Bloody Post : 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Yamaguchi … (Another me, yasu and Richard Parker)

Air Mail, Air Mail it’s always forever with Air Mail but there you are  …


♪♪~  私の黒猫 ~♪♪

that Special Price 394 yen ~ Limited edition arrived 3 days ago.

nah, that’s weird ne because CD Japan sent it together with all my magazines package but this one got one week delayed.

for the trading cards, like the last 「Greed Greed Greed」 single i didn’t get the complete one . I only got these 3 cards …

Theeennn …

after one week being held by custom, it finally came to me yesterday.


as always, they opened it first …. xD

and my proxy also added that 7 Pia Magazine for me. I thought she couldn’t get it for me since she is pretty busy recently.

Talking about my proxy ne, i just found out if her home is in Asahikawa ne …



Asahikawa ne, i mean yasu was there right? i should’ve asked her to buy me some kewpies, maybe she could get the Hokkaido special one for me.

Why did i never read anything?

i mean all this time she’s been my proxy with a very nice service i only know she is in Hokkaido, never further like which part of Hokkaido she’s livin in or is she married or not or she is female or male?

yasu      :   you don’t know that?
noi         :   i think i’d rather stay like this, thinking she is female …
yasu      :   why …
noi         :   i dunno, it just more comfy for me …

so there you are,

enjoy this  「黒 猫 ~ Adult Black Cat ~」 , CD Only and w/ DVD version …

now for me The Matsu Wa Season of 「黒 猫 ~ Adult Black Cat ~」 is over with me have to fine another one Trading Card. Ah that’s fine, i’ll fine it somewhere so what else i can say than …

Yay, and Hope i will get The Complete Trading Cards for the next Single …. #yosh …!!!

Anyway, let’s back to 「Shangri-la」 ne,

because again and again this became another very late post. Should i tell you all what is my reason? ah i’ll keep that for the llast ne, because ha ha yeah that will be a very long and boring rambling of me …

so let’s talk about this, eh i hope i made it correctly ne because i don’t wanna missed/skipped/jumped one post or two …

~   『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Yamaguchi

This was the 1st Live ever  for Acid Black Cherry in Yamaguchi and tickets were sold out for this Live held in Yamaguchi Civic Center Hall.

Waw, see how BIG is Acid Black Cherry effect ne …

as we know this 「Shangri-la」 Tour also kinda like a Nation Wide Culinary Journey for yasu and his team, then they will shared it with us, so in this Yamaguchi gourmet waited for yasu on the venue …


Barisoba …

Yamaguchi ‘s old speciality, Barisoba made in reference to Taiwan‘s noodle dish after World War II. Crunchy Chinese fried noodles with plenty of vegetables, large-sized cabbage, Shitake musrooms … and else ..

Full of smile in the dressing room, while reading all questions sent from fans  …


and question selected on The Question Corner is …

「Memories of a car,  first time driving 」

yasu was the one who picked that theme and his answer was ….  ah, i’ll skip this one …


yasu     :     hei, hei, what’s that …?
noi        :     that’s too long to read and tell ne …
yasu     :     so you just skip like that …
noi        :     ha ha ..

next …

The SetList  

2.   Pistol
4.   in the Mirror
5.   sins
6.   Kuroi Taiyou
7.   yes
8.   Re.birth
9.   Shagri – la
10. Greed Greed Greed
11. Cherry Cherry
12. Black Cherry
14. 黒猫 Adult Black Cat  (request)
15. doomsday clock (request)
16. Kono Aozora no Mukou ni  (request)
17. 20+∞century boys
then …
The Kewpies  



cr  :   @Yasuの女

ふぐ /Fugu/Puffer Fish

It can be lethally poisonous due to its tetrodotoxin. Therefore, it must be carefully prepared to remove toxic parts and to avoid contaminating meat.

even restaurant’s preparation of Fugu is strictly controlled by law in Japan and several other countries, and only chefs who have qualified through rigorous training are allowed to deal with it.

~  wikipedia ~

I remember i saw on one episode of CSI (i think it was CSI Miami or NY) there was a victim killed after he joined some kinf of Russian Roullete game that instead use a revolver, they use fresh/raw Fugu to eat and the rule was …

you eat, you died then it means you lost and good bye …

that’s so scary ne, i wonder why people still play that Russian Roullete, well maybe they forced by some evil villain or they just love to dare death like that …

OK, enough with Russian Roullete and Fugu, now yasu is already on 3rd Season for his 「Shangri-la」 Tour. Nah now let’s take a look for his outfit for each season …

~  Season 1


~  Season 2


~  Season 3


at this time, my fave is still Season 1 ne.

I mean look at that fur vest or something added. I love it and i know yasu is already cute but that fur addition just make it more classy and don’t forget how that Season 1 outfit let us all see his beautiful shoulders eeeh … …

so what next, ah …

My Magazines  

sorry to make you wait (who is waiting anyway …xD) but there you are B-PASS and WHAT’s IN? with yasu in it



and as always just click on the image and it will bring you to Asgard aaannddd …

when you already there you can say hello to me because i’ll be standing next to Loki as The New Queen of Asgard …  ajajajaja …. *dumped to Richard Parker’s cage*

noi      :    don’t forget in Asgard, you do call me Her Majesty, OK
yasu   :    ah, stop it ..
noi      :    btw ya_san, do you know who is Richard Parker?
yasu   :    no, i don’t wanna know …
noi      :    he is a tiger ne, a Bengal Tiger there you are …


nah, that’s Richard Parker

if you already watch Ang Lee‘s Life of Pi you must know him. He is Pi‘s Tiger from their family zoo and with him Pi survived after their ship crashed …

I just watch this movie again two days ago twice because my telly re-run it the next day. I think this movie is brilliant. I love how at the end, the old Pi gave all of us 2 options about which stories that he told us. Which one is our fave …

it remind me to some book that i read when i was a little. At that time there was some trend for a book where you can choose what is the ending as you like. So on this book there was some kind of option like ..

~   if you want to go to the witch house to save the princess go to page … or
~   if you want to go back to the palace and seduce the prince charming while the princess is away, go to page …

yeah, something like that and this movie Life of Pi kinda remind me of that. Me, of course i choose the 1st story about him there on boat survived together with Richard Parker.

I am so sorry for Pi ne, because i can see how he is tryin so hard thinkin about how to feed and make Richard Parker stay full or he will eat Pi after he ate hyna that ate the zebra and Orange Juice the Orang Utan.

the 2nd story?

ah i won’t tell you ne, i don’t wanna people call me as The Spoiler Brat because for me, this is the twist part.

So if you wanna know what is the 2nd story you should watch this movie and trust me you’ll never regret it because Ang Lee will spoiled your eyes with so many great views


and i think you’ll end to be in love to Richard Parker, the Tiger feel sorry about him rather than to Pi.

Eh God, here i am loosing my grip again. Stay focus in one topic is really hard to do ne. Okay, now let’s back to magazine, now is

Magazine Schedule Updated  


don’t forget ne, because i think just like for the previous 「Greed Greed Greed」 single, we will able to see video, read and download it as PDF file of  the interviews in here …

now you all better bookmark that page and make some reminder for December 20th, 2013

That’s all, it almost midnight now and i think i am gonna sleep now. I’ve been start to bleed out again this week. it started after my trip to Jakarta. I dunno what happen with me again this time.

I am so scared now, i mean what if i …

ah no, that’s too scary ne. I can’t even think about that. I am tryin to calm now, thinkin about it’s fine because i didn’t feel anything hurts in me. Maybe i am just too tired like the last time so yeah positive thinking i am gonna be OK …

because i don’t wanna bleeding out to dead ne. I mean ….

if i have to die i want to die gracefully, like Grace Kelly ..

yasu    :   but noi_chan, she died in a car accident ne …
noi       :   yeah i know but at that time she was The Queen of Monaco ..
yasu    :   so now you as The New Queen of Asgard ?
noi       :   yeah, why not …?
yasu    :   you better end this post and go away now ….

~ owari~


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