Finale Post : 『Shangri-la』 Live & Meeting ~ Toyama … (Another me, yasu and The Wonder Woman)


I did say about how Monday is a Super and Fast Day …

where everyone want things fast, that’s why we should work, act fast as well on Monday. But since Monday i still the same Capt. Slow, together with my slow internet connection i couldn’t do things fast.

Finished my report at 10:00 AM while my phone keeps ringing together with BUZZs from my messenger, everyone still wants a fast report and sexplanation.

See nothing i can do to change Monday ne, no matter how loud i am moaning about how i really hate Monday, but Monday is still a Monday ne. A fast day with no space for a slow person to be on it.

My laptop is broken, and today i have to work with another laptop (Tekki‘s) and damn, this laptop is using Windows 8.


Eeeetttoo  …. how many Windows are on Microsoft home anyway ?

Because that Windows 8 just confused me. I know basically it’s still the same but maybe because i am not familiar with it (this is my 1st time to use it btw) so i can’t be fast.

I hate when i hear them sayin how this is just my other reason for delayin …

yasu      :     how many reason do you have noi_chan …?
noi         :     reason for what …?
yasu      :     for delay …
noi         :     not many, but i do have so many reasons to love you … #eeaaa ….

now i just wanna go offline, turn my phone off and go home. But i can’t never run from office again now. Anyway, let’s start this 『Shangri-la』 Live & Meeting ~ Toyama post.

This should be the last Live for 2nd Season 『Shangri-la』 Project.

Hope i can finish this post today, so when the 3rd Season started i can start a new 3rd Season post as well, not the kinda late post like this.

~   『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~  Toyama


from this 2nd Season最終地となる10県目、富山県での「Shangri-la Meeting」終了 post on The Official Blog

After the previous live in Ishikawa, 『Shangri-la』 Project reached the last post for this 2nd Season in Toyama . The Meeting was held on November 10th, 2013 on holiday at Kosugi Plaza.

Unfortunately at that day it was a rainy day. Arrived at the venue, yasu was already waited by some Toyama Gourmet

「ます寿司」/「masuzushi」/「a trout sushi」

A famous local cuisine in Toyama . It’s a trout (salmon) pressed sushi seasoned with vinegar. The Public Recording was started with yasu‘s impression about Toyama because it was his 1st time to visit Toyama.

He said how he got some feeling like what he felt when he was young and somewhat nostalgic feelings  …

some sushi talks, learning for some dialects of Toyama, then of course there was also talks about 『黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~single released on November 20th, 2013 ..

and you can listen to The Public Recording from 「Radian Limited F」 in here



he was also as a guest on this RADIO JAM on FM Toyama where the DJ, Chika Tanaka_san posted a photo of her with yasu on the RADIO JAM’s Blog as well as on their Facebook Page


you can listen to yasu‘s message by going to this postcad contens  then click listen on Acid Black Cherry, then you will DL an MP3 of yasu‘s message where he said …

This time, the shuffle that seems ABC which is cool music of a big band arrangement of rock tune of a JAZZY atmosphere.

the lyrics  …

sung by a woman who was rejected by a man then became beautiful, so ladies, listen to this.

i think i have aimed to a strong woman

Now, been doing 47 prefectures, nation wide tour and Toyama‘s the end of 2nd season, This tour, it is from summer to around spring of next year.

Even if return to Tokyo after this Toyama, there are only about 3 days, then the next 3rd season is begin

『Shangri-la』 Meeting at Toyama Shopping Mall, with a great and warm welcome from everyone. I even became like Michael Jackson get the ”kyaa kyaa” words completely.

Thank you very much …

yes, i am listening to this 『黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~ , hope i can be beautiful aaaand aimed to a strong woman ….?

then you got me, because i am a Strong Woman, …. !!!


yasu       :      are you? look at you …
noi          :      yes, i am a Strong Woman. In fact, i am gonna send my application to join Marvel Agent’s SHILED ..
yasu       :      as what?, there’s no empty spot there for you ..
noi          :      i told you ne i am Wonder Woman, so there must be a spot for me there …
yasu       :      then what should i call you now …?
noi          :      call me Agent Himura …..!!!  ha ha ha

after the Meeting, next is  …

~   『Shangri-la』 Live ~  Toyama

『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Toyama held in Bunka Hall was the Finale Live of this 2nd Season 『Shangri-la』 Project. That’s why they wrote it as a very HOT Live in Toyama even rain was also fall that day.

