Bite Post : 「Shangri – la 」Meeting ~ Yamaguchi … (Another me, yasu and VAMPS Live JKT 2013)


I close my November …

with so much fun with my friends enjoyed Vamps Live Jakarta @Hyper Festival 2013 and then i ended here with a BIGGER (BIGGER than BIG MAC) Love for my one and only King HYDE


credit and source : @RadioA967

sooo ho ho  …

this is gonna be a very long and boring post as always and this is officially my 2nd Live Report.


yasu     :    after Erect Live ?
noi        :   report by me? that’s impossible
yasu     :    why ..?
noi        :   ah you now why ne. I didn’t even understand what did you say because i finally got it after reading all fan reports by Japanese fans, still ..
yasu     :   still what, you were lazy …
noi        :   yes i was, but if i made a Live Report based on other’s that’s not a Live Report ne …

one thing i am gonna say about Live Report is how Live Report as one of the points of livin as a fangirl/boy in this Fandom world.

I mean you as a fangirl/boy you do ..

~  support your idol,
~  buy their stuffs no matter it ended with you tellin everyone how you survived after your idol sucked all your money …
~  write/post/tweet/re_blog things about them on all your Social Networks
~  Have some kyaaa kyaaa by going to their Live concerts and then
~  make a Live Report after it ..

Well my 1st Live Report was for L’arc_en_Ciel Live Jakarta 2012 then the 2nd one is this for Vamps Live Jakarta 2013. ..

so, let’s start it with this

~   Vamps in Bukan 4 Mata ~ Trans7

see i had to watch that on YouTube,

because i was on my way to Jakarta by bus then the worst part is there was no telly station available on bus. They only played some fubar songs from DVD, the same songs over and over .

On 10:00 PM my office_mate called me just to ask which one is my HYDE ? that just made me more upset that night even finally i was able to watch it after we arrived in Jakarta.

I knew, it’s gonna be like this and it’s always like this.

The talks, blaming, protest … etc etc followed after HYDE appeared on that show. As you see there’s so many things that they should’nt do to HYDE and K.A.Z on that show but they did it.

All those things didn’t happen in other countries that Vamps visited and sure will never happen in Japan but it was happened in Indonesia. But what can i say ne because that’s how that show Bukan 4 Mata.

And that’s the way they do the show.

Even I might be more surprised and say what the hell …? if suddenly Bukan 4 Mata decided to change their concept special only for HYDE and K.A.Z.

I know HYDE has so many fans all around the world who will I, myself would say something when they see their HYDE being treated like that. But at this point i’ll say this Indonesian terms will fit to this situation ….

Lain ladang lain belalang, lain kolam lain ikannya
Other fields other grasshoppers, another pond another fish


see, she is the real Lucky Bastard … #eww

on that show i see how humble is HYDE, ah indeed he is ….xD


i mean how he really wanted to get along, tried to understand what Tukul said and do things with his very cute and adorable face while K.A.Z didn’t say much untill Tukul said to him …

ngomong to, ayo kowe ngomong
say something, come on you say something

about 3 times to him then called him as Paijo …. xD.

i think the translator was a bit confused about how she supposed to translate what Tukul said about that Paijo joke. It’s some kind of joke, i also do that ne. How we call people who’s a bit silly or in K.A.Z case, it was because Tukul just so gemes to him

how i should gemes in English? well you can check it in here —->

As i said before, Tukul one of his style on this show is he says lot’s thing in Javanese. But i am glad with that because by that they can ignore Tukul‘s joke ..

but whatever happened this time i hope this can be a something to learn for all of them who was innvolved in this event so if there will be another one next year they can do it way more better than this time.

Maybe they will chose another telly show that’s less jokes than this time and sure there will be nobody touch both HYDE and K.A.Z. over and over as they wanted to like that.

~   Vamps Live ~ Hyper Festival 2013


I feel so lucky with their comin to Indonesia ne, because there are still in their Europe and US Tour and there’s no Asia on the list. But, finished the Europe Tour, Vamps drooped by in Jakarta for Hyper Wave Festival 2013 by Honda.

yes, because it was a festival so there’s another band performed as opening act and i had to wait longer ne. I was rain that day. After stading almost one hour on a pouring rain, finally thei started the festival with DJ kaya from Japan. i was like :

Eh God, now  i am clubbing now …

then followed with 2 indie bands and the vocalist of the last band performed PW Gaskin, suddenly slipped and fell on the stage.

