Bloody Post : 『Shangri-la』 Live & Meeting ~ Ishikawa … (Another me, yasu, 3rd Seasons and HYDE)


At this bloody moment, I just don’t wanna go anywhere …

so today while everyone goes out of town, here i am now at home alone on Sunday writing this post. It’s all about 3rd Season (PHOTOBOOK and Meeting) update, yasu on Magazines, Live and Meeting ~  Ishikawa aand ha ha ha ….  *wink*

~  『Shangri-la』 Live ~  Ishikawa

They said it as a hot and full of enthusiasm Live as what written in this 実はとても深い思い出がある石川県! post on The Official Blog.

After had Live in Niigata, yasu headed to Ishikawa the next day to appeared on a radio show called HELLO FIVE with FM Ishikawa. In the radio show he said ..

I want to make Live in Ishikawa a good live together with fans

and the DJ, Chiaki Miura posted a photo of her with yasu on her blog


which i can’t read because it turned into some fubar letters on my PC …

For Acid Black Cherry, it was 3rd time to had Live in Ishikawa after BLACK LIST and Secret Tour 5 years ago. In fact at theSecret Live there was a memorable event happened there.

and this specialties of Ishikawa was waiting for yasu on the venue ..


a Grilled Yellowtail …

continued with talks with others while did the hair and make up. A musician’s talks like demos, composer and composition methods …


while reading messages and questions received from fans, and then on the stage yasu‘s talking about what memorable about Ishikawa

Everyone in Ishikawa , Long time no see ! Ishikawa, a lot of rain, isn’t it ? It is raining today , but i came back for the first time in five years !

Last time I was a live house called Kanazawa AZ !

And if you  allowed me to carry out a short story suddenly here, the story 「Greed Greed Greed」 PV, released last August is just the episode of The Secret Live in Kanazawa.

still made debut as ABC, I appeared for an opening act of a local band, Is said in a glance in various ways very much from the top towards the local band (smile)

I was talking to SHUSE after listeing to YUKI‘s gutar on the rehearsal …

that episode became a basic story of 「Greed Greed Greed」 PV.  So if there is no Secret Live in Ishikawa, that PV that could not be done. It was a very memorable episode! But I would want to return by make more memories today!

then on The Question Corner, question selected was …

「The Feeling of Futton and pajamas of all of you …?」

yasu‘s answer  is …

I am basic pajamas.  I have made ABC pajamas and wear it … etc etc

then he also use a T-shirt under pajama and how he doesn’t use pillow recently …

weird question eh …


yasu      :    no, it’s not …
noi         :    i still think it is …
yasu      :    that’s because you read it wrongry …
noi         :    did i …?

next is The Set List for Ishikawa ~ Live

1.    Shangri-la
2.    Jigsaw
3.    Doomsday   clock
4.    CRISIS
5.    in the Mirror
6.    Re:birth
7.    Yes
8.    Mother
9.    Bit Stupid
10.  Cherry Cherry
11.  Black Cherry
12.  Pistol


14.  Aishitenai (request)
15.  I’m not a ghost (request)


16.  Greed Greed Greed

and my fave part is The Kewpie ..


it’s a lantern (灯籠 /tourou)

what a poor grey little darling eh, i mean why did they made all of them have to carry things on their head like that …?

ah, just ignore this question anyway because next is …

~  『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Ishikawa

The Meeting was held at Korinbo Yamato, an open space as well.  Even it was said on the Live yesterday how Ishikawa Prefecture have lots of rain, but the weather was fine on the Meeting day


on the Public Recording, the talking was about Project 『Shangri-la』 of course then how yasu‘s feel similarity of Kanazawa and his hometown Hirakata, some episodes of Secret Live in Kanazawa and the new upcoming single 『黒猫~Adult Black Cat~』 with question from fans abou PV shoot ..

and talking about the upcoming single 『黒猫~Adult Black Cat~』 look at this …


that’s the complete set of Trading Cards for 『黒猫~Adult Black Cat~』 single, the Special Price 394 yen editions. Ok, let see if i managed to get all the complete set ne.

The last 『Greed Greed Greed』 single, i didn’t get 1 card,


the White yasu w/ skull

but then somebody sent me his/her double white yasu w/ skull card to me, just like that, no further tellin me what should i return her/him with what. I can’t write her/him a reply because there was no address attached on the letter sent to me.

and now, with hope he /she read this …

i’d like to say 1,000,000 galeon thank you, very much thank you dear. Don’t worry i didn’t scan it ne  and next time can you be less anonymous …?   xD


yasu     :       he/she’s not gonna send you again ne …
noi        :       yeah, whatever but now i realy feel the essence of Sharing is Caring ne  .. ..
yasu     :       really  ..
noi        :      
and i do care about you ne …

OK next is they already updated ….