Toyama Gourmets like yellowtail radish, trout sushi, white shrimp tempura and sasa sushi kamaboko are waiting for yasu on the venue and somehow instead of posting the dishes image they only posted this …


surrounded by lot of Toyama‘s specialties continued to 1st Season‘s memories talk in the dressing room with other members plus all questions and messaged received from fans all over countries also make the happy memories .

and that orange hair, i suppose that’s Junji‘s hair eh …


and the question selected on the Question Corner is ..

All of you have an individual hairstyle, but do you have any particular about hair?

then yasu‘s answer is …

There’s no particulary feelings of my hairstyle, it is about whether it is good or usually funny as for saying. The times when I had a long hair, were long. Because there were many long-haired vocalists, I thought  and grew it. It is such a thing (laugh)

i always love when yasu with a long hair, especially the last long red hairstyle he had, like this one, …


The Red Haired yasu …

even i do love him as blonde indeed even if he will try to be bold i suppose i am still gonna say : I LIKE IT !!!! *cross whole my fingers* but stil,  that Red Haired yasu is my fave from all hairstyle he already try.

then let’s move to …

The SetList for Toyama …

1.   Re:birth
2.   Shoujo no Inori
3.   Kuroi Taiyou
4.   in the Mirror
5.   Yubiwa Monogatari
6.   Black Cherry
7.   Aishitenai
8.   Fuyu no Maboroshi
9.   Cherry Cherry
10. Shangri-la
11.  I’m not a ghost
12. Tsumi to Batsu ~Kamisama no Alibi~
13.  Pistol


14.  Kimi ga Iru Kara (request)
15.  Kono Aozora no Mukou ni (request)
16.  Greed Greed Greed
17.  20+∞ Century Boys

hoo ….

2 acoustic songs requested ne, well then i love this The SetList for Toyama even i’d say it would be perfect if they end it with DRAGON CARNIVAL  …xD

then there you are the Kewpie



ホタルイカ /Hotaruika/ Firefly squid

nah this one, this cute orange darling he doesn’t have to carry anything on his head ne. All he gotta do is only wear that hat. Ehh so cute … xD …

then i can close this 『Shangri-la』 post and say ..


2nd Season 『Shangri-la』 Project it’s a wrap …!!!!

start from yesterday, Black Cat is everywhere. Because today is the release day for 『黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~ single.

Everyone is talkin about this, posted their finally arrived CDs and the bonuses they got like sticker, mini clear file or posters.

So there’s a Black Cat euphoria today and Team ABC after posted a photo of yasu with his singles on his hand yesterday , …


BZglWR_CYAEgLph.jpg large

add this euphoria by posted that cute nyan yasu via their twitter. Eh God, so …

November 20th, 2013 is really Today eh ….?

yasu     :    yes, today  …
noi        :    why don’t you tell me …?
yasu     :    do i look like a walking calendar ..
noi        :    omo, then i have to check my CDs ne …
yasu     :    go on …

but ah,  there’s no tracking number available for Air Mail ne. Well then no tracking code? that’s fine because now let’s counting again ne. CD Japan shipped my stuffs from Japan on Monday, then add another 14 days it will arrived at Mr. Ardiyanto‘s office then to my home.

Yes, it always like that at least 14 days for me to get my stuffs whether if i use EMS or Air Mail. Because my hometown is a very small sea side town that far from capital. It take about 3 days for my stuffs from Jakarta to my hometown, if there was no problem with custom.

But if there’s some problem, usually they will added another week delay.

Me, i always use Pos Indonesia (EMS or Air Maill) and with what’s happening with lots of people complaining to Fedex Indonesia recently i am so glad i never use Fedex for my stuffs.

Everyone is talking about this Fedex ne, especially Fedex Indonesia.

I read on someone’s blog how he has to pay a very sexpensive tax to get his stuff, it’s 6 times more sexpensivee, his question about how Fedex‘s tax counting is actually and how Fedex without ask first to the consumen first decided the tax price … etc etc.

I also read about how a man who bought 3 DVD‘s and they asked him to pay the tax based on durations? that’s confusing eh. Anyway, for you who understand Indonesian you can read it here in this  Harian King Hariunsyah

that’s why now i feel enoughly glad with Pos Indonesia , even always have to wait longer than others and of course i never get my stuffs before the release day that’s fine. At least i don’t have to pay tax more sexpensive than it should be.

I love today anyway, even rain is fallin and i am still tryin to get use with this Windows 8 but today i am a bit faster than yesterdays. And i am in a good condition, i feel better, the bleeding is stop but …

now i have this nonstop sexcitement on me.

my sexcitement to see this cute yasu even i don’t like how they make his hair curly on some part like that, but still yasu looks amazing, isn’t he? …

Maybe because i have this to much doki doki of waiting for my 『黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~CD’s to come because my proxy just email_ed me if she received some of them today.

and for all of you who’s still waiting for your single to come, you can go to this usual J-MP3 site ~ 『黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~ to download and h i know all of you can’t wait to listening to the Recreation Track.

just remeber that site is for Promo Purpose Use Only OK, so if you want to support yasu and you have the money then go buy the CDs.


While me, i haven’t DL from that site or any sites because after my laptop broken, and now i dunno what i just did but my PC monitor just went down like that.

And with this laptop can’t do anything ne. I can’t even pay for my BackpackingTour to Singapore next January because i forgot the password for my Internet Banking.

The IDM, it doesn’t work. What am i gonna do now, tonight is Wednesday ne. It’s time for Ming Hoo then i am gonna missed one episode  … #Ottokee

But at least yasu is everywhere, and I love when yasu is everywhere,

like yesterday until today all my Facebook and Ameblo‘s home is all about 『黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~.

And when my friend Linen Huang on her Facebook posted a photo about her going to Abeno Q’s Mall for 『Shangri-la』 Meeting with FM Osaka yesterday (she is in Osaka btw),  i asked her …

so how is it, did you touch yasu ….? xD

i know i should asked her another question, maybe like  : How is it, did you get the High Five/Invitation Area ticket … ? or other questions…

but i dunno why but i always ask that question if i see someone posted about her/his great moment to see Acid Black Cherry Live of an event like this 『Shangri-la』 Meeting

Not only that, that new PV of Backstreet Boys uploaded on their Facebook Page last night make my sexcitement reached the highest level.  i drolling infront of my PC while nonstop sayin



omo Brian …

OMG what the hell is happened to Brian ne? i mean i’ve been followed The Backstreet Boys since their 1st album and for their whole 20 years Brian never topless on a Music Video like that. Usually it always Kevin, AJ, Howie and sometimes Nick but not Brian.

Now look at that PV ne, Brian he is topless like that and eh God he is so HOT, hotter than my fryin pan ne. While Nick and Kevin still use their shirt?


Oh darling Nick what’s wrong with you …?

as what written on this Rolling, :  Bacstreet Boys have experienced all of the highs and lows in the lives of pop stars.

Twenty years into their career, the quintet of Brian Littrell, Nick Carter, A.J. McLean, Kevin Richardson and Howie Dorough are learning to enjoy this phase : A loyal fan base, consistent touring, radio play – but no more pressure to score massive album sales or dominate the airwaves.

and i am one of their loyal fans ne, so last night it was so nostalgic night for me. I feel like i am 16 years old fangirl again, a teenage fangirl who do lots of silly things then feels nothing.

But tonight with this 『黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~』 euphoria i’d like to say

here i am now As an Adult Fangirl …..

BZglWR_CYAEgLph.jpg large

yasu     :     now you don’t do silly …?
noi        :     no, i am different. Because now i am an Adult Fangirl ..
yasu     :     and what this Adult Fangirl do …
noi        :     i do calm ...
yasu     :     but yesterday you said, eeh is this another joke …?
noi        :     ha ha ha … 

~ owari~



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