Fangirl Post : 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting&Live ~ Niigata … (Another me, yasu, and The Ahjussi … xD)

Since i’ve delayed this post for 2 days, this post became something like



ha yeah,

a long and boring post as always, but let just start this post with this 3rd Season 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting …!!!


11月19日(Tuesday) 19:00 starts   ~   Abeno Q’s Mall, Osaka (FM OSAKA Public Recording and High Five Meeting)

FM Osaka BUZZ ROCK already posted the 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting event details on their site :

11 月22日(Friday) 19:00 starts ~ Okayama City, the Meeting place hasn’t decided yet, (Radio Momo Public Recording and High Five Meeting)
11月27日(Wednesday)18:15 starts ~  Sea Mall Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi (FM Yamaguchi Public Recording and High Five Meeting)eh God,i dunno why i am so sexcited about 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting in Osaka even i am not gonna be there, but still i can wait something anyway, ah you all know what i mean.

i suppose recently i am just being so over sexcited ne, aaand sexcited is fine but over sexcited is not fine.

That’s why i really need this vitamin y ..

yasu     :     who, me …?
noi        :     @_@  ….
yasu     :     for what …
noi        :     do listen ne … *reading* …

special for fangirl,

vitamin y is necessary to reduce the over fangirl sexcitement so the fangirl can be SEXY ….   ~ Fangirlpedia ~ …

yasu     :     Fangirlpedia … OK, that’s enough ..

now, let’s talk bout this …

*   「Shangri-la 」 Meeting  ~ Niigata

from this 2nd Season8県目、新潟県での「Shangri-la Meeting」終了! post on The Official Blog

The Meeting was held in the open space at Aeon Mall on Sunday November 3rd, 2013 with a Public Recording with FM-NIIGATA.


look at the venue eh, suppose if i were in Japan i mean i am in one of that cities, all i need just be there and i can see yasu.


Photo’s credit to : りこ @ ameblo

Look at that, that’s yasu, what a nice catch isn’t it …


yasu‘s talked about 「Shangri-la 」Project ..

How he wanted a lot of interaction with everyone simply, and (this project) allowed him to do that. They are the all-prefectures tour also this kind of events. It is special, because he come and have interaction with everyone as mostly as possible.

then  about 「黒猫 ~ Adult Black Cat 」 ….

「黒猫 ~ Adult Black Cat 」 …?   hold on a second,  アダル/adult,  although it is a tick word, but it has not shaken off so much (smile).

Although it is a music that is lock in the taste of jazz shuffle-like, but it has become a good and familiar melody. It is the music that I would like you to listen to by all means.

and a question from the MC  :

The smiling face of your fans, is wonderful. What is the meaning of fans existence for you yasu_san?

Since I think that I cannot exist without fans, fans are very important existences. I have always thankful …

ah, that was a quite long post ne … Oh God … *wipe my head*  …

then this one is yasu on FM-NIIGATA 「SOUND SPLASH」


look at that people behind them (yasu and the DJ) Oh God, i wish i’m one of them …

*   「Shangri-la 」 Live  ~ Niigata

from this ABCのホームグラウンドとも言える新潟県!! post on The Official Blog. The Live yesterday was held in Niigata Prefectural Civic Center, same place with their last 『2012』 Live in Niigata. They stayed 5 days there …?

and this Niigata Gourmet waited for yasu on the venue ..


Koshihikari rice! !

speaking of Niigata, it’s 「米/Kome/Rice」 afiter all and Koshihikari , the highest grade is the best. yasu also enjoyed 「タレカツ丼」/「Tare Katsudon」 and while smiling he said     ….

it’s a dish that he never get bored to eat everyday …..


then continued with chatting with the other members on the dressing room and question that selected on the Question Corner

We are having a hard time for code of F of the guitar can not be pressed down, please tell me a good way to practice …

and question about 1st musical instrument …

yasu‘s answer is ..

I was singing all the time. When the band was begun, a high key didn’t come out at all. So I was singing all the time. I may sing at home normally having rounded the towel to the mouth.

I’ve continued to sing that way all the time for three years

ha ha, OK at least he wasn’t a bathroom singer ne ..


noi       :     after all home singer’s level is higher than a bathrom singer
yasu    :     and you are ..
noi       :     i am …
yasu    :     a bathroom singer …
noi       :     fine, at least i can sing all song’s on this ….