~  3rd Season  『Shangri-la』 Meeting …


11月19日(Tuesday) 19:00 starts   ~   Abeno Q’s Mall, Osaka (FM OSAKA Public Recording and High Five Meeting)

11 月22日(Friday) 19:00 starts ~ Okayama City, the Meeting place hasn’t decided yet, (Radio Momo Public Recording and High Five Meeting)

11月27日(Wednesday)18:15 starts ~  Sea Mall Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi (FM Yamaguchi Public Recording and High Five Meeting)

12月01日(Sunday)15 : 00 starts ~ Motomachi Credo Pasela, Hiroshima (Hiroshima FM Public Recording and High Five Meeting)

12月07日(Saturday)13 : 00 starts ~ Aeon Mall Tottori Kita – 1F Central Court, Tottori (Nihonkai TV Public Recording and High Five Meeting)

12月08日(Sunday)15 : 30 starts ~ Shimane Civic Central Hall – side central lobby special stage, Shimane (FM Sanin Public Recording and High Five Meeting)

12月14日(Saturday) Start time TBA ~ Kyoto

12 月18日(Wednesday) 19:00 starts ~ Wakayama City, the Meeting place hasn’t decided yet (Wakayamahoso Public Recording and High Five Meeting)

12月23日(Monday) Start time TBA ~ Shiga

12月25日(Wednesday) Start time TBA ~ Hyogo

12月26日(Thursday)17: 00 starts ~ Aeon Mall Kashihara – Suth Mall 1F Sunshine Court, Nara (Music Japan TV Public Recording and High Five Meeting)

see there some Public Recording and will be held by telly stations so they will aired it right? nah i suppose now it’s time for me to hope for someone to record it and share for aaauulll of us   …. *wish*

aaand when they said it as Public Recording and High Five Meeting it means if you get the invitation to be inside The Invitation Area, you will get a High Five with yasu after the Meeting ….


see,  a real High Five ne ….!!!

so if maybe there’s some of you who still want to try your luck to get an invitation, all you gotta do is still the same,

~   you go to this to apply …
~   you have to live in the 3rd Meeting area or be there then  ..
~   tell them how helpless is your love to Acid Black Cherry and don’t forget ..
~   the event application period is 2013 11月15日(Friday)17:00 〜 2013 11月22日(Friday)17:00 (JST)

PS   :   They already close the application for 11/19 Osaka, 11/22 Okayama and 11/27 Yamaguchi Meeting, so if you still interested you may choose after 11/27 Yamaguchi Meeting.

and ….

~  3rd Season  『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK

3rd Season 『Shangri-la』 Documentary PHOTOBOOK

Pre-order Period : November 21st, 2013 13:00 ~ January 15th, 2014 23:59 (JST)

via Uprise (FC members) :

and don’t worry there will be another per_order opening from your fave shop like CD Japan or HMV just calm down and wait OK . Even i will say i do agree when my dear Cherryl Hall posted this ..


on team_yasu, and i totally totally agree how CALM is very hard to do for fangirls especially when something like this ..

~  Lot’s of Maggazines Preview with yasu …

came out, started with this …

*  from WHAT’s IN? Magazine

source  :

while the others from

* Gekkan Songs Magazine

source   :

made the is more hard to do because they added some sneak peak interview there and delightly ended it with please see Gekkan Songs, December  to continue … after this By the way yasu_san, for you what’s a “good woman” …?   question ..

Eh God, what the hell is that and where the hell is my magazines …?

i did my order for all those magazines with yasu in it together as one order. And it shocked me when i saw how sexpensive is i have to pay only for shipping.

For 3 magazines (B_PASS; Songs and WHAT’s IN) because i ordered the CD&DL Data from HMV ,  i have to pay about 5,000 yen for EMS and 3,500 yen for Air Mail.



that’s lots way more sexpensive than the magazine price itself ne. It’s gonna be more sexpensive if you do it in a separated order, means you have to pay the shipping cost differently for each magazine.

I used to do that way because i couldn’t wait any longer until there is a pre_order link available for the last scheduled magazine. But not now, ha ha ha because now i am changed ne and this is a good way of changing …

this time i have to wait longer ne,

for my magazines and 『黒猫~Adult Black Cat~』 Special Price single from CD Japan to come because i use Air Mail shipping for all of them because i can’t pay for another EMS shipping because there’s another 3rd Season 『Shangri-la』 DOCUMENTARY PHOTOBOOK comin ..