It was because the stage was wet thanks to the rain. I know it sounds awful but they got my attention after their vocalist fallin …xD

after that i had to wait about one hour before Vamps performance while seeing Vamps crews mop the floor stage (to make sure no single Vampire fall on stage) and singing Honda‘s song …

ONE LOVE ONE LOVE … aw aww ….!!!

At that time, my legs was hurt so much. I wanted to sit but there’s no seat and i can’t just sit on the ground because it was wet and full of mud.

But then when Vamps finally came on stage all my miseries and hurts all over me just gone somewhere i had no idea. What happened next i did nothing but jump, jump and jumping while did the kyaa kyaaa waaaa ..!!!..

The SexList are …

1.   Life on Mars?
8.   AHEAD



this song is one of my fave, i even use this song as my ringtone. Now i saw HYDE performed this song Live on stage, move his body in a very sexy way like that and let us all see his XIII abs …


i was confused where did i supposed to lookin at. His cute and flirty face or his abs so it was an UP then DOWN, UP then DOWN for me, yeaaaa he’s just so damn HOT


this part is my fave, HYDE started to say ..


「saya lapar, saya mau makan penonton yang paling seru
Dimana ya ….?」
「I am hungry, i want to eat the most sexciting audience,
Where is it …? 」

and i was like ..

EAT MEEE ….!!!!!!

then HYDE jus kept sayin :   Where’s my Lambs …?

10. ANGEL TRIP (English ver.)





this part, when they performed this song is so epicly glamorous. I wanted to cry but i didn’t want to because i also wanted to sing along ne …



at the beginning, i saw Juken changed his bass with the classic one, i knew they will give me Sweet Dreams even i also wished for them to give me Glamorous Sky as well ..

and i also stared to see how cool and HOT is Juken. I was in the middle in front of HYDE but i can see Juken as well. When i joined everyone else calling his name …

Juken, Juken, Juken …..  !!! etc etc

there he was throwing a bottle of cold mineral water, I got it on my face and hell yeah that’s so cold ne, then followed by HYDE. Honestly that night was my 1st time where i got a holly water spray/throw from artists that i watch Live on stage.


yasu      :     you never …?
noi         :     never, because usually it always from the security or fire fighter truck around the venue.
yasu      :     OK, that’s funny
noi         :     that’s why i consider myself as Lucky ne ..
yasu      :     as you say … *laugh*

next is …

15. MEMORIES (English ver.)

i wanted to sing along with HYDE this song, but too bad it was the English version. I only memorized the original Japanese lyrics, I only remember is only this part

When I was a young kid, running everywhere carefree
with a smug look on my face then
my own way, my own way, in my way there’s nothing

i dunno why but when i listened to that song, Memories ~ English version with no lyrics in my ear that when i was a young kid sounded like when i was a junkiestxD #WTH

Eh God, am i drunk?


I thought they will end it with HUNTING ne, but they ended it with SEX BLOOD ROCK N’ ROLL see that’s perfect. That’s why i wrote as SexList instead of SetList … ha ha  …

.~   Interviews  ~ After Live


There’s so much things to make me happy and bring me such doki doki feelin as well from the quick MC Live and interviews like ..

~   They will come again to Indonesia …
~   How HYDE said he missed nasi goreng …
~   And Indonesia and Chile are countries that they visited with many enthusiastic fans, aand
~   He wants girlfriend from Indonesia .. #Eeeh he he he  *rolling on the floor*

ooohhhhh …..

Don’t do that HYDE_san, now what am i supposed to say to my Lady? ….

ah, i’ll think about that later ne ..

now i think by watching Vamps Live on stage, it changed me from how i am not into Vamps became Whaaa into Vamps . I am glad they sucked my blood/money … etc etc and whatsoever else they probably can sucked from me … xD

Kaz, Juken was so great on stage. Too bad i didn’t see Ari and Jin much clearly and HYDE ….

as always he is still the same stunning and Glamorous HYDE. It’s so hard to push my self in believin about the fact he will be 45 years old next year …

HYDE made me so busy tavelling there and there in Jakarta and confused by the traffic jam.

