS’s 【photo-gallery】 and Natalie




then suddenly everybody wants to touch and feel yasu‘s fake Boops .. xD. That was totally fun but weird talking ne, weird because how suddenly the topic changed ..

from a joke about how yasu‘s got sick because he wore too BIG sized fake Boops that make him tired to sing along with it (suppose it was a D Cup, or F  .. .. xD)

changed into everyone said i want to touch it, feel it, and wondered will it bounce if it get touched ?  … etc etc … OMG, that was hilarious ne. Thank God, it was just a cosplay nobody will turned it into a virtual harassment or else …

Now the Party is really over, because HYDE already posted a Thank You post via VAMPS Universal International / Delicious Deli Records Facebook‘s status where he said his Thank You to all artists who performed on this year’s Halloween Party 2013 one by one …

this one is for yasu and Acid Black Halloween part


you can read all the rest in here both in English or Japanese

that’s sooo (with triple o) sweet ne and i love to read that how HYDE think yasu is a must part on his annual event then how showed his sympathy, sorry and grateful for his fanboy named yasu.

While the other side, the fanboy yasu still do this his kami‘s call to join this year’s Halloween Party 2013 even he is in the middle of a long 「Shangri-la」Tour

then he got cold …

ah, i hate to write about yasu being sick again, so let’s skipp that because now he is okay and already jump into his tight schedule of 「Shangri-la」 Project.

Not only that he also kinda wanted to make sure all his fans know if he is OK by put this message via this 元気、でた! post on The Official Blog

Everyone, I have made you worry.

It’s not a big deal, because I caught a little cold, I was allowed to rest for a day from HALLOWEEN PARTY 2013. Thank you for the many messages. Since I’m enthusiastically into this Project 『Shangri-la』 tour, don’t worry!

Everyone be careful not to catch a cold. So, I’ll see you at Project 『Shangri-la』!

together with a photo of him with a mask ..


aand by the way busway, look what 【TEAM ABC】 just tweet_ed this afternoon …


it’s sudden, but what you all do on November 2nd around 23:00 PM  …

hooo …

that’s a BATMAN trap question, you know that kinda invitation diguised as a question. I suppose they want to let us see

394 yen

…   ♥ ♥ PV of 「黒猫  ~Adult Black Cat ~」 ♥ ♥ ….

so everyone on November 2nd around 23:00 PM (JST) do not go anywhere. Stay at home in front your PC, go online and stay tune to 【TEAM ABC】 twitter and wait whatever they will let us see … .

OK stay calm everyone, keep the all sexcitements for the day after tomorrow now let’s back to Erect Live DVD MCs ne and there you are ..


Erect Live ~ MC3



eeeh …. say bad things about Avex?


noi        :      that’s so yesterday, eh …
yasu     :      but you also do that right …
noi        :      yes, i did but not now  …
yasu     :      that’s because now you are mad to the other …
noi        :      ah, don’t make me talk about nico video please …

now i am bit disappointed to nico video, for what they did on the last Halloween Party‘s streaming.

How they still kicked me to the purchasing ticket page even i already do the monthly payment for my premium membership (who knows yasu or Benny might do a streaming live there again). And tryin to find the link to stop that monthly payment confused me.

They said it’s for the host’s fee or something like that.

It doesn’t matter for me if i had to pay again, but when i go to purchasing ticket page they hurt me again when the ticket purchasing is for Japan only, i mean i did my membership payment with Paypall but it didn’t work for purchasing ticket.

enough about that, now let’s back to the yasu‘s MC ne.

The last time i said bad about yasu‘s recording company was when Acid Black Cherry joined a-nation. You all remeber ne, how they canceled the Acid Black Cherry part to be on live screening all over cinemas …?

yeah, i was disappointed that time and did my usual dramatic fangirl disappointed post, but i remember that day i was disappointed not only because of that but also someone said this to me …

If you wanna see it, then go to Japan …!!

like going to Japan is very easy just  like how you jump from your bed then run to your toilet in the morning. Yes, i got that if he/she is already go to Japan maybe 2 or 3 times? but i think he/she didn’t have to say that to me.

Maybe yes, for him/her going to Japan is very easy just jump on the plan and go but hello, …  not everyone is lucky as you ne.

I have a friend who go to Japan for many times for ABC Lives and other purpose that she only know but she never say that to me. Because instead of sayin that she always kindly ask me if i want her to buy something for me there … etc etc yeah she is so kind like that.

I mean i know this world is wide world even for a fandom world with so many characters of peoples there, but i just don’t get why there’s some said things like that.

Hell yeah, that was hurt for me,

but i took the good side how what he/she said to me made more insist to go to Japan no matter how hard i have to asked my boss to give me a week off from office on December


yasu      :   so you went to Japan because of that …
noi         :   eh, i never told you ? but still my main reason is you ne …..
yasu      :   really …
noi         :   that’s why i said for me, talk bad about Avex is so yesterday …

nah, nah see everyone …

i suppose from now on, we should not say/write bad things about yasu‘s record company again ne. Because …

~   sure you all don’t wanna be so yesterday and
~   the man (read : yasu, not Mr. Friday) himself already said the words so it would be better if we follow him ne just like how we all follow him on twitter. …
~   ooorrr with an approval from Inspector Himura (read : me …xD)


i am afraid

this Officer Hayashi will arrest you …. xD  *wink*



yasu        :      what, i am still an officer ? …
noi           :     sorry but this Inspector Himura and Officer Hayashi is the only pairing fit to end this post ne
yasu        :      why didn’t you go  find another
noi           :     i am busy now, i’ll do that later or tomorrow …



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