What the hell is happen too me, this time i think i was too Greed for order by let my fingers did this and that order and ended me with 2 FC version (w/DVD and CD Only); 1 Mobile FC, 1 mu-mo version, CDJ (4 Special Price).

There was another BIG Hole on my wally, and too bad that BIG Hole that instead turned into a Key Hole that BIG Hole turned into a Black Hole and swallowed me with lots of should’a could’a would’a over and over again.

Even yeah i feel guilty to my wally but what can i do ne after all i am just a fangirl, with this idol that’s so hard to say no to  …


this recent weeks i’d say as a Bloody Week for me. Because suddenly i am bleeding for almost 3 weeks till today. At the first time i thought it was a normal hormonal confuse because my period started one week early than it usually.

but then i keep bleeding and it’s a lot of blood came out of me, and it scare me whenever i go to bathroom and see bloods still drops out of me like that. I even can smell bloods all over me.

OMG, am i having a miscarriage …?


yasu     :    don’t tell me, are you pregnant noi_chan ..?
noi        :    eh me, with who …?
yasu     :    don’t ask me back ..
noi        :    of course not, i swear to you ya_san, i never do things like that ..
yasu     :    really …?

I didn’t want to go to doctor, especially for this kind of problem. I know for you all who live in a BIG City you will never have this problem i have. I live in a small city and in here there’s only one obstetrician to go. The doctor, nurse know me, know my mom, dad, and entire family then sure there will be a talk ne ..

remember what happen in Miss Marple’s village St. Mary Mead?

what people in a village do? They do talk ne. The same thing will happen to me ne, in here people do talk and news spreading faster than if you posted on Facebook or twitter.  What a single and un_married woman like me do when seeng an obstetrician ? What’s wrong with her? Did she  … etc etc ..

not only that, but because the doctor is a male and i can’t even i magine how i will have to let him check my …. that no one i allow no one to see it and i make me dreadfully scare.

But finally i went to see the doctor, and the good news is he didn’t check my …. #ThankGod.

He only said how i am too tired and had stress too much then make the hormons inside me didn’t worked very well. He gave me some hormon pills to eat, it’s quite sexpensive pills ne. And …

Did you know i paid him 175,000 IDR just for 15 minutes talk …?

i magine ne, let’s say on 1 day he has 10 patients to talk x 175,000 = 1,750,000 then x  30 days = …. eh, how much? then …  x 12 months = … etc etc ..

OMG i should go to medical school eh, that’s a lot of money ne ..

But now i realized all the doctors that i avoid to comin to weren’t go to medical school for nothing. They knows lots of things ne, including this things happened to me because this morning when i went to bathroom and checked i see the blood is not as much as yesterday again and those sexpensive pills worked  …

anyway that above is totally a Girls Talk  … ne,

but if there’s some boys/man read this just remember don’t stress your girl, mom, older sister, younger sister OK because now you see ..

What a Stress can do to girls

Now i am really glad ne, because i am not gonna bleed out to death while my King HYDE just tellin me how thirsty he is now …

saya HYDE dari Vamps, saya haus darah …
I am HYDE from Vamps and i am thirsty for blood …

i  couldn’t stop my self to laughed a lot, especially when he said that “saya haus darah”, in my ear it sounds like saya haus dala … so because the day is comin closer, i better prepare something …

but ah ya, there you are you can see the 1st Season 『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK ~ OS and Live Fukushima ..


PS   :

~     just click on the image and it will bring you to my Photobucket album and
~     yeah it’s password protected that i am sure all of you already know what is the password is, but …
~     if you don’t you can ask others who knows, Master Yoda or Inspector Himura, or  …
~     if you are one of my friends on Facebook you might not need any password … *wink*

i did my scan for this  one by one, each prefecture because i don’t want to ruin the whatsoever party is happening now. So please bear with me. This is so hard to keep it for my self ne, trust me ..

Now i know the reason why all the girls who had a pleasure one night stand with yasu and many other JRock artist couldn’t stand to write that things like what i read on that damn Tanuki‘s Blog.

because you my dear, your’e just too GOOD to be true and Keeping you for myself, indeed it’s very hard to do …


noi       :    bye ya_san, o … yasu .. mi
yasu    :    at this time ..
noi       :    i have to prepare myself and my neck ne ..
yasu    :    for what …
noi       :    King HYDE, don’t you see he is thirsty for blood who knows he might want to bite me …
yasu    :    yeah, right …


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