There was one time i was on taxi and it was a long and boring traffic jam. I saw something, then in order to make it sure i asked to the taxi driver

me    :    sir, is that Monas …?
him   :    no miss, that’s Senayan

ewww that’s embarassing …

see i don’t even know where is Monas is, that day even i know limited places in Jakarta such as Senayan, Japan Embassy, Gandaria Mall (my face cinema is there), bus terminal and airport

but my mission accomplished eh, because i managed to pick Pampai and Linz from our rental apato in Sudirman to their travel agent office in somewhere i can’t remember by train ne,

train, not taxi. it felt like we both joined The Amazing Race ne …

well that’s all, i was so busy that time and now someone just turned that busy into lazy in me. I still have to do things to all these magazines arrived last week …


i only did one, Songs magazine you can see it here …


no password required this time,

while this one is i found it posted by w\someone on Tumblr and it really make me happy ne. When i didn’t get this magazine then suddenly someone posted on Tumblr just like that …


That’s a BLESS ne …

PS  :

~  just click the image and you’ll see the whole.
~  you can see credit and source for the 2nd image there as well

now what’s left for me to do is …

~  make Off Shoot 「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」 subbed video,
~  one page interview from CD&DL on my PC they all still raw in Indonesian aaaand
~  say hello to this lovely man …

uuuuu …..

Hello my darling, how are you today …?

yasu     :   as you see  …
noi        :   still awesome, eh …
yasu     :   hmmm …
noi        :   awww …

OK, let’s go to 「Shangri – la 」 for a moment and refresh my love with this  ….

~   「Shangri – la 」 Meeting ~ Yamaguchi

from this 3rd Season3本目、山口県での「Shangri-la Meeting」終了! post on The Official Blog


that was Acid Black Cherry 1st landing in Yamaguchi prefecture after the 3rd Live at Okayama,. The Meeting was held at Sea Mall Shimonoseki.

FM yamaguchi 2

It was an open space and it surprised yasu by so many people who gathered there. The Public Recording, talked about new single 「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~, about the jacket album.

he said …

This kind of a melody in a big band arrangement this time and I thought it would be nice if people can see, feel/understand the song only by lookin at the jacket.

It’s a big band  with numbers of people isn’t it?

so he asked us to look at the jacket (with big band, support members and dancers ) and what are we gonna think,  about what kind of song is this 「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」 .

The Public Recording with FM Yamaguchi was on air 3 days ago on 「yama_chan’s Radian Limited F」 and as always thanks to this lovely person, you all can listen to it in here


yasu was also a s a guest on FM Yamaguchi‘s 「Daytime Street」

FM yamaguchi 1
FM yamaguchi 3

and of course with some lovely photos with yasuyasu posted on their Daytime Street BLOG. Now i just love all Japanese Radio Blog, i mean sure because with yasu inside but also how they wrote their post ne.

I’d say full of spirit and inspire at the same time …?

now ….

after almost 3 days dragged into this Vamps comin to Jakarta, enjoyed so much fun with my friends, stayed on an 38th floor apato, eat nothing but from delivery and then being sucked by Vamps now here i am ….

back to the reality …

back to my village with no 7/11 and Surplee machine that we (me, Tekki and Pampaii) crazy about. My real life, sit behind my desk at office while lookin at rain fall out there after being burried alive again with all those Excel shits on my PC.

Last, just for tonight i’ll show you me as a hater.

ah ya, i realized how i can be one of the haters ne. See i don’t do/talk/interact to haters but i can be one of them. I mean, people always have 1 thing/person to hate and i also have that ne ..

actually i don’t like them at all, i never listen to their songs, never read anything about them ..etc etc in short i don’t wanna know about them. But somehow when it related to HYDE came to Indonesia (with Vamps or L’arc) they always came up, ..

i remember how last year one of the member started something ridicilous on twitter that a public figure shouldn’t do with their Social Networks account.

I understand how he is only human, he is mad or pissed of but by re_tweet_ed one of the tweet that he is upset at and then by that, what happened next was all his fans kinda defended him and reply the person who tweet that in so many ways …

really? is that a public figure do?

for me that’s ridiculous and this time i read about them wanted to get a photo together with HYDE backstage before Bukan 4 Mata show and got rejected by the manager. When heard that i just couldn’t stop laughed while sayin …

Thank God ne,

The band i am talking about is a local Indonesian band called JRocks but i often say it as jeruk?   Anyway i ‘m just glad until this time there’s no photo of them with HYDE and K.A.Z. everywhere  ….

Whaaa ha ha ha ha ……*laughed like a vampire*


yasu    :   what are you doin ..?
noi       :   nothing …
yasu    :   is that nothing?
noi       :   ah, i am just a human being ne. Sometimes i can be a hater   …
yasu    :   where’s Inspector Himura?
noi       :   she is retired now, because you didn’t like her






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