Niigata  Set List

1.    I’m not a ghost
2.    Rakuen
3.    Pistol
4.    Tsumi to Batsu ~Kamisama no Alibi~
5.    Scar
6.    Greed Greed Greed
7.    Nemuri hime
8.    Yes
10.  Shoujo no Inori III
11.  Shoujo no Inori
12.  cord name 「JUSTICE」
13.  20+∞Century Boys


14.  Kono Aozora no Mukou ni (request)
15.  SPELL MAGIC (request)


16. Black Cherry
17. Shangri-la

then the kewpie ..



It’s a Rice (米/Kome) …..!!!

that cute yellow little darling, i suppose he must eat a lot of rice ne. Look at his belly, blooming like that …. xD

on my childhood, when i ate too much  i am gonna cry and tell my mom how sick i am.  So my mom, Her Majesty will bring a spoon then scrub it on my belly and acted like she’s takin all the meals i ate too much from me  while sayin ..

Boo’s sick because she eat too much, so know i am gonna share it …

1 spoon for papah,
1 spoon for mamah and ..
1 spoon for Tekki …,

over and over until i feel better …

i know that’s just a silly things made by Her Majesty but somehow i feel better after she did that, even until now i did that to myself …


yasu     :   it’s still works for you …
noi        :   yeah, you should try that ..
yasu     :   what ..
noi        :   i mean when you eat too much ..
yasu     :   me, really …?

What day is it, Wednesday?

ah finally it’s already Wednesday ne, after Wednesday days will run very fast. For me the hardest day from 7 days in a week is always Monday. It’s not that i hate Monday but Monday just always be a hard day for me.

a day after Sunday, when everything started again, everyone want everything to be fast on Monday (ex : fast respon, fast report, … etc etc and many things started with fast except Fast and Furious).

that’s why if i managed to do all things on Monday, then go to the next Tuesday then i’ll be fine.

Things will be  fast and smooth to deal with.

yesterday on Tuesday after a pretty hard Monday, i was still mad for someone who did mistakes again and make me to re_doing/edit all my works from the beginning. I wanted to be mad at her but i had no left energy to be mad, it was already 14:00 PM anyway.

then suddenly this message came


a message from Mr. Ardiyanto from Post Office, and then when i got home this 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK already on my bed.

next to my rascal nephew Ipank rolling2 on my bed, because he wanted to eat mango but his father didn’t allow him because something was wrong with his stomach yesterday.

Then there he was rolling2 on my bed while sayin

mango, mango, yangti i want mango   …. !!!

over and over to his yangti (grandma/my mom) while rip 2 pages of my PHOTOBOOK, that i had not open and it already teared like that …. #EhGodHaveAMercyOnMe.

This is why i hate children, especially the rascal one like my nephew …

especially when i saw my rascal nephew laugh while watch telly in my room and he wear my VAMPS T-shirt. My mom always put my JRock collection T-shirts on him …

talking about

~   「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK …


for you all who is not FanClub member and don’t want to use any proxy to buy it from TSUTAYA, now you can make your order in your fave shopp …

~    CD Japan   :
~    HMV          :…

and about the 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK case offer for you who ordered from UpRise (FC version) and TSUTAYA, don’t forget to collect all the coupons on the last page of your PHOTOBOOK , like this …


and wait until the 5th Season PHOTOBOOK released so we can find out how to apply to get the PHOTOBOOK case.

so this PHOTOBOOK case case is not available for order from HMV or CD Japan, even you might get the same coupons, but i think they will  asked for to put your order number for all your previous season PHOTOBOOK order to make sure you are really order all 5 seasons from the them (TSUTAYA or UpRise).

enough with PHOTOBOOK, next is …

~   Magazine Schedule  …

10/27 B-PASS

order   :   CD JapanHMV

11/01 「7Pia」


it’s a free magazine, and too bad this time my proxy was so busy so she couldn’t get that for me … #ewww

11/14 「What’s IN? 」

order   :   CD JapanHMV

11/14 「CD&DLでーた 」

order   :  CD Japan I HMVYes Asia

11/15 「Gekkan Songs 」

order   :   CD JapanHMV

~   Telly  Schedule  …


☆  talking about New Single 11/20 release 「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」 music production and daily Special Interview of Project 『Shangri-la』!

