Friday Post : 『Shangri-la』 Live & Meeting ~ Nagano … (Another me, yasu and How to Mock a Fangirl)


Enthusiastic Live in Nagano …..

from this とっても声が大きかった長野県での熱狂ライブ! post on The Official Blog is …

~    『Shangri-la』 Live ~  Nagano

2 days after Live performance in Fukui, they moved to Nagano prefecture. The Live itself was held in Hokuto Culture Hall on The 1st day of November, 2013.

it’s been 5 years since Acid Black Cherry came to Nagano in 2007 with Secret Live for debut and then on 2008 with BLACK LIST Tour. yasu was already in Nagano one day before the Live for a Live Program with FM Nagano ..

waited by this Nagano gourmet …

nagano yakimen

Nagano Yakimen …..!!!

some noodle dish, it’s a local special food from Nagano and that’s Grand Prix awarded dish btw. Not only that they also gave yasu some 「信州そば」/「Shinsu Soba」 and 「野沢菜の漬け物」/「Pickled Nozawa」 a pickled vegetables. Ah, so many various dishes in Japan ne …

as always, yasu was reading messages and questions from fans after meal …


and in honor to Nagano, the question selected on the Question Corner was


「Memories of 1998 Nagano Olympic」

Junji with SIAM SHADE, Shuse and Hiro with La’cryma Christi then Shuse bought a black car?  but most of them were talking about abig event around 1998 called 「Break Out Festival」 where all of them were there ..

then the Set List

1.   Greed Greed Greed
2.   Murder License
3.   cord name 「JUSTICE」
4.   Rakuen
5.   Chou
6.   1954 LOVE/HATE
7.   Yasashii Uso
8.   Maria
9.   so … Good night.
10. Shoujo no Inori III
11. Tsumi to Batsu ~Kamisama no Alibi~
12. Black Cherry
13. Shangri-la


14. Cherry Cherry  「request」
15. Yes  「request」
16. Pistol

while the Kewpie is …



it’s a 「そば」/「Soba」

but look at that kewpie, don’t you all feel sorry for him?  …  seems like that’s too heavy for him, isn’t it? and it’s on his head ? …

Owww, poor Little Darling ….

OK, we’ll take care of that Little Darling now let’s move on to …

~    『Shangri-la』 Meeting  ~  Nagano

from this 2nd Season7県目、長野県での「Shangri-la Meeting」終了! post on The Official Blog


as hey said, it was a very dark event because it was held at the same Live House where they held Secret Live in Nagano 5 years ago …?  waw that was so memorable ne …

at the beginning of the Public Recording they were talking about the previous Live they did yesterday and then they started to talk about the new upcoming single 「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」.

394 yen

yasu said how this song 「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」 it has been produced as a demo for quite some time and of the tracks of such music shuffle tones was made that time. Because this song was one of the song that he really want to release.

he’s  glad that it can released  at this time and how the song  finished with a big band arrangement is very cool

so it was a demo song which he saved, then released next November, 20th ne. Still, i feel that song as upgraded song from Black Cherry.

For this matter i prefer to say that feel that i got from listening to all yasu‘s song as the upgraded feeling, how i feel he was upgrading this song and as this song, of course in a better way ne …

and still amazed me in his many amazing ways or maybe i feel like that because i am listening to a solo of one man/singer, not a band . No wonder i will feel,

ah this song sounds like …. while that song sounds like …. bla bla bla etc etc …

what i keep feel from all yasu‘s song is kind a like his identity or if in CSI’s crime scene you may say it as his fingerprints, him all over his songs . It’s different when you listen to a song from a group let say …

for example you listen to Janne or L’arc songs. Yes, you will still got that same feeling but sure not as much as when you listen to songs from one man as solo.

I think yasu also said something about that on one of his interview on Erect Pamphlet ~ Free Live and Secret Live Part,

he said about

if we do a solo then the displayed image is our own, different from band that brings all (other members) images.

enough with  『Shangri-la』  Post, now there you are the boring part . Well actually i started to write this post yesterday, yeah on  Friday , that’s why aha ha ha ha ha everyone  ….

this is a Friday Post, so  …

Am I not gonna talk about Mr. Friday ? … Of course i am gonna talk about Mr. Friday.

When did the last time i talked about Mr. Friday? it was forever ago ne, … ah ya, it’s not enough space to say as forever ago, but still it was long ago i talked about Mr. Friday

ah, Friday, Friday, my Mr. Friday …

maybe this year, the end of year finally time show how it really worked to cure/forget/erase someone in somebody’s mind. In this case is my mind ne. It’s not that i totally forget about him, but the way i remember about him is different now.

now i remember him as my sweet 1st love, with no anger or BIG regret. I am already calm about Mr. Friday now. This me now is totally different with the last year or 2 years ago me feelin about him. That’s so great ne,

i mean this whatsoever time did just worked  …

OS Yes.avi_000340239

noi      :     eee ya_san, what R U doin …?
yasu   :     i am bored with you …
noi      :     ah come on, when did the last time i wrote
Mr. Friday? forever ago ..
yasu   :     then what is that …
noi      :     that’s an opening ne and do you know if his mom just survived from cancer …
yasu   :     i don’t and don’t tell me  ..
noi      :    no, i will tell you ….

so when my father was in hospital, his mom was also in hospital. Different hospital btw (because they are rich, it was better and more sexpensive than ours) and her mom sent a text message to my mom about donga dinonga (from Javanese mean : pray for each other)’s health. We pray for her, while they also pray for my father.

but what happened next was eeehhh he he he , ……

even both of them finally out from hospital, his mother is fine, survived while my father got the express road to grave and leaved me in this new chapter as nobody.

now i finally found out why me and him (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) will never be MFEO (Made For Each Other), it’s because i am nobody’s child. Nobody know who is my real parents then of course it is a very important matter for them.

Like what happen to all dramas that i watch, sure i am someone that they will never allowed to be on his family ne.

I think i’ve been out from their list a long time ago …

but that’s fine ne, because see Loki, he is fine ne. No matter how so many people, even his brother hate him but he is still fine and yeah ..

hell yeah, I am gonna be fine ….

~   No MFEO between me and Mr. Friday ? …. Fine
~   I am nobody ? ….. Fine, at least for Her Majesty I am somebody
~   I didn’t pass that exam ?  …. Fine, i’ll do that again next year …
~   no Air Asia to Japan now ? …. Fine, Superman will bring me there  …

noi         :      see everything’s fine …
yasu      :      you can’t get your
noi         :      fine ..
yasu      :      aha …
noi         :      eh, no no no that’s not fine, because there’s also my friend’s
yasu      :      got you ….

now i better close this post now because Martin Freeman now is on my telly as The Young Bilbo Baggins ne. OK i’ll close this post with this something that will answer this question …

How to Mock a Fangirl …

the answer is so easy, actually my office_mate was the one who did this, and the Mocked Fangirl was me.

yeah it always me ne in here … xD

so it started when we all had a meeting together, and as always i was so sleepy. Then suddenly before they end that meeting one of my office mate made an announcement about how they should raise a fund to bring HYDE or yasu to Indonesia for me so i will stop babbling about HYDE or yasu everyday ..

then it became worst when my superior while laughin at me asked :

How much, …  1,000,000,000 is it enough to get you close to your HYDE or yasu …?

can you imagine that, all of them laughed at me. Even they are aware about my HYDE or yasu‘s babbling activity but still that’s embarrassing ne. When i said to them i hate all of them because of that, they said that’s only a joke.

a joke? really ? no that’s not a joke, that’s a mock ne, How dare they did that to me, i mean   …

Who would  dare to mock a Fangirl anyway …

yasu     :     they dare …
noi        :     but why me …?
yasu     :     because you’re HOT … ?
noi        :     OK, that’s not funny. Tomorrow i am gonna …
yasu     :     you’re gonna what ..?
noi        :     i am gonna … *think very hard*

~ owari~


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