Blinded Post : 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Fukui … ( Another me, yasu and Acid Black Halloween)


A Hot Live in Fukui …

from this 盛り上げ上手な福井県での熱いライブ!   post on The Official Blog

After 『Shangri-la』 Meeting on the previous day, the Live in Fukui was held on October 30th, 2013 in Fukui City Cultural Center. Before this, Acid Black Cherry came to Fukui City in Secret Live 2007.

Thanks to the good excitement from fans, this Live in Fukui for the 1st time after six years became a very hot stuff ..

Like a little melancholy for the day, rain was fall on the Live day, and this one was waiting when they arrived on the venue ..


Sauce Katsu

Sauce Katsu, Fukui Cityy’s soul food that now become a gourmet which represent Fukui like 「”越前が」/「Echizen-gani」/「Echizen crab」 or shrimp.

they said it’s very delicious because yasu even wanted to eat that katsu yesterday and today before Live. After such a delighted time, yasu‘s back to backstage smiling continuously


while reading messages from everyone (via Janne Official Mobile and twitter) chatting with other members.

Last time in Fukui, it was with no audience and now six years again there were so many audience. Lots of people are feel and waiting for Acid Black Cherry.

Question selected for the question corner is


「Memories of Surrounding Scent」

and yasu‘s answer is

I do like variety of smells. But I always say, I really like the scent of shampoo called 「SALA」

while the Set List for Fukui is

1.  Re:birth
2. 少女の祈り
3.  Kuroi Taiyo
4.  Nemuri Hime
5.  Black Cherry
6.  Yubiwa Manogatari
7.  Aishitenai
8.  Cherry Cherry
9.  I’m not a Ghost
10.Shangri La


1.  Yes (request)
2.  Fuyu no Maboroshi (request)
3.  Greed Greed Greed

the finally there you are the Kewpie



that’s Echizen crab, that Fukui is famous about.

aaand  ….

i suppose we have to back to Halloween Party talk again ne. I thought i already closed my Halloween Party post since it’s already November, but it seems like the After Party for us is not end yet ..

now from BARKS 【photo-gallery】 and Natalie, there you are Acid Black Halloween on stage




~ yasu on vocal


~ Hiro on Guitar

~ Leda (Deluhi) on guitar


actually my knowledge about this Leda for the 1st time was from FanFic.

Yeah, as i always say i am not into FanFic division but i remember there was a time when one of my mutual friend in Ameblo and Facebook is a BIG fan of Deluhi.

She is also a FanFic writer, so everyday my home both Ameblo and Facebook was full with her post/status/notes of her FanFics about Leda in so many various things Leda did with other VK‘s band member that i didn’t even know who they are ..

now i think she is already stop her cyber fangirl or writing FanFic activties because i didn’t see her around my Ameblo and Facebook again. For me she was a good writer, i mean how she made me read all of it and even asked her  .

hee, did he (Leda) really do/say that?

and ignored the fact that what i was reading a FanFic. I just got Lost inside her way thinking of Leda. Reading too much FanFic might get you lost between reality and fiction ne ..



yasu      :     what about me …
noi         :     you mean a FanFic about you ..?, i never read
yasu      :     uso
noi         :    i even avoid to read it ..
yasu      :     why ..
noi         :     hmm you tell me why ..

and thanks to her my knowledge about VK Bands added even a little bit by reading her FanFics, including how i know this …

~   Shinya (Dir en Grey) on Drum


and …

~  Ju-ken on bass


Since the bass position was announced the last, i think i was not the only who asked for IKUO to be there, as the bassist for Acid Black Halloween. Because i think it’s not gonna be so easy for my askin leader_sama TETSUYA to be there ne.


Banana on Halloween Party …. !!!



noi         :    is that possible?
HYDE    :    hmmm i think she is hungry now  ..
noi         :    not that
banana, but BANANA ..
yasu      :    ehmmmm …
noi         :    i really want to see him live on stage again …

then i think yasu might ask IKUO since ther last work together on Greed Greed Greed single. But in the end they decided for Ju-ken on the bass

Okay, not far from VAMPS and just like what HYDE said because he is one of VAMPS he can get all the materials n a short time after spent some more times in London

Now let’s talk about yasu‘s costume on the 4th day of Halloween Party. I am talking about this Supposed o be a BLACK CAT outfit



DAIGO via his twitter tell everybody if yasu is a mouse . Even i know that’s correct but i never read i still say (even wanted to reply DAIGO) with

what kind of mouse is that …?

Blimey, but i got dragged to this Kuroneko ~ Adult Black Cat euphoria and thanks to how sexited i am now to see the PV this midnight then i still think it was a BLACK CAT.

Yeah for me it yasu was a BLACK CAT on that day costume. The funniest was i read how someone said/wrote yasu is a Phanter ….xD

now i am givin up and OK, that’s a mouse. Then i remember won won‘s mouse/rat Mr. Scrabber.


i am sure you all who watch and forever in love to this cute Ron Weasley a.k.a won won know about that. Ron and his little rat Mr. Scrabber that actually he is Peter Pettigrew a.k.a Wormtail friend of Harry‘s father James Potter, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin.



He was the one who sold out his friend James together with his wive Lily and their new born child Harry to The Dark Lord . Unlike the werewolf Remus Lupin, he is an animagus so he can change as human or animal as he want.

Just like what Hermione Granger explained, that’s the main different between and a werewolf and animagus. Animagus has a control for their self changing while for werewolf it’s all about the moon, The Full Moon. That’s why now i say :

OK, he was  a mouse that day


looks weird ..?

let’ just say because he is an animagus but not perfectly transformed.

OK, now what time is it, ah it’s just 13:30 PM. Time is so slow ne and all things at office goes in slow motion today. There’s another long 4 hours till 17:30 PM. I just wanna go home now, get shome hot water shower and relax a litttle bit before join this 【TEAM ABC】‘s Secret Meeting tonight.

See no more BATMAN Trap because they already posted the invitation on their Official Facebook Page in English ..!!!



I better go home now ne, but this week just a pretty hard week for me ne, things went wrong and i ended on the HOT SEAT and had to fix all of that ..




yasu      :   don’t ask me …
noi         :   i know i am HOT but that HOT SEAT …?
yasu      :   you what ? OK, i’ll pretend i didn’t see that  … *put a strikethrough*
noi         :   is not my division …
yasu      :   just end this post now …

well the, let’s end this post with this …



Janne Da Arc Fan Club finally is on twitter now.

As what they posted on their twitter profile, that’s the Official twitter for 「Mademiselle Anatatachi」, Janne da Arc Official Fan Club. With that twitter account they will inform us the latest information from Fan Club staff.

for example how they tweet_ed links for you’s HPの「Diary」. he wrote lots of diary with his phone ne and  of course you have to be a  Fan Club member to read that, because it is password protected. But they also retweet_ed the not password protected like 【TEAM ABC】‘s blog post tweet ..

suppose you can use your twitter and follow them in here

I posted that link on team_yasu then as i predicted, i got the same hope comments about how they miss Janne to come back, and some even say maybe they will do a plan for 20th (or 15th ..?) Anniversary Live … etc etc …

i mean, am i the only one that didn’t responded that way, regardless for how not into Janne i am. For me, because i am a Fan Club member and sometimes i ….

ah i don’t have to write it complete here, suppose you all know what i mean. My respond for that Janne FC is on twitter now was …

OMG Police FC now is on twitter,

noi       :   they will catch some bad/naughy fans …
yasu    :   like you ,…?
noi       :   i didn’t say that …
yasu    :   well i said that ..
noi       :   then don’t say that …


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