<First Run>11月18日(Mon)8:00~8:30 【Re-Run】11月18日(Mon)12:00~ // 26:30~

<First Run>11月19日(Tue)6:30~7:00 【Re-Run】11月19日(Tue)12:00~ // 26:30~

<First Run>11月20日(Wed)6:30~7:00 【Re-Run】11月20日(Wed)12:00~ // 26:30~

<First Run>11月21日(Thurs)6:30~7:00 【Re-Run】11月21日(Thurs)12:00~ // 26:30~

※ Only the first Vol.1(Monday ) on air time  is different

info :

oh, i am dizzy with all those links, anyway i think i am now get my movie’s sexcitement again. After all this time i’ve been lost with no such and extreme sexcitement about how i have to watch this movie and that. So now it’s time for …

~   Movie Talk   .. …. xD

Last night i watched again this movie …


The Man From Nowhere

i say this as Won Bin‘s best movie. Yeah i know he is very good on Taeguki/The Brotherhood with Jang Dong Gun, but i think this one is his best because on Taeguki he was a bit covered with Jang Dong Gun‘s charm and awesomnes.

The Man from Nowhere wallpaper-1920 03

Nah on 2010 with  this movie Won Bin finally showed me how brilliant he is, no wonder he won The Best Actor on Korea Film Awards 2010 for his role as  The Mysterious Ahjussi (Cha Tae-shik) .

This movie is about how a warm relationship between a mysterious man from nowhere who open a pawnshop in some slumbp area with his little girl’s neighbor named So-mi.


Everything started when The Ahjussi (Won Bin) pretended to not know his neighbor So-mi (Kim Sae-ron) who was caught for stealing her friend’s bag.

Then when they meet again So-mi told him how it’s fine for him to pretended to not know because everyone did the same thing, even her mom told her to forget her address and phone number if she got lost.


and also she doesn’t want to hate him because her next door Ahjussi is the one and only person she like in this word.

One day, So-mi‘s mother steal 3 packs of brand new heroin from China that belongs to a very cruel gang’s leader. The gang’s started to chase kidnap and then kill her after harvesting all her organs (eyes, lungs, heart .. etc etc) and sold So-mi to some wacky granny who will sell her again ..

the man from nowhere trunk scene

when he saw what happened to So-mi‘s mother, he was shocked and worried if the same thing is gonna happen to So-mi, the little girl who always talk to him ..


But this Ahjussi in not just an ordinary Ahjussi eh, he is Cha Tae-shik. A Special Forces agent in the Army Intelligence Command, the completed and classified one. He is very good using knife, you know that kind of military knife.

Cha Tae-shik, he is kinda felt guilty about him ignored So-mi and now she and her mother is in trouble, he has to do something. Aftre years livin as an ordinary man Cha Tae-shik back as the man who he was do anything, and get rid everyone who’s involved with whatever happen to So-mi and her mother.

ah ya my fave scene is this …


when Cha Tae-shik cut his hair, standing in front of a mirror shirtless like that do whatsoever a man will do when cutting hair. But Won Bin did that in a very HOT way ne …

Oh God, I am on Fire now, call 911 …. !!!


yasu     :    so how many times did you replay that scene …
noi        :    5 …?
yasu     :    aha ya bai bai …
noi        :    don’t you trust me …
yasu     :    i wish i could trust you …
noi        :    then trust my anger …!!!
yasu     :    oh no, Loki again …?

anyway, i enjoyed this movie, professional military trained retired secret agent, full of blood and awesome fighting scenes. It has the same theme with Jean Reno and Natalie Portman‘s Leon The Professional.

Geez, thanks to this movie i always scarely amazed every time i see Gary Oldman.

The different is unlike Leon (Jean Reno) who teach Mathilda (Portman), Cha Tae-shik never teach So-mi how to use a gun. She doesn’t even know who exactly her Ahjussi really is

last but not least what i am gonna say is now i started to feel not satisfied whenever i see a movie only from a telly or DVD. I want a bigger screen, i want to watch it on cinema to get scene or eye_gasm after watch it.

If you ask me why, that’s because …

if telly series is a long term relationship, then movie is a one night stand. Sure you gotta do it on a very lux and special place eh … *wink*


yasu     :    what are you’re talking about ..
noi        :    ah you know what i mean ..
yasu     :    what’s wrong with you …
noi        :     i am confused now, why nobody tell me if Won Bin is so HOT ….?
yasu     :     do i have to tell you